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17 Responses to Okies…..

  1. Chip says:

    Wirecutter the golden years

  2. Merc says:

    I don’t want to correct you Mr. Cutter, but I think that is David Letterman interviewing interns.

  3. Elmo says:

    Luis!… The Later Years.

  4. Cavguy says:

    Next grandpaw use the fly swatter on my ass please.

  5. Winston Smith says:

    I fail to see a problem unless they are closely related. She does appear to be of age to me.

  6. Okie says:

    Dammit Kenny ! I asked you not to print that picture of me !
    That’s my grand daughter….
    Ain’t she looking fine as silk ???
    Yep, I’m hittin’ it….

  7. H says:

    Punch line to an old joke: If she dies, she dies.

  8. a girl and her sugar daddy or sugar grandpa as the picture shows

    what some girls do for money would make your head spin right off
    there is a huge part of the porn video industry that works off that very principal

  9. warhorse says:

    the advantages of being a HDOM (Harmless Dirty Old Man)

  10. Okie says:

    Y’all’s killin my buzz …..
    Goddammit ….

  11. rayvet says:

    That guy’s only 35 years old. Now what do you all have to say?

    • JeremyR says:

      Better drugs than I have access to….
      A friend of mine who is 75 recently lost his wife to a stroke. One day about six months ago I stopped by his place. There was a young gal there whom he introduced as a friend of his grand daughter. He said she was helping with house cleaning etc.
      Another mutual friend told me that he was screwing the young lass, and was just appalled at it. My friend has had eight heart attacks and several strokes. I didn’t figure he was healthy enough for sex. I told her that if he wants to bang a 25 year old, more power to him.
      He dumped her though, too much drama and baggage.

    • Bacon says:

      He looks better than I did at 35…

  12. nonncom says:

    She seems to be having a good time….

  13. pdwalker says:

    he’s old, he ain’t dead.

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