The OV-10

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  1. Andrew says:

    Used to watch these little fellas fly out of Patrick AFB (South of Cocoa Beach, just so you know.)

    Nimble little fellas, with great STOL (short take off landing) capability.

    Always wanted to have the bank to get my hands on one.

    The Army or Air Force needs something like this again for close support. Not everything can be handled by a drone.

    • H says:

      Been done recently. And briefly. Probably no support in the upper air farce hierarchy because it don’t go fast enough or boom ‘n zoom. Same reason they’ve tried to kill the A-10 for decades now.

      • crazyeighter says:

        Because there’s no glamor in busting tanks and close air support…

      • Andrew says:

        Yeah, the latest iteration of Rockwell proposed the OV-10X, totally updated, composites, newer wing, upgraded electronics, everything needed for the modern world. Faster, better range, better able to loiter, quieter, able to take off with one engine, able to leap tall buildings with…

        The defense wienies want to go with some modified crop duster.

        Go figure.

    • nonncom says:

      The Warthog was perfect for that role….never could figure out why there was such a push to get rid of it….somebody’s palms being greased by the military industrial complex?….have to retire the old weapons so we can sell new ones?….

      • Andrew says:

        Because in peacetime, flying low and slow isn’t sexy.

        And the AF wants the money for the F-35.

        There is some truth about the A-10 being vunerable to modern ground launched weapons, but the same weapons can probably take out an F-35, also.

        Others say the A-10 doesn’t fire its cannon very often. But if you ask the grunts on the ground, they love hearing the Brrrrrt sound. And apparently the towelheads really hate the Brrrrrt. Really hate the Brrrrt.

        The A-10 is still a very relevant aircraft. It should be kept in the inventory until replaced by an aircraft that can exceed its capabilities.

  2. warhorse says:

    good little plane. never allowed to reach it’s full potential. there was a whole family of OV-10 based aircraft on the drawing boards..light transports, anti-submarine warfare, even some civil versions.

    part of the original specifications even called for an ability to attach floats.

    • Andrew says:

      There is video from the Vietnam war of OV-10s landing and taking off of aircraft carriers. They didn’t need arrester cables to land, nor catapults to take off. Great little aircraft.

      Back when we designed aircraft with real multi-role capabilities.

      • warhorse says:

        back in Desert Shield the marines launched their OV-10’s from LPH/helicopter carriers. for some reason, they couldn’t land back on the same ship and had to be based on shore. not sure why.

  3. nonncom says:

    Had a friend who worked on Broncos at Hurlburt Field in Ft. Walton Beach in the late 60’s….pretty cool concept….

  4. Elmo says:

    Couldn’t do without them in California.

  5. Stretch says:

    In ’69 Dad was C.O. of the 93rd Eng. Bttn. Next door was a USMC squadron of OV10s operating off an UNsurfaced runway. Navy CBs weren’t interested in paving soooooo … Dad paved the Marine’s runway and Dad got a radio tying him directly to the OV10s. Shortly thereafter Dad’s Brigade C.O., Gen. Groves (son of Manhattan Project Groves) was on inspection tour. They took some sniper fire. Dad turned to his sergeant and said “Take care of that.” The Broncos were overhead far sooner than a routine request would have taken. “Colonel, do I want to know how you did that?” asked Gen. Groves. “Probably not, sir.” And that’s how Dad ended up on Gen. Groves staff.

  6. JB says:

    Story my dad tells about Vietnam. He got his In-country check out flight in an OV-10. Supposed to be just a routine flight pointing out landmarks, hot spots, etc. When they landed he asked his check out pilot, ‘What was all that white stuff floating in the air like from a cottonwood tree.’ The pilot laughed and said, ‘They were shooting at us.’

    Dad was checked out in the OV-10 but flew the O-2 as a FAC during his tour. Lots of interesting stories.

  7. bill says:

    Had a few in Salem,Ore N.G. They also had acrobatic ability (ov-10 ) but the pilots had run out of room with loops. As far as was told to me the last one was in Salem.

  8. Chris says:

    Although this isn’t about the Bronco, but my Dad was a OV-1 “Mohawk” pilot during Vietnam. Most of the time when someone talks about a OV-1, the question is inevitably asked: Don’t you mean OV-10? After Vietnam he was stationed at Ft Hood. He flew and trained new Mohawk pilots until he retired in ’87 after 20+ years of service. And was called back to Ft. Quachuca, during Desert Storm. I was lucky enough to get to see him fly the “Whispering Death” when I was a kid and have always had a liking for that ugly plane since. I’m biased but it’s a cool ass plane.

    • warhorse says:

      mohawks were good aircraft too..similar concept to the OV-10 in mission.

      didn’t they get in trouble when they army started putting weapons on the hardpoints, and pissing off the air force?

      • crazyeighter says:

        The Army was allowed to have itty-bitty airplanes that did CAS, not big hulking bombers or nimble fighters.
        The Navy was allowed to have anything that would fit on a carrier or hung out over the water for long periods of time.
        The Marines were allowed to visit carriers and do CAS.

      • Chris says:

        Lol! To hear some of the Mohawk drivers tell it, they were stripped of armaments because the Air Force was upset they weren’t getting the missions. To my understanding the Army was forced to stop arming the Mohawks because of some Air Force brass said it was their job to deliver the ordinance. I believe the last armed Mohawk was around 68. Still, with SLAR and all the other gadgets it made life hell for VC.

  9. SemperFi, 0321 says:

    Several of my Recon buddies made OV-10 parachute jumps; undo safety strap, pilot goes straight up and you drop out the ass end.

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