No, fuck YOU!!!

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6 Responses to No, fuck YOU!!!

  1. Cavguy says:

    I don’t get it? Now her and the vehicle are covered in soda.

  2. Trib says:

    and she sues because the burn she received from the hot coffee.

  3. majmike says:

    I suspect that she’s used to being covered in a sticky liquid.

  4. singlestack says:

    It was nice of him to give her what she asked for.

  5. John Deaux says:

    Dumb bitch, drag her thru that window and beat her ass for being stupid

  6. Mike_C says:

    Look at the happy expression on her face after window-dude throws soda/coffee whatever on her. That there was flirting, not just random dumbassery.

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