Reminiscing or what?

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9 Responses to Reminiscing or what?

  1. Robert says:

    someone probably got paid to make that. does that make it art? they need a giant pussy, now

  2. phil says:

    “Honey, I’ve got to sit down. My legs are killing me!”
    “Uh, wrong phrase there dear.”

  3. Buckaroo says:

    Just a glimpse of the Sexmuseum in Amsterdam….

  4. sdfg says:

    Only in the Netherlands….

  5. R. Brown says:

    Japan, Penis candy, Penis Festival… Parades of guys pulling, carrying giant Penii…

  6. Geoff R says:

    Now she’s got it.WTF is she gunna do with it.She could dress it up in a suit and name it Obama.

  7. nonncom says:

    A purple headed yogurt slinger?….

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