Dumbasses busted by their own body cams

New video allegedly showing Baltimore police officers planting evidence has emerged just days after it was revealed that footage of similar actions had led to the dismissal of dozens of drugs cases in the city.
The footage is claimed to show several officers in the Maryland city collaborating to place drugs in a car which were later found during a search which led to an arrest.
The events, which has led to charges being dropped in at least one case, were captured by multiple police body cameras while officers were seemingly unaware that their actions were being recorded, the public defender’s office said.

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10 Responses to Dumbasses busted by their own body cams

  1. why says:

    Considering official governmental paperwork had to have been completed for these case, charge each one with however many counts of filing false charges, tampering with government evidence, falsifying governmental paperwork, and any others you or I would have been charged with…..

    • Larry says:

      And let the sentences AT LEAST match those of the crimes they manufactured evidence to convict or coerce a plea-bargain from their victims. Those fuckers need to go down HARD.

  2. Peaowed says:

    With all the shit that goes on in Baltimore (which could also be named Chicago East), why on Earth does evidence have to be planted?

  3. Alan says:

    Would ask, ‘how f’n stupid can you be?’ but there’s always folk who take that as a challenge. Former sheriff’s deputy here and I’m a *huge* fan/advocate of the body cams. Proven to reduce complaints and use-of-force issues. So saying, the video should be secured and only accessible via court order, and that includes anyone inside agency/department/office also. You’re seeing people sometimes at their worst and you don’t want some patrol idiot video-ing some incident off the screen on a cell phone so he can put it on his facebook page. (a firing offense, if up to me) Discipline for those guys and gals who ‘forgot’ to turn the cameras on at an incident, so supervisors will have to grow a set. For me, video saved my butt once when a county commissioner complained to the sheriff. He was ripping my a** and I calmly told him he had been lied to and to check the video on my patrol car that evening. He did, called me later and said, ‘that so-and-so was full of crap’.

  4. Trib says:

    Didn’t know their Body cams were for. Bad as MF’er who turned off his cam record before he shot that Australian tourist a few weeks ago. I guess that case is being covered up because can find any new info about. Fucking pigs.

    • philinpueblo says:

      It ought to be a felony for a cop who has been issued a body cam to turn it off for any reason whatsoever.

  5. Chris Mallory says:

    From what I understand, the Baltimore cop’s body cams record all the time on a fixed loop of a couple minutes. But if the camera is turned on, it saves the previous 2 minutes (or what ever it is) along with what the cop wanted to start recording. That is how the last bunch got caught planting drugs.

  6. WoodBurner says:

    For every bad cop there’s 3 or more thats got his back.

  7. Elmo says:

    Of course Baltimore’s cops are dirty. Who else would work for them now?
    Remember what the (Black Democrat) mayor and the (Black Democrat) state prosecutor did to 6 city cops that were just trying to do their jobs? Their lives were ruined because of these 2 (Black Democrat and female) dim-bulb political hacks.

  8. joe tentpeg says:

    Curiously absent (or not) is the race of the cops.

    Kinda like the media blackout (no pun intended) that 3 of the 6 Baltimore cops were black.

    And the cop supervisor sergeant on scene in the NY “I can’t breath” incident…was a black female.

    Tings dat make ya go Hmmmm.

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