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8 Responses to TGIFF

  1. Geoff R says:

    Is that cameraman in No8 doing a documentary on that girls tonsils? Oh did I mention I love daisy duke shorts.

  2. spaz says:

    Happy Friday, great spread, and all of them, they are all great

  3. Franzel says:

    The guy with the camera must be working on Farty Friday?

  4. idaho bob says:

    Fine bunch!


  5. Rich says:

    Nice collection.
    The ‘extreme close-up’ made me laugh. Let me guess; Japan?

  6. Klaus says:

    I’m pretty sure the 3rd Perelli girl is actually a boy. Pato Flaco

  7. Trib says:

    Nice bunch of lassies. (except for the Perelli transvestite)

  8. pdwalker says:


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