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Go HERE, click on ‘Hours, Location and Staff’ in the quick links on the left, and read the bios. Be sure to read the captions under the pictures – it sounds like somebody’s narrating a fashion show.
Do NOT have anything in your mouth, I will not be responsible for wet keyboards or broken screens.


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  1. Antibubba says:


  2. Father Confessor says:

    Oh, Jesus H Tapdancing Christ!

  3. Elmo says:

    Report Hate and Bias here-

    University of California system annual budget, 2016 – $28.5 billion.
    We need more money for education.

  4. M. Sage says:

    Wait wait. The tranny’s (Maia Huang is a man, man!) specialties include: “women’s health and wellness.” But if gender is just a social construct, and a man can become a woman and vice-versa, how in the fuck can there BE women’s health and wellness that’s separate from men’s health and wellness?

    Gotta love their hypocrisy.

    • The DA says:

      Wait… …what? You haven’t seen the video of their Lady’s Skincare Retreat weekend?

      Here you go:

  5. Lilyrat says:

    “They” describe “their” self as fat and poor with pride. Most of “they” work with sexual trauma. WTF indeed.

  6. c says:

    I truly appreciated the descriptions under the photos. I would have never figured out that Chaz was looking to the distance at his right…

  7. Gregbee says:

    Can’t imagine how miserable those numb nuts must really be that live in that fantasy world.

  8. crazyeighter says:

    Words fail me…

    My grandkids are going to pay taxes to support these people.

    • Elmo says:

      Consider yourself lucky. Here in California we’re paying taxes to enable our grandchildren to BECOME these people.

  9. bogsidebunny says:

    The country’s DOOMED!

  10. larryw says:

    They do realize “queer” is defined as strange, worthless and suspicious, right?

  11. truthzzzz says:

    Um. that’s a real website of a formerly real top university.

    i suppose we must expect more decline like in South Africa where students attack science and facts as racist, and replace it with spirits and voodoo.
    Entire areas have become high rise wastelands wit people living in them. Those who could maintain them have been driven out.

    But the neighborhoods have almost no what they call “whites” in them.

    Factual thought has been overwhelmed by massive emigration from the rest of Africa. And by the discrimination against those not like them.

  12. majmike says:

    Good grief. Normality is now abnormal.

  13. Daryl says:

    “Bee T. Curiel is a first generation, agender, fat, queer scholar………….” Like there is the possibility of a second generation.

  14. JonT says:

    What a bunch of twats.

  15. cwac says:

    Do they have a dictionary or does google translate that website. I have a headache trying to read it and finally gave up

  16. STW says:

    It’s as if every school I attended in California is trying to embarrass me for having attended there. I particularly appreciated the one in year six of their four year degree. I also find the rejection of singular pronouns a bit unsettling. Substituting it, its and it’s would make reading so much easier.

  17. MR says:

    chaz at the Queer Leadership Retreat in 2014, wearing a purple QLR tee, grey denims, and a black studded cap. chaz is looking to the distance at his right and he is grasping his right elbow with his left hand.

  18. Bud says:

    the first ‘chick’ Joanna is referred to as ‘their’? does ‘she’ have Multiple Personality Disorder? just how many people does ‘they’ manifest? wtf

  19. Stretch says:

    Bright side? They will be the first to die off come The Great Culling (what ever form that may take). One or two may be taken as “play things” by what ever gang controls their area. Doubt that even then will they learn the true value of their degree.

  20. Cederq says:

    Damn, I have been known to wander in the desert, forests and riparian zones… does that make me queer and all those other modes? I can just shoot myself now, life truly is worthless if I have to share the desert with that.

  21. loaded4bear says:

    Gosh, not a science, math or engineering major in the lot. Why am I not surprised?

  22. Deb says:

    Are these real words or did they make this stuff up: cissexism,pansexual,Latina/o/xs, sizeism, cis-sexism? Here’s my word: “DILLIGAF”.

    • Wirecutter says:

      Gee, I didn’t even have to go to google to see what DILLIGAF meant.
      90% of the words they use to describe themselves, I had never heard of up until about a year ago.

    • Padawan says:

      LGBTQGOFU. Picked that one up on a New Hampshire based political blog Warhorse and I follow.

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