And in Florida…..

An eviction turned deadly Friday night and a landlord is now in jail on a first-degree murder charge after police say he shot a tenant living at his parent’s Duck Key home.

Ryan Wilder, 32, of Winter Springs, Fla. is being held in county jail in Marathon on no bond. Monroe County Sheriff’s Office detectives say he shot and killed Kenneth Palicki, 47, shortly before 6:30 p.m. Friday night.

Palicki and his girlfriend, Colleen Lyons, 25, lived at 162 North Indies Drive, a house owned by Wilder’s parents, said Deputy Becky Herrin, media relations officer for the Sheriff’s Office. Palicki and Lyons had been served eviction papers requiring them to be out of the house by Aug. 23, Herrin said.

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4 Responses to And in Florida…..

  1. Andrew says:

    Have you ever tried to evict someone? It is a totally fucked up process, and takes forever without using an expensive lawyer.

    I think it might actually take less time to kill the turd, get tried and serve the sentence.

    • Glider Rider says:

      Evictions can take up to 90 days with a well paid attorney from what I’ve been told. I’ll never own rental properties for that reason.

  2. Joe Blow says:

    47 year old dude shacked up w/ a 25 year old chic.


  3. Roy says:

    Some friends of mine have several rental houses. They had to evict a tenant after non payment of rent and it took 6 months from the time of the first missed rent payment until they were finally forced out. So, the deadbeat tenants got to live there rent free for half a year. On moving out, they also trashed the place to such an extent that my friends had to remodel the house. Oh, and they also made off with the washer & dryer.

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