A Lethal Mutation

Innovation is one of the most destabilizing forces in the world today. Cheap Chinese inflatable boats have made mass African migration across the Med to Europe possible. “The European Union has imposed limits on the export of inflatable boats to Libya in a bid to make it harder for smugglers to send refugees and migrants to Europe … a move which would, in theory, affect China where many are manufactured.” Brussels has declared war on Chinese PVC rafts, but it’s not clear they will win. A “China Factory Price Rubber Boat, Small Fishing Boat,Inflatable PVC Boat” sells on Alibaba for as little as $300. They are now so cheap even Africans can afford them — which has unintended consequences.

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5 Responses to A Lethal Mutation

  1. ignore amos says:

    I saw a report where these boats loaded with immagrunts sail just off the coast of Africa, get “rescued” by aid society boats and delivered the rest of the way to Italy. The smugglers then tow the empty rafts back to North Africa for another load. Why aren’t these aid societies not sinking these rafts before they’re returned to service.

  2. ignore amos says:

    Every science fiction story warns of this. Scientist builds monster or machine, loses control and hilarity ensues.

  3. Mike_C says:

    One can buy a raft for under $300. Fine.
    One can buy a round of .50 BMG for under $5. Don’t think it would take 60 rounds to convert a working inflatable raft to a non-inflated raft. Economically, the math does not favor the rafters.

    Not that I’m suggesting anything.

  4. Tennessee Budd says:

    “Unintended”? Just sayin’.

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