“Gun Control Rights”? What the hell is that?

“Gun rights” as well as “gun ownership rights” are definitely things that exist thanks to the 2nd Amendment of the US constitution. In no uncertain terms, those rights are affirmed by the words “the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” Because of the liberal tendency to interpret things in a way that supports their whacko leftist agenda, the term “gun control rights” is now being floated, as if there is a Constitutional right to restrict gun ownership.

Earlier this week Rep. Chris Collins (R-NY) introduced a bill that would nullify all of the liberal states’ unconstitutional gun control laws. It would ban states from regulating firearms more strictly than the federal government does. The purpose of the bill was to put an end to the madness known as the NY SAFE Act, but it would also get rid of unreasonable gun control laws in California, Illinois, Maryland, and anywhere liberalism has destroyed the people’s fundamental rights.

One of those places is gun controlled Hawaii, which brags of having the 5th more stringent anti-gun laws on the books. In complaining that people of the state might actually be able to exercise their Constitutional rights, The Honolulu Civil Beat coined a new term with this headline: NY Congressman Wants To Take Away Hawaii’s Gun-Control Rights.

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5 Responses to “Gun Control Rights”? What the hell is that?

  1. Unclezip says:

    Fuck Hawaii. I don’t go any place where I’d have to swim 2000 miles to escape the local loonies.

  2. Kris says:

    The fact that they feel the need to pass legislation to nullify laws that are already unConstitutional…

  3. John Deaux says:

    Here’s a clue to people desiring to be free
    Stop following illegal laws dumped on you by your so called represents. The plainly written rights of the Bill of Rights, in english mimd you, are all the laws you need. Anyone who tries to change or limit those rigjts are your enemy and should be dealt with as such.
    Try this on a few of them and watch shit change quickly.

  4. Muzzle Blast says:

    The nitwits are incapable of using our common language correctly. People have rights and governments have powers. Search the Constitution on powers vs. rights for more examples.

    People have the inalienable right of self defense using their choice among common tools of the day and the 2nd Amendment restricts government power to infringe on possession or carry. The only thing that may be regulated is use.

  5. bogsidebunny says:

    The cost of living in the “Aloha State” is so high only rich Liberals can afford to live there. Hence the tears and whining. But, draconian gun laws are OK since the Millionaire and Billionaire ukulele strumming Libs have gated, armed guarded mansions.

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