“Respect my authoritah!”

Alex Randall was waiting at a red light on his motorcyle Aug. 16 when a detective with the King County Sheriff’s office in Washington state pointed a gun at him, a newly-surfaced video shows.

Now that detective has been placed on administrative leave, and the incident is being investigated, Sheriff John Urquhart wrote in a Tuesday Facebook post.

“I have ordered the detective be placed on administrative leave as of Tuesday morning pending a full investigation of the facts,” he wrote. “In every encounter I expect my deputies to treat others with respect.”

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17 Responses to “Respect my authoritah!”

  1. bogsidebunny says:

    To protect and serve!

  2. Chris Mallory says:

    Lying cop says “100 MPH”,”Reckless driving”, and “Arrest you and take your bike”. Yet lying cop does not even write a citation or fill out a “Use of force” form. Lying cop should be facing several criminal charges and die in prison. Lying cop will get a few weeks vacation taken away and be back out on the street by the end of the year.

    • Rdawg says:

      A few weeks of vacation taken away? Pffft.

      More likely he’ll get a few weeks of paid administrative leave.

  3. Cederq says:

    Annndd… the sob will be getting paid for his admin leave… you and I would be sitting at home with a shrimp over the barby with a cold brew in our hand but no paycheck…

  4. 1980XLS says:

    Cops do this shit all the time.

    • 1980XLS says:

      Sound starts at 3:15

      • Odgreen says:

        Just think, if each of these criminals were given Pb in the cranium at the first sign of this abuse of power, after awhile, not only would there be less of them, but they’d start to think, hmm……be a jerk and die or go home alive? Not one bit of acountability. Go after real crime, how ’bout MS-13? Oh, no, scared to death of them, easier to pick on unarmed citizens.

      • Shell says:

        I remember this badge-heavy asshole.

  5. NewVegasBadger says:

    Older and wiser adult needs to set him down and give him one of life’s truths. You can NOT demand or make other people respect you. Respect must be earned. This idiot is lucky to be alive. I don’t see his stink’n badge, I see an out of control asshole coming toward me with a gun. I see some one who may be trying to kill me. But this idiot is an example of what NOT to do. ALL without exception, LEOs should be held to the same standard, when it comes to gun handling. Pull a gun out, you damn well better have a good reason for doing so. Pull the trigger, then YOU are 100% accountable for where that bullet goes when it leaves the barrel. Where it in my power to do so, if you are put on leave, it will be WITHOUT a paycheck. Can’t pay the bills cause you have been put on administrative leave. Not my f–king problem.

    One last comment about respect, it is like unto doing good works, all it takes is one “ahh shit” to negate a thousand “atta boys”.

    • Chris Mallory says:

      “all it takes is one “ahh shit” to negate a thousand “atta boys”.

      That was the second thing our SGT taught us in basic.
      The first was “There are 2 kinds of officers, non-commissioned and assholes.”

  6. Tsquared says:

    The “detective’s” apparent skill set shows he would be better suited to working in the fast food industry. He does not need to be in a position that allows him to use a gun in any line of work. He needs to be flipping burgers.

  7. Dave says:

    What a fucking power drunk idiot! But you know that nothing will really happen to him. At best we can hope for is that he will just get an ass chewing.

    All I can say, is the kid did a great job on handling himself with this “Peace Officer.
    He was the only professional there.

  8. Dave says:

    Sounds like this d-bag cop needs to be tied between two bike and turned into a christmas popper. And they wonder why they are so disrespected. News flash assholes, you’ve done it to yourselves.

  9. Trib says:

    How was this biker to know this was a cop other some flashing lights. Biker did good. Everyone needs to have auto cams with 360 degree view.. Pig had too many donuts.

  10. singlestack says:

    It’s a shame a bystander didn’t see this felonious assault and shoot the no good son of a bitch.

  11. -jon sr. says:

    Never talk to cops. Never. Seriously, never. Have a good lawyer on retainer and always use your will power to STFU. The only thing you should ever say to a copfuck is “Am I being detained?” And “Am I free to go?” If the answer to the first is yes or the second is no, STFU and call your lawyer.

  12. majmike says:

    Another thug with a badge.

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