What an asinine statement

The Second Amendment Foundation is one of the most effective advocates for Second Amendment rights. They’ve won crucial Supreme Court and lower court battles bolstering the Second Amendment’s status as a fundamental individual right. They clearly believe that everyone has a fundamental right to keep and bear arms. Except, it seems, at protests . . .

Following the riots in Charlottesville where gun control activists had their knickers in a twist about the presence of armed protesters (despite the fact that there were no injuries or arrests involving these individuals), the SAF’s Alan Gottlieb is trying to split the difference and appear to be the “reasonable” voice in gun politics.


Apparently Mr Gottlieb hasn’t been watching the news and seeing people being assaulted with deadly weapons on a very regular basis.
Fuck the Second Amendment Foundation. If I was a member, that one statement alone would be cause for me to pull my membership.

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18 Responses to What an asinine statement

  1. WoodBurner says:

    Gottlieb is a Fudd, allways has been.

    • POd American says:

      He’s worse than that….if you feel you must belng to an org. Go to GOA. Gottlieb is actually on par with the sum of the NRA.

      Save your bux and buy ammo for the up and coming festivities.

      • Elmo says:

        And if you have any bux to spare send GOA a check. They run on a shoestring. Their entire staff’s combined payroll is probably half what Pepé LaPierre makes in a year ($972,000, according to Wikipedia).

    • wildbill says:

      I’m glad I’m not the only one that thinks this. I donated until the background crap. No more.

  2. singlestack says:

    I was a life member of the CCRKBA until that asshole Gottlieb made a statement in favor of universal background checks back when the socialists were first pushing it. I sent him a hand written letter calling him a piece of shit and telling him to go fuck himself.

  3. nonncom says:

    I got news for this asshole….I carry in Church, why wouldn’t I carry if I were going to be around a bunch of crazy, lunatic, radical, leftists…..which I would not do, if I can help it….

  4. Jack Crabb says:

    Gottleib is a cocksucker, plain and simple.

    JPFO and GOA are the only gun organizations that used to be worth more than a bucket of warm spit.

  5. juju2434 says:

    I’m with you singlestack…………fuck somebody that talks with his balls in his throat

  6. Unclezip says:

    Gottlieb can fuck off a high cliff.

  7. Sanders says:

    Gottlieb has been a backstabber for several years, now. He also took over JPFO and ran it into the ground.

    Zelman Partisans is where the core group of JPFO went to carry on Zelman’s vision.


    • pigpen51 says:

      Thank you, Sanders. I am a follower of Zelmanpartisans. I have read the entire true story about what happened with the JPFO. Gottleib was one of the bums involved in taking the organization and turning it into a shadow of what it was, with only a motive of profit in mind. I actually have written a couple of posts at Zelman partisans. But I follow them closely. They are doing the work that the JPFO used to do.

      • WiscoDave says:

        pigpen51 I’ve seen you over the there. I had the pleasure of meeting and talking with Aaron in the late ’80s and early 90’s (if memory serves). Great guy, lost too soon.

      • Bacon says:

        Hey Pigpen, could you please post where to find the entire true story? I know most of it from bits and pieces but I never found it all in one place. Thanks!

    • Bacon says:

      Thanks Sanders! I let my JPFO membership lapse when they moved to the SAF offices but I didn’t know about the Zelman Partisans until now. Thank you!

  8. Dave says:

    I do believe Mike V. had “issues” with this assclown if memory serves me correctly.
    And that is good enough for me. I always liked Mikes line thinking.
    The Oracle could be consulted for verification.

  9. desertwarrior.45 says:

    If you say ” I support the second admendment, but…” you do not support it.

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