Gay bartender quick to blame and make a profit

A bartender was walking home along 16th and R streets NW on July 15 when he was knocked unconscious. Joey, a longtime employee at JR’s Bar, woke up in an ambulance after a passerby called 911 and was ultimately diagnosed with two broken bones in his neck.
His manager at JR’s, David Perruzza, launched a successful crowdfunding campaign to support his recovery from being hit “so hard that it broke his neck” as detectives investigated the assault. The police report stated that he was hit with an object from behind and knocked unconscious. Given the location in an area with several gay bars, including JR’s, some worried that it may have been a hate crime.
Now, police say that the injuries were not the result of an attack, but instead an accident.

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  1. Tennessee Budd says:

    So, if you call him a “lying cocksucker”, you’re right twice?

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