Point well made

A Vermont man is in jail after he allegedly sprayed a U.S. Border Patrol car with liquid manure after confronting agents about not arresting enough illegal alien farm workers.
Vermont man Mark Johnson, 56, told the Associated Press he saw a Border Patrol agent parked near a field where he was spraying fertilizer. He confronted the agent about why they were not doing more to arrest illegal aliens working on local farms, the AP reported. Johnson’s farm is located near the Canadian border.

Following the argument where he claimed the agent was rude to him, Johnson allegedly sprayed down the agent’s car with the liquid manure. Johnson now claims the alleged vandalism was an accident. He told the AP he “didn’t know the car was behind him when he turned on the spreader.”

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5 Responses to Point well made

  1. olds-mo-william says:

    The agent would be smart to drive the car home, park on the lawn and hose the car off.

  2. California Southpaw says:

    I hate manure!

    *Back to the Future.

  3. sawman says:

    Heh. Reminds of the time years ago while living in rural farming country in N W MI. I had a small 20 acre farm between two large acreage farms. One was a good sized dairy farm and the other raised beef cattle and sheep. Both had large acreage fro corn and hay and such to support their live stock. There was always farm equipment running up and down the road often run by the farm children age 10 and up. One day one of the owners was heading back to the farm after spreading solid manure in an outer field and was followed by a tourist type in a luxury sedan. They were annoyed at the slow speed of the tractor and with the spreader behind it there wasn’t room to pass and he didn’t move to over to make room. At the third or fourth blowing of the horn he turned the spreader on. Even empty it was enough to make the sedan owner turn on his wipers.
    Luck for us as our large farm house had no air conditioning. they always spread their liquid manure late fall into early winter when our windows would be closed. Everyone of them kids and all would wave and smile when they passed the house on a piece of equipment. We had shades we would use in the fall because their combines would work the fields well into the late night. Couldn’t hear them but the lights could get bright.

  4. pigpen51 says:

    Michigan is a wonderful state, isn’t it? We went down to Lake Michigan and had lunch the other day, Just watching the waves and eating my Cheap Chinese takeout. The wind surfers were going crazy that day. I have never been to California, but we have a beautiful coast line for the beach bums. It has been a fantastic summer. Beautiful women, in bikini’s, gorgeous weather, perfect rain,the fruit is going to be great. Life is pretty good, my dog even likes me, and my wife and I will hit 25 years next month, and are going on a vacation to the east coast to celebrate.

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