Man, they don’t even resemble ships any more

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  1. Chilin' says:

    Bet the hull has been designed for speed and to reduce the underwater acoustic profile. Quuestion is, how does it ride in heavy seas?

  2. Tom from East Tennessee says:

    Wow- all that to run a 57mm pop-gun and diesels that can go 2 1/2 weeks between breakdowns. Little Crappy Ships (LCSs) indeed.

  3. Geoff R says:

    Yes they do,space ships.

  4. Ray says:

    That is called a “Littoral Combat Ship” It is a design so flawed that the first two off the ways broke in half , One cracked in half trying to transit the Panama canal and One burned (they are made of Magnesium Aluminum alloy over steel, (That’s also known as thermite) They have a weapons system so expensive that the Navy can’t afford to buy ammunition for them, so even in the rare event that the damn things put to sea they do so unarmed because their magazines are empty. They say that their 96 million dollar a round weapons are “The most accurate in history”. But they cost so much and are so unreliable that no one can afford a live fire test to find out. The Navy has less that 200 rounds in storage for a projected 300 ship fleet. The crews train in mock ups and on computer simulators. OH! and the fun part. The Navy had the damn thing designed to be mostly automated by the computer. If it go’s down the ship simply stops dead until someone replaces the computer. The crew has no way to run the ship without the AI. Humans are considered a “redundant interface”, to replace the systems modules in an emergency, and the “ships” each cost almost as much as an aircraft carrier. They don’t look like warships because they ARE NOT WARSHIPS. They are a high tech boondoggle.

  5. riverrider says:

    doesn’t run like a ship either. more like an anchor, lol.

  6. Kenny the Scot says:

    I was up the road the other day & spotted a big grey, military helicopter in the sky. (Not one of the air rescue jobs, as flown by Prince William, & not one of the ones that fly people offshore to the oil platforms in the North Sea, & which keep fucking crashing.)

    This is where it had come from, it would appear …

    • one boondoggle added on top of another. Some politicians and contractors are really taking it to the bank, and FUCK national security. It’s about the money honey!

  7. bogsidebunny says:

    Naval architecture is currently all about stealth. It looks like something out of the Battlestar Galactia TV series. Whether it will work against incoming missiles, who knows?

    Give me the old “BB” Battle Ships any day.

  8. Littoral “Combat’ ship, except it doesn’t have enough weapons to defend itself and needs the protection of older Navy ships.

    Obama era, need I say?

  9. P says:

    The supposed answer to a problem that never existed….hurrary for the military industrial complex. Now post “any factual story about the colossal POS aka F-35.”

  10. Gordon says:

    So where did this photo come from? A Chinese facebook page probably.

  11. ignore amos says:

    Read somewhere about the A.F.’s dog fighting kill ratio was 10 to 1 in the Korean War. In Viet Nam, with the new missiles, someone thought the F-4 Phantom didn’t need guns. Missiles spent, they were defenceless. The kill ratio for aerial combat went to 50/50. Is history repeating itself for the Navy?

  12. Andrew says:

    This is the LCS (even) class. Supposedly designed for close in support and interdiction.

    These pieces of shit are supposed to be modular to allow them to be tailored for a particular mission.

    None of the modules work.

    The crew has to go out to the bow of the boat and remove the handrail before firing the 57mm gun.

    The radar systems are minimal.

    There is anti-missile protection from only one side of the ship.

    They are made of aluminium so as to save painting, thus they look like moldy piles of crap.

    And, they are as expensive as the new National Security Cutter that the US Coast Guard is fielding, that is 10 times more capable with 10 times the range.

    The website cdrsalamander(dot)blogspot(dot)com, which is a naval issues discussion site (no, not your naval, the other Naval) often does a bashing of these Little Crappy Ships.

    They are a national discrace. One of the LCS’s is named after Harvey Milk (the gay politician who got shot) and Gabby Giffords (that twat congresscritter who got shot.)

    And they fucking suck.

    • One of the many Bill's says:

      So it’s well spent tax dollars is what your saying?

    • crazyeighter says:

      The it’s only right that one be named after Obama. If the detailer cut me orders for that boat, I’d go UA.

    • bikermailman says:

      Second this, to there and do a search for LCS, there’s a wealth of information going back over a decade. Good site overall, Diversity Thursday, Fullbore Friday, the comments can be enlightening too.

  13. fucking aluminum pieces of shit with no guns and the missile system has been dismantled as too expensive. Boondoggles galore.

  14. warhorse says:

    the LCS could be useful as the “mothership” of a drone swarm…air, sea, undersea, even amphibious/beach landing pre-inspection. control a large area with a single ship, and let other ships go elsewhere.

    instead they’re being used as really big torpedo boats..and they don’t have the firepower or the speed, and they’re too big to dodge and don’t have the armor to withstand a hit.

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