RACI….. oh wait. Never mind.

Charles Logan stands on Omaha’s street corners holding a sign.

He’s not asking for money, but trying to embarrass those who do.

The 66-year-old’s sign states, “If you need money, get a job and go to work! Get a job!”

Logan’s protest of panhandlers has brought a few altercations — including one on Friday that involved Omaha police.
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5 Responses to RACI….. oh wait. Never mind.

  1. WiscoDave says:

    At one time I carried business cards for the HR person at the foundry I worked. We were always looking for people to hire.
    I would see the people with the “Will work for food” signs. I’d pull over, get out and walk over to them. As I reached for my wallet I’d ask them if they were looking for work. Every time they enthusiastically would say “YES.” Their eyes would eagerly watch while I’d look through my cash (OK, Maybe 5 singles on a good day but they couldn’t see that). I’d pull out a card and say “talk to him, we’re hiring.” Walk away leaving them speechless. I’m sure it was in total gratitude…

  2. Bobo the Hobo says:

    What an elegant idea. Good on Mr Logan!

  3. cato1776 says:

    Quite a few panhandlers take the money for alcohol & drugs.
    If I give them my money, who’s gonna pay for my alcohol and drugs?
    It’s a matter of priorities.

  4. James says:

    I would say a good start would be ending the insane books of regulations/burden of taxes ect. that make hiring folks such a pain in the ass and expensive.Hell,make it a lot easier for people to actually start their own business and down the road hire people.

  5. I did a similar thing in Seattle. I live right on a freeway on ramp & there are always a glut of begging vermin there. One Saturday morning I decided to make my own sign & hit the ramp. The sign read”lazy drunks. Don’t give them anything” The bums went insane. They were yelling at me & threatening me for a half hour before the police showed up. Yes,they called the police & the police actually showed up. The cops asked my why I was doing this & didn’t I have anything better to do with my time. I explained that I hadn’t engaged in any conversation with the vermin & was simply using free speech to show my disgust for having to see vagrants urinate in my yard,take drugs in front of my house & walk over passed out bodies on a regular basis. I was told to go home. I refused unless they also told the hobos to leave as well & again brought up my 1a rights. They weren’t sure what to do at this point so they called in a senior officer. Ten minutes later he showed up,asked me a few questions about the situation & then said”you need a bigger sign” & then they left. I stayed out for another half hour before I decided I’d had enough fun for the day.

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