Second degree murder charges for protest crash

James Alex Fields Jr., of Maumee, Ohio, has been charged with second-degree murder, three counts of malicious wounding and failing to stop at the scene of an accident that resulted in a death after a car plowed into a crowd on the Downtown Mall.

The crash killed a 32-year-old woman and injured 19 others following an alt-right demonstration downtown.

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8 Responses to Second degree murder charges for protest crash

  1. California southpaw says:

    Those are some quick charges. Too bad he weren’t turning his life around or a perspiring rapper or a goot boi or his intentions were misunderstood…

  2. Andrew says:

    If he had done it drunk he would have gotten involuntary manslaughter.

    So, kids, drive drunk around protests…

  3. wTf! luis says:

    Luckily they did not get him on a seat belt violation.

  4. Yeah, I wrote it, So?? luis says:

    And, oh!, went back and looked at the pics, and i guess at after he plowed them, there is a knee grow floating in the air, must of been a ” Egyptian’ knee grow. They be ” Kanzs an shit!

  5. That was first degree. He planned it. that makes it first degree….with malice and intent beforehand.

  6. SAM says:

    It’s all over the news here in the UK about the extreme right wing march. Odd it’s always extreme right wing for anyone who is not on the left but I have never heard any one being called extreme left wing it does not matter what they do. It’s never extreme left wing all ways peaceful marchers, I’ve heard this said on the news when in the film shown on the news the ‘peaceful marchers’ are setting cars on fire.

    • David says:

      Welcome to the Insane State of America! It is unfortunate but it will get worse before it gets better I am afraid.

      I myself think that this country is having a nervous breakdown. Kind a like the 1860’s & 1960’s.

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