Car plows into Charlottesville Antifa counter protesters

At least one person is dead after a driver intentionally plowed into a group of anti-fascist protesters hitting up to 20 people in Charlottesville, Virginia, after violent clashes erupted between white nationalists and activists on Saturday.
Video shows the Dodge Charger accelerating into the crowd throwing bodies into the air as people scream before reversing at high speed – it is not known how many people have been injured but one is reported dead.

One dead, multiple injuries.

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20 Responses to Car plows into Charlottesville Antifa counter protesters

  1. Steenkinggreengo says:

    So let’s say I’m driving around Berkeley in my new truck with the sensors on the front that detect pedestrians and automatically apply the brakes and I come across a group of Antifa protesters. Can that automatic braking system be overridden?

  2. AC says:

    I hope the car is OK.

  3. Valerie says:

    If your running over Marxist’s, i don’t much care.

  4. dotacion says:

    Interesting take from an LE in MO

    I’ll Tell You What Happened
    Guest post by Puggg

    The Mayor of Charlottesville, Virginia and the Governor of Virginia both begged for and got a rampaging mob to attack a patriotic rally, and used their control over the Charlottesville PD and the Virginia State Police, respectively, to have them to stand down to let it happen. The mob got so out of control that they were violently swarming a car with Ohio plates that was trying to leave, and the driver, to save his life, rammed into the mob, killing one of the people in it.

    Why do you think Terry McAuliffe sent out the “stay away” tweet well before the scheduled start of the event? Because he knew what he was up to.

    If there’s any kind of paper trail, then I could easily see both McAuliffe and the Mayor being strung up on Federal charges of civil rights violations.

    • FriscoKid says:

      +1 This.
      Thank you for sharing.

    • I believe you but McAuliffe and the Mayor will never be charged.

      So far the lying Media has had it all their own way controlling the spin and appearance of this ‘incident’.

      Years ago I remember when an ‘brother’ rammed into people at a New Years fireworks show at Boston Harbor, he wanted to leave and they were in his way. He got no prison time. My wife and me were there in another part of the crowd, that’s when I stopped going to Boston. For anything other than work.

  5. James says:

    I will be watching this whole incident and news with interest.I keep reading about a rock being thrown at the car,was this before and scared/set off the driver or after driver started running over folks/

    There was(and perhaps still will be) a free speech rally on Boston common next weekend.I will be going but will no more be around nationalist socialist party members or folks with nazi flags then I would be with blm/antifa.I will keep a bit of distance,am interested to see and if so verify buses from out of state and such.

    Oh,despite my disliking of aforementioned groups do believe in their right to rally and free speech,this could be a interesting Saturday coming up.

  6. David Lawson says:

    There was a very good reason. As to why the Yankees allowed the building of these monuments in the 1st place. As it was the price of a lasting peace.

    Now they are welshing on the deal. They are also messing with a lot of folks heritage. So when that happens. PLEASE DO NOT ACT SURPRISED WHEN STUFF LIKES THIS HAPPENS.

    I do not see anything good coming out of this. I am also willing to bet that the Klan is going to get a large number of recruits out of this. Something this nation really does not need.

    Also as I have seen up close and personally. On h
    ow Southern Folks fight. In that they go all out and do not quit easily. Especially when they feel threatened or humiliated.

    These idiots just do not know who they are messing with. My guess The South will rise again. But this time no more Mr. Nice Guys! God helps us all

  7. Steve in KY says:

    I keep hearing that the driver was antifa. Commie on commie violence.

    • James says:

      Steve,a lot on the net right know that really makes it hard to know what happened,witnesses saying car was not plated with pic of car with no plates front or rear,then,videos with (Ohio?) plates very clearly of car/all sorts of contradictions.I would say wait 24 hours while watching different reports,then,one can at least hopefully come to a reasonably correct idea of what actually happened.

      With that and other violence,cops at times no where to be found,cop helicopter crashes killing 2 cops,a very weird day all around.

  8. bogsidebunny says:

    This incident might just be the 21st century version of Fort Sumpter.The 2nd civil war is imminent. Bring it on liberal pajama boys!

  9. Steve_in_CA says:

    This wouldn’t happen if cars were registered. Oh, wait …

  10. Sad! luis says:

    Shame, for what ever reason he drove in to them, his life, will be changed forever. If he did chose to do it, later he will think,… Why did I not count to ten?,….. Why did I not go have a coffee somewhere away from that?………
    Instead of going home to his family, enjoying a Sunday beer, etc. He will be sitting in a jail, likely get a long sentence.
    So Sad.

  11. Hillbilly says:

    This happens every time there’s a lynching and a cross burning. Wait no cross burning? Any rope? So this is about free speech? According to FOX news those damn rednecks are blocking the free speech of the Antifa and BLM.

  12. Hillbilly says:

    Remember when “Stick Man” was a hero?

  13. Kid says:

    I’ll put a hundo down that this was a libtard.

  14. Granny says:

    This is a joke, right? Are you people fucking serious?

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