Beaver the Bulldog


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  1. Skipperdaddy says:

    Holy shit, lmfao thats the best laugh I have had in awhile, thank you!

  2. Judy says:

    That is one bored dog!

    • Glider Rider says:

      That’s the problem with a lot of pet owners. They get them as a fashion statement. Once the newness wears off they forget about them. Both of my dogs…..a Pitt and a Chihuahua are outside when I’m outside and inside when I’m inside. My Pitt is about the most gentle thing in the world…unless someone goes after his momma. But those 2 are always with us.

        • Glider Rider says:

          @1980XLS…….Im not a criminal. I hate violence. With a passion. The thing is……once you put a dog on a chain or in a fenced in yard and never give said dog attention he becomes territorial. I’ve raised Rotties. Their has to be dominance. Also I have a 100k insurance policy on my Pitt. He is in a fenced in backyard with an underground electric fence that will shock him if he gets too close to my fence. I’ve taken all necessary precautions to keep myself, my family, and general public safe. I lost interest in that article quickly. No one knows my dog. He sleeps with myself and wife at night. He is always with us. I hated Pitts at one time. But I took a chance and am glad I did. He loves everyone. Especially children. He is a protector. Not aggressive in the least bit. Hate the deed. Not the breed.

          • Bacon says:

            Hey Glider Rider,
            Can you offer any suggestions on what to look for in a pet insurance policy? (The only thing I’ve found so far was a really expensive damage rider on my home insurance.)

            • Glider Rider says:

              Yes. USAA. We added a liability policy to our insurance for him. I want to say it was around 20 extra. But if you aren’t ex military or wasn’t signed up for USAA state farm and geico offer it. It’s not that expensive but more than USAA. I hope this helps.

      • why says:

        Agreed. We also found that having 2, allowed them to keep each occupied versus becoming destructive

        • Glider Rider says:

          Exactly! They are good dogs. Mine has been bottle fed by my wife since he was 3 weeks old. His mom rejected him after 3 weeks. He LOVES people. We control him. If he would even attempt to bite he would be dealt with quickly.

      • Bacon says:

        Exactly right G.R. I feel sorry for the poor dog. Likely either abused or underfed. Either way, clearly bored out of its fucking mind.

        • Bacon says:

          When I was a kid, I had a rodent that literally ate its cage, chewed the plastic parts to shreds. I bought it some toys and chew sticks and the behavior promptly stopped.

      • Unclezip says:

        I have to always explain to people why they do not want a Berner, after meeting mine, and proclaiming how they just have to have one. Sure, they’re a gorgeous, smart, loyal and friendly breed, but do you only want one so you can say “look at what I have!”? And I have to remind them that a double coat is high maintenance (mine have personalized Shop-Vacs), they need lots of exercise and room to do it, and eat a lot of expensive kibble. Then I’ll tell them the up-front cost of owning a champion: about $6k when all is said and done. But to me, it’s worth it, and I have the time.

  3. bogsidebunny says:

    When I was working for the Bell System back in the 1970’s it was fairly common to be “treed’ by an unfriendly mutt. Some guys carried extra “pole steps” to fling at the critters, some used their line hammers and line pliers. One guy actually impaled a vicious hound throwing his line (screw) driver like a knife. The dogs owner complained, and the company paid off but the dude was spared any punishment. My doggie threat tactic was a lot less theatrical. I used my “butt set” to call the test bureau and demand my foreman come to the site and chase the dog. Sometimes the dog chased him. I didn’t like my foreman much.

  4. Phil B says:

    I don’t think throwing a stick is gonna satisfy that baby.

  5. fjord says:

    that’s a severe case of cribbing

  6. bucketman617 says:

    Backyard cable runs in the hood are the worst.

  7. Paraclete says:

    My Pitt used to chew on rocks…

  8. Okie says:

    That’s one o them “bowling ball” Harleys.
    Dude, I almost spit out my supper !
    You really know how to hurt a man !
    Fuck, I’m still laughing !!!
    I used to have some mean pits, until I got sued for it eating some kid who jumped my fence…. It certainly wasn’t the dog’s fault. Fucking kid couldn’t read the
    He fucked around and found out !

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