And in Florida’s news…

A mother and daughter have been accused of running an unlicensed erotic massage parlor of the carport of their suburban home.
Anne Marie Dodge, 55, and her daughter Jennifer Lynn Dodge, 30, were both arrested this week in Sarasota, Florida in an undercover sting targeting the alleged brothel operation.
Undercover cops acting on a tip responded to ads posted on by the two women.

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6 Responses to And in Florida’s news…

  1. bogsidebunny says:

    A finally, a story with a happy ending.

  2. Sanders says:

    Not bad looking women. Not $200 worth, except maybe at the same time.

    It’s great that Florida has no more crime and the police can concentrate on going after unlicensed massage therapists…

  3. Nope. My wife and still my baby doll doesn’t charge me and (sometimes) makes me a sammich later. And I don’t have to worry about where she’s been.

  4. fap! luis says:

    I have porn, I mean I’ve seen porn with the same theme.

  5. Critter says:

    Now we know how Anne could afford those new hooters

  6. Doonhamer says:

    They have licensed erotic massage parlors?
    So they must have taxpayer funded erotic massage parlor inspectors?
    How much do you have to pay to get that job?

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