Lazy fuckers

-POd American

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  1. Scurvy says:

    I knew a drill rig crew that used to use a 6×6′ sheet of heavy plastic to mix one bag of grout and used the tarp to form a trough to poor it down the side of the well casing. They had it down so well that after about five flips of the plastic suspended between them it was mixed. minimal effort. The poor guy running the bags of grout and water had the workout.

    Very cool to see in motion.

  2. Miguel says:

    This is Third World social economy. Instead of having the proper machines and the lest amount of workers to create a good product, I hire 9 people to do the job of three. Labor is cheap but so is the quality.

    • Arc says:

      +1 You should see what Afghan concrete does when you scratch at it… its like dust and crumbles. Paint washes off.

      • Bacon says:

        I know exactly what you mean Arc. Older construcion in China is almost all the same way. Newer stuff built within the last 15-20 years in urban areas is modern though.

    • Bacon says:

      Hey, might be inefficient but there are worse things than full employment.

    • TsgtJoe says:

      I was stationed in Iceland 73-74. Had the opportunity to talk with some business men who explained why construction was so labor intensive there. It was too expensive to import and maintain a lot of equipment. It was less costly to use man power. It was an eye opener. I was ncoic of the AF welding shop and when I wanted to order big heavy stuff (50 lb boxes of welding rod,angle iron, plate steel) it came by ship. Took months.

  3. Mike_C says:

    That’s some circus-act worthy shit there. My dad told me that when he was a kid in Shanghai there were people who sold hot tea at stadiums (like a baseball stadium, only it wasn’t baseball; no idea what they were watching). Anyway, these tea guys had these big-ass, gallon-plus pots with long spouts. If you wanted tea you threw them a coin and they’d toss you an empty cup. You then held out the cup and the tea guy would sort of flick the spout in your direction, sending an arc of tea flying into your cup. Dad said he never saw anyone get burned, but it did make him wonder where the tea guys learned to do their thing.

    • Bacon says:

      I was once at a formal dinner in southern China. The waiter filled all the tea cups that way, from about 25-30 feet across the room, in about 90 seconds per table. Not a drop spilled, not a guest got wet or burned, despite boiling hot tea flying over our heads and dropping straight into the small teacups. But the spout on that teapot was maybe 9 feet long and very sharply tapered. Turns out they’ve been serving tea that way for a long time.

  4. chowking! luis says:

    Hell, if they were hanging out at Home Depot, I’d hire them over the beaners just to watch them work.

  5. Rebecca says:

    Clever, aren’t they?

  6. They might as well be throwing turds on the roof for all the shit they are using. That isn’t even third world quality material.

  7. singlestack says:

    That’s pretty smooth.

  8. Sigproshooter says:

    Maybe they’ll be building that southern border wall ? Probably be under budget and completely built instead of behind schedule and bloated.

  9. Trib says:

    Git’er done.

  10. Chris C. says:

    That is drill team level of practice.

  11. Bacon says:

    FWIW, the caption on the video reads “intangible cultural heritage”.

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