Back to the days of the Flapper?

Are boobs on the outs? This seems to be the case for millennials, at least in regards to their porn-viewing habits. New data released by Pornhub has revealed a rather distinct generational trend regarding our cultural fondness for breasts.

Their data revealed the younger the generation, the less interested they are in women’s mammaries. The data exhibits young adults ages 18 to 24 are almost 20 percent less likely to search for breast-related content on the site whereas those 55 to 64 were 17 percent more likely. The age groups in between ascend as viewers age increases.

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17 Responses to Back to the days of the Flapper?

  1. Winston Smith says:

    Never found big tits attractive and don’t understand the fascination of either sex with them. It only matters if you are very small and hungry imo. Indeed, some of those plastic jobs are just GROSS. I guess I buck my age trend.

    But then again, I prefer the athletic type (tennis bods, not bodybuilders!!!).
    To each his own, I guess.

    • Timbo says:

      Me too.
      I prefer small breasted athletic bodies.
      Oddly, however, my subconscious has always steered me towards large breasted women!
      It pisses me off that i still dont have control over myself by this age!

  2. Sanders says:

    They’re all good.

    Millennials are just too scared to admit they like boobs, because it might offend some other special snowflake if they check their search history.

    • loaded4bear says:

      They’ve never seen boobs, as they’ve been too busy trying to fit into skinny jeans and getting the man-bun ‘just so’.

  3. USexpat says:

    After several decades swimming at a popular nudist beach in Australia I can tell you that there is a period of time between being semi-interested in the human form and total disinterest that involves thinking the female body is vaguely ridiculous. Breast and hips all riding on narrow ankles.
    Given that, I’ll take slim and fit over anything bigger.

  4. Jay Clay says:

    I think boob attraction often times “grows” (pun intended) with age. I found I appreciated the larger yet still firmer ones more the older I got. I mean really you have to play with a variety of sizes before you really know what you like the best and all.

  5. JeremyR says:

    Grew up on a diary farm. If I’d liked the big stuff, I’d have stayed a farmer. I prefer moderate to small boobs that don’t hang like udders, and especially hate seeing artificial ones. Most women look great with what GOD gave them naturally.
    Men are attracted by the looks, but in the end, we stay with our darling because of her personality, not an addiction to her chest.

    • H says:

      Bingo. I have never, ever seen a woman look better after getting her tits done, and most look worse, in my opinion.

      That said, if it makes some gal feel better about herself, that’s not my call, but if it was my call, the money would be better spent on counseling for better self-confidence.

  6. ChuckN says:

    In their previous study they concluded something similar. The main difference though was not so much boob vs non- boob but real vs fake. The new data could in fact support this tangetialy as if one would search for breasts in general I would assume there’s a higher likelihood of getting fake balloons.

    On another note, it’s pretty sad when a porn site more scientically accurate and mathematically sound surveys than any MSM outlet and several colleges.

  7. Peter B says:

    There may be hope for the younger generation:

  8. larryw says:

    Sunken chested s/he/its searching for the same. What a surprise.

  9. John Deaux says:

    Things some women do to themselves to get or keep a man’s attention is so sad.
    I saw a stripper once that advertised her measurements as 127 kkk 22. 36. Yeah you read that right
    We didn’t get to check those numbers ourselves but….
    Damn ugliest things I’ve ever seen, huge blown up silicone titties on what was once a very beautiful woman
    How she lived with those things is beyond my imagination

  10. Peter B says:

    I knew a very generously endowed woman in her 40s who had a breast reduction. She said she was tired of her back aching all the time. She doesn’t regret it.

  11. Edsss says:

    We’re raising newer generations as Fags, Trans, Metros and God knows what else…….tits????…what are they???

  12. Antibubba says:

    Turn the ladies around and their interest, er, grows.

  13. warhorse says:

    wasn’t there a study about the relationship between the size of the “ideal” girls and the economy? in bad times, people want comfort. they want a girl who can handle herself and not faint if she misses a meal.

    personally, I love them boobies, but the really bad basketballs-under-the-skin fakes are horrible and should be abolished. that said, I’ve seen some good boobjobs too. but flatchested girls don’t do much for me. not that I’d turn them down or anything…

  14. Bacon says:

    The ONLY reason I opened this post is to see what Luis had to say.

    Luis man, you’re slipping.

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