Charlottesville AAR

The rally that wasn’t. Charlottesville had the possibility of being the largest nationalist/pro-white rally of the last decade, and certainly the largest in the short history of the Alt-Right. The city of Charlottesville denied the permit for the event and then reinstated it after a judge determined it violated our First Amendment rights. Not to be outdone, the mayor, city counsel and police elected to ignore all pretense of legality and actively helped Antifa, creating a situation in which one person is dead, and at least 19 injured.

The approaches to Lee Park were surrounded by armed Antifa and those looking to attend the event had to wade through 2-3 city blocks of armed, screaming Communists assaulting people with axe hafts, pepper spray, urine and clubs…while the cops did nothing. Lee park itself was blocked off by some 4′ aluminum fencing that did nothing to block the rocks, urine, and pepper spray being lobbed into the park…while the cops did nothing. Antifa and BLM attempted to murder several people, focusing on the older people, and those they could separate from the crowd. The standard method was to attempt to cripple them by striking their knees or bludgeon them to death in the head with clubs…while the cops did nothing.

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10 Responses to Charlottesville AAR

  1. sk6actual says:

    Well it certainly follows my initial (unresearched) instincts of events. Pinkos never change.

  2. bogsidebunny says:

    The question is:

    Are the cops in sympathy with the savage Commies or are they shit-scared of losing their jobs if they defend the wrong faction?

    • crazyeighter says:

      How about shit-scared of being fired for not following orders?

      • Complicity is complicity. The motivation doesn’t matter.

        They care more about “muh pension” than about right and wrong, which makes them complicit.

    • Doc B says:

      If the result is the same, does it matter? Silence equals consent, and a hard line must be drawn.

      You are either for freedom and against tyranny or you are my enemy. Period. There can be no other answer. Time to harden your heart my friend.

  3. David Lawson says:

    A mighty sad day for America

  4. Jared says:

    kkk = democrats
    antifa = democrats

    Hand me the popcorn.

  5. fuk'em! luis says:

    So now to be white and support your race is wrong but be black and riot and destroy or a beaner waving your flag in the USA is okay.

  6. Reese Bobby says:

    A wetback ran over a kid at a school bus stop and killed him. He got 6 months thanks to a Judge named Winston Gilchrist (democrap of course). If this is precedent, this cat from Ohio,if guilty, should get no more than 4 weeks if it was even intentional. I think the chimp with bat needs to be the one in jail.

    • Exactly.

      In April of 2014 in Detroit, a white man named Steven Utash tried taking a shortcut to work through an especially “vibrant” area called Highland Park. When he stopped at a traffic light, a mob of over fifty “diverse urban yoots” swarmed his truck, dragged him from his vehicle, stole his wallet and phone, stole his truck, stole his work tools, and kicked and stomped him so badly that he was in a coma for months afterwards and it was uncertain whether he would survive. He suffered severe brain damage and will never work again, never support his family again–and may never walk again, or feed or dress himself again.

      The usual suspects in the mass media tried to drop the story down the Memory Hole, but security camera footage of the attack got onto the Internet and went viral. Youtube keeps taking it down, but brave people keep putting it back up.

      In the months following, Detroit PD made three (3) arrests and their official position is that they consider the matter closed. One of the three was a “juvenile” and was “released to the custody of his mother.” The other two got very generous plea bargains from the prosecutor’s office, did less than a year each, and are already back on the street. Oh, and just try finding the names of the perpetrators.

      This is why, when you see an “antifa” or “Black Lives Matter” mob, your life is in immediate grave danger. I hope the jury finds the driver not guilty, because the cops and the government sure as hell wasn’t going to protect him and the cops, who supposedly work for the taxpayers, had orders from the top to turn their backs and let it happen.

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