Who says there’s no honor among thieves?

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10 Responses to Who says there’s no honor among thieves?

  1. SAM says:

    How bad does it have to be for someone only to take one slice?

  2. CC says:

    Looks inedibly greasy to me…

  3. Haha man…an even a bigger dick move would have been to stealing the cheese and toppings from the whole pizza and just leave behind the crust.

  4. Timbo says:

    I hate thieves immensely, but this is acceptable to me for some reason.
    Maybe someone was desperately hungry – at least there didnt fuck it up.

    • One of the many Bill's says:

      Yea, plus the dude has a whole stack of pizza’s. One piece is fair.

      • Bacon says:

        I don’t think so Bill, one piece might be ‘moderate’ or ‘polite’ or even ‘considerate’. But NO amount of thievery is ever ‘fair’.

        As Dwan said, I wouldn’t eat the rest of them, so might as well have taken the pie, since in reality the whole pie is wasted. Whereas if I’d given away a slice, then the pie would still be fine.

        As Timbo said, the person might have been desperately hungry. Well in that case, ask and I’ll probably feed ya. Hell, I been there so I know what it’s like to be hungry.

        But in that case, I ain’t giving pizza, if someone is desperately hungry then I’m giving them a couple of c-rats from out of the kit in my trunk. (They need to be rotated every few months anyway, since the trunk gets hot.) Pizza’s a snack, c-rats are a square meal with nutrition, and if yer actually that hungry, ya certainly won’t care.

        Otherwise, if ya do care, then yer just a fucking thief.

  5. I wouldn’t eat the rest of them. Some homeless people are fucking crazy and would spit on the food or something else as nasty.

  6. PoppaGary says:

    He is probably just posting that so his homeys won’t beat his ass for taking a piece while on the run, although I always figured if you fly you can get a sample too!

  7. Dolt says:

    Who the hell leaves their window down at Walmart?

    Close them up, keeps the pizza warm.

  8. bobdog says:

    At least they were polite enough to leave the grease behind.

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