Your Good Morning Girl – Luis Edition

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24 Responses to Your Good Morning Girl – Luis Edition

  1. Cederq says:

    I think it would be fair to have a rayvet, Tennesse Budd, Semper Fi 0321, Okie, Padawan, JeremyR, bogsidebunny and of course a Cederq edition….

  2. warhorse says:

    my dad used to ask girls “are those registered as hearing protection?”

    girl “what?”

    dad “if I put my head between them, will I still be able to hear the radio?”

    the girl would usually giggle and walk off.

    being a “harmless dirty old man” had it’s perks. I’d get my ass kicked.

  3. Danmn!!!!!! luis says:


  4. Geoff R says:

    Say what you want about Luis,but he does have good taste.With all those good mornings he may need help with the tasting.

  5. One of the many Bill's says:

    Guess we won’t be seeing Luis for awhile.

  6. Doug Williams says:

    damn, I’d bite on one of those titties and pray for lockjaw

  7. bogsidebunny says:

    Thank goodness so many young women these days are uninhibited exhibitionists.

  8. idaho bob says:

    I’m not leaving!


  9. Bronko Wryslicer says:

    It’s *good* to be a mammal.

  10. Thanks for keeping us abreast of the situation.

  11. formwiz says:

    In the immortal words of El Kabong, “Ho Lay!!!!!”.

    I think we’re all in agreement natural is best.

  12. sk6actual says:

    10 stars for Luis

  13. spaz says:

    Life is good

  14. singlestack says:

    #9 is Jennifer Love Hewitt

  15. JB says:

    To quote one of the all time greatest movies in the history of cinema complete with Oscar-worthy acting AND dialogue:

    ‘She showed me her boobies and I liked them too!’

  16. Timbo says:

    Im in love with #2!

  17. warhorse says:

    #1 and #14 look like fun and not too crazy. #14 is a redhead though. she might just hide her crazy really well.

  18. No name says:

    I’d eat the whole damn bottle of viagra just to destroy them all, except #7…
    I just cant get it hard with chicks and tats on there arms.

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