A Field Guide to Gun Shop Salesmen

This guy makes some very good points, in fact this is one of the best videos concerning gun shops and salespeople I’ve ever seen.
Around here, it’s the Fan Boy in the shops and they’re all about Glocks. I’m sorry, but I won’t own a fucking Glock – they’re not the style I’m used to, the grip angle is all wrong for me, and they’re butt ugly. Yet it seems like every gunshop I go into, the salesmen/women are all wearing Glock shirts and hats and they always try to steer the conversation back to Glocks. At that point, I walk out.
Hey, I’ve been shooting all my life, I’ve tried several different types of firearms and when I go to buy a gun, I do my research first. My mind is pretty much made up what I want before I ever step foot in a shop – the last thing I want or need is some fucking kid telling me what I need to buy. Go ahead and make your suggestion – I’ll listen to it and take it into consideration – but don’t try to convince me to buy something I’m not comfortable with.

One quick thing about my commentary – I really really really don’t want to hear about how great Glocks are. Comment on the content of the video if you want, but to be honest with you, I’m tired about hearing about Glocks. If you like them and shoot well with them, that’s fine. I don’t like them.

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  1. paul says:

    I have a Glock whatever in.40s&w. It fits my hand. Like, the end of my arm is a pistol. I really wish it had a real safety.

    • Coyote Hubbard says:

      Not to mention, you have to pull the trigger to field strip it.

    • POd American says:

      “I really wish it had a real safety”.

      There are no additional mechanical safety devices on DA revolvers! The first safety device is your brain, the secondary safety device is your trigger finger…if both the primary and secondard safetys are functioning properly, you don’t need a third. Just keep your bugger hook off the trigger until you want it to go bang.

    • James says:

      Paul,while it does have a real safety I understand the point you are making in not liking the trigger safety,that said,the best safety we have on EVERY gun,a clear mind and some practice will always allow one to shoot safely.

    • Edward Teach says:

      Safty? What is safty??
      Is gun! Is not safe!!

  2. cynical says:

    I have what I like – XDM 357sig. I like it, fuck everyone else.

  3. Jeff says:

    Just fyi being you have a tendency to wonder around in Kentucky, there is a new place called Central Ky gun and range on 31W just south of E-town, locally owned, decent guys from what I can tell, kinda lite on inventory, will order anything, decent indoor range, I don’t use them, I have a place to shoot, but they don’t push anything, very accommodating. Their website is http://www.centralkygunandrange.com

  4. Anonymous says:

    Hmmm. I guess I’ve been lucky in my patronage of gun stores. In my experience, the best gun stores are those that let me give them money. (I’m amazed at how many stores actually make it difficult to give them money.)

    I first bought a Kel-Tec Sub-2000 that took Glock 17 magazines. Then I had to get a Glock 17 to go with those magazines. Now I have several Glocks.

    • Wirecutter says:

      And if they work for you, that’s fantastic.

      • brazos says:

        I have numerous pistols, finally broke down and bought an ugly Glock gen 4, 17, hated the grip angle, even with the 4 grip inserts it came with. Found a product called a grip force insert on the internet, now it points like a 1911, much improved my opinion of the pistol, but still ugly as hell, but a good tool. I recommend this GRIP FORCE product if you like the 1911 point-ability, it made the Glock feel and point SO much better…

    • Michigan Doug says:

      Sub-2000, 8 loaded mags, cleaning kit and some extra stuff
      in a backpack. Looks like I’m going to the library.

    • bobdog says:

      Had two glocks. Didn’t like either one of them, and sold them at the first opportunity. The only 9mm I was ever able to shoot well was a 1917 Erfurt Luger.

      Fortunately, I have several one or two other brands to choose from.

  5. cdngunblog says:

    I’ve been in the business for twenty years and have had my own for ten. I have several rules for salesmen but rule #1 is shut the fuck up and listen.

    Too many salesmen feel like they need to educate the customer as soon as they come to the counter. They don’t. They need to listen. The customer will tell them what they need. They will let the salesman know whether this is their first gun or 1000th gun. From there they will be able to determine whether they should give the customer what he wants as quickly and pleasantly as possible or help him to figure out what it is he wants if he is not sure.

    In the end, the primary task of the salesperson is to take the customer’s money. They do that by being polite, helpful and by giving the customer what they ask for and not being an ass.

    I fire anyone who cannot follow this model of service.

    End of fucking story.

    Thanks for posting the vid. I’m going to make my staff watch it.

    • Wirecutter says:

      Thanks for posting the vid. I’m going to make my staff watch it.

      OUTSTANDING!!! Have them read the first ten or twenty comments on the youtube video as well because his viewers also chimed in with a couple other types of salesmen that have gotten on their nerves as well.

    • M. Sage says:


      Just saw this earlier. Must be the day to bag on shitty gun store employees. I’ve seen some bad ones over the years, but like you said, the best ones just shut the fuck up and give me what I’m asking for.

  6. Gator says:

    Funny thing about Glocks, people tend to either love them or hate them. There’s rarely an in between. I, personally, love them, but there are a lot of ‘fan boys’ out there that are ALMOST as annoying a cross fit people, and their incessant talk about why you HAVE to own one, as though they are the only reasonably priced, highly reliable handguns out there gets pretty annoying. I’ve had friends and people at work ask me what they should get for a pistol, and even though i count myself as a ‘glock guy’, I tell them to go handle a Glock 19, and a S&W M&P and Springfield XD of the same size and buy the one that fits their hand the best. All of those are good guns that will serve their owners well, all are reasonably priced. None of those guns are what would be called ‘pretty looking’ but to me the beauty lies in their functionality. Most of these people will only fire a couple hundred rounds a year, anyways. Despite being a ‘glock guy’, I try to put people into a gun that will fit them best. For the record, I don’t own a glock t shirt or hat, either.

    • Wirecutter says:

      And that’s they way it should be.
      My favorite gun store owner was Gary Boucher in Modesto. His shop had a range and when somebody came in to buy a handgun but wasn’t sure what they wanted, he had no problem with letting them fire a few rounds from his selection of rentals free of charge to help them make up their own minds. He would give them advice but he’d stress that it was advice, not hard fast rules. Gary realized that everybody is different.

      • James says:

        That is a great store and way to help get folks what they need.I also recommend if that option not available find a range that rents(and maintains well,tough at times)firearms to try stuff out.That not a option join local gun club,many will work with new folks and let them try out what they have along with find your shooting friends and get them to walk you through what they shoot.

        You may want a revolver or semi,hell,you may find you just are not comfortable with a hand gun but try many different types and get some basics down before coming to this conclusion.

  7. livin to ride says:

    i’ll stick with my old crusty trusty tokarev 9mm (chinese norinco) before i would buy a glock. it was cheap i think i gave 80 bucks for it nib fresh off the boat back in 1998 and it’s been through a lot of rough shit and keeps on working.when it gets to dirty i hosed it out with carb cleaner then hose it down with pb blaster swab the bore and chamber after the excess runs out then put it back in the crap holster in the truck toolbox.i kept it all these years because it was cheap and it wouldn’t bother me much if it broke or got lost.. it aint purty but it was more reliable than glock 17 gen4 9mm i had for a really short amount of time and don’t miss it either

  8. B tays says:

    Good post, Ken

  9. Lame-R says:

    I just moved to a colder clime and was looking forward to taking my Glock to the outdoor range come first snow. Not gonna happen, I’ll have a new carry pistol by then and it won’t be Glock: low bore axis + no beaver-tail + tiny trigger guard == completely unusable with warm gloves.

  10. hbbill says:

    Been a 1911 Govt. Model guy most of my life and didn’t care for Glocks because the double stack grip didn’t feel right in my hand, too wide. Then I got my CCW and wanted something a little lighter and less printable. Wound up with a Glock 23 in .40 s&w. The grip is not too far off of what I’m used to though shorter and seems a bit narrower than the standard Glock.

    I can shoot both equally well drawing from concealment, but the 1911 in .45 ACP is still my favorite.

    Somewhere Behind Enemy Lines
    Peoples Republik of Kommiefornistan

  11. Scurvy says:

    Well Kenny, what weapon does fit your hand?
    Ruger Mk1
    Taurus Curve
    Colt Army single action

    Inquiring minds want to know.

    My first pistol was a Browning Hi Power. With my large hands the grips did not fit me well. But I really liked the looks of it and learned to shoot it. At one point I could deliver groups of two inches at 50 yards, slow fire. I like my Glock for its utter reliability. I carry a Sig.

    • Wirecutter says:

      Having owned a shitload of handguns throughout my life, I settled on a 1911 and a K frame S&W a long time ago. The gun on my hip right now as I drink my morning coffee is a S&W Mdl 65 and it also is utterly reliable. It’s also accurate enough to the point that when I shot the test required for my CCW, I was the only one in my class to shoot a 100% and it wasn’t even a challenge.

      BTW, I had a friend that owned a Hi-Power that I really wanted to shoot just because I’d heard so much about. I wasn’t impressed with it either, I just couldn’t get it to work for me.

      • rayvet says:

        What is this “test required for my CCW” of which you speak?

        • Wirecutter says:

          It was an 8 hour class followed by a 50 question written test and a shooting test consisting of 20 rounds at 10 yards, 20 at 7 yards and 10 at 2 yards.
          Tennessee, baby.

          The class and tests were geared towards somebody that is not a shooter and was probably one the most boring days of my life. I got a 98% on the written and a 100% on the shooting tests. I was also the only dinosaur shooting a revolver (my 357) and the only guy that was shooting something bigger than a 380. You’d hear a poppoppoppopCRACKpoppoppopCRACK…

          • M. Sage says:

            The Texas range portion is based on the legal minimum LEO requirement – 50 rounds split up between 3, 7, and 15 yards. As it’s based on an LE test, I know more than a few people who’ve shot a passing score blindfolded just for kicks.

      • =TW= says:

        Well, hell. I spent some time composing a lengthy, concise and well-reasoned comment which disappeared into the ether.

        A quick recap:
        +++ on the M65, mine is a 3″ HB. I find the S&W K Frame a better fit than my 4″ 686. Also on hand are a couple of J Frames. Of these my favorite is the DAO concealed hammer 640 in .357. S&W revolvers need very little in the way of improvement, but proper grip selection might yield the best results. (Don’t get me started on grips…)

        My BHP has never malfunctioned and is very accurate. The trigger could stand some improvement, and I have no regard for the mag. disconnect.
        Backstrap shape is similar to CZ 75 and superior to most doublestack semiautos. Thin micarta grip panels such as those offered by VZ are a better choice than Hogues, Pachmayrs or Browning, especially for those without giant meat hooks.

        The 1911 remains my favorite pistol. Like VW beetles, they can be built from mild to wild, depending on the purpose. I have owned a dozen or so- currently down to the best four, an all-time low.
        If I had to pick just one, it would be the Stainless Kimber Compact. Lightly customized to suit me over the last 20 years or so, I would not hesitate to stake my life on it.
        There may not be a perfect all-around handgun. For me, this one comes close.

        If you are considering a firearm purchase, do your homework. If possible, try before you buy.

  12. Murph says:

    I also have a glock in .40 cal. Fits nice, also has a laser on it that I like. Holds 16 rounds. I might be able to hit something with my 1st shot, but if I’m in a hurry, I don’t have any idea where the next 3 or 4 are going. I think it’s too light to control, and I’ve worked at it.
    I also have S + W e series in .45 cal. I can put 8 shots in a 5 inch circle, in a hurry…..and, it has a safety.

  13. MacArch says:

    The video does a decent job of describing the types you can meet at a gun shop. What he missed is occasionlly you run into someone who knows their guns and is really interested in helping you find what you want. Maybe they realize most people by more than one gun, and if you like them, you are likely to buy the next gun from them also.

    My wife was taking lessons at the local gun range – with its own gun shop. She not only got a good instructor but one who encouraged her class to try different guns provided by the range. Though I own two Glocks (sorry) I encouraged my wife to find a gun that worked for her. She really like the SIG the instructor had, but when my wife shot it, she had the bad habit of accidentally hitting the mag release. Could be because she shoots left handed. Long story short, she ended up with mid frame Glock 9mm because of the half dozen guns she shot, it worked for her AND she knew I could help her with it. Not a purist though. I have a River 22 Mk2 and Vaquaro. As a student of WWII I will have to get a 1911.

    I grew up (and I and stuck) in California. Both parents immigrated from Europe as adults. Had no gun culture in my background or relatives to train me. All the credit for me buying a gun belongs to Sen. Diane Feinstein. (D) Calif. For quite a few years there, if she was tying to ban it, I went out and bought it. That was how I bought my first gun, the Glock 17.

  14. warhorse says:

    I went into a local gun store with a bolt-action 12GA I could put a scope on in mind. I wanted a Savage. I didn’t know much about it but I liked the way it looked.

    well the guy behind the counter tells me “well, I can order that for you, but I have 3 brand new ones in the back that I have to return because they didn’t work out of the box. how about this..I get in a mossberg along the same lines, and if you like it, you buy it. if not I’ll get you that other gun”

    kicker was the mossberg turned out to be $200 cheaper. so the guy was talking me out of putting $200 in his pocket..just to make sure he had a happy customer. that’s how a gun shop will make more money in the long run. I’ve been a repeat customer there a few times now. sure, maybe I paid a little more than some other places..but I knew the guy behind the counter would be honest with me, and that’s worth it.

  15. Advice says:


    I prefer when my customers and I have one on one time…(ie)-when it’s quiet in the store.
    Don’t visit when the parking lot is busy. HINT!

    Please, let’s talk, what YOU (feel/think) you or yours may require, for the task at hand.

    And FUCK!!! Politics,ATF,Democrats,Socialist’s,Communist’s,Gun Control,Stopping Power,45 vs 9, Obama,FEMA death Camps and all the other Gun Shop Tin Foil BS conversation.
    Cause Honestly,I DON’T GIVE A FLYING FUCK.
    Goto the Forums to talk shit, I don’t have time AND I DON’T CARE!

    DO NOT, ask me HOW to convert weapons to Full Auto, DO NOT Hint at it, DO NOT tell me you are going to Defend Your home with a Full Auto Weapon, Let it Fucking go!

    DO NOT ask how Suppressors work or how to build them. The Internet is Full of this Shit.

    I have sent more than one customer packing. Your Dollars aren’t worth those conversations.

    And the Camera’s in the store, some have Mic’s in them!
    Think about that. No Really,THINK about that!

    And when ATF is doing a Inspection, YOU will never know they are there, but BE ADVISED, they are Listening.
    A (Retarded) Customer of ours found that out, the hard way, Talking SHIT! Fuck him, he earned what he got.

    All that said, It’s GREAT to have a Rational, Intelligent, Adult Conversation about what you feel you or yours may require and why.

    Firearms Salesman,Certified Armorer and Gunsmith (Student)

    • wes says:

      So…, out of curiosity, what is the best way to build a suppressor?

      Well, someone had to ask.


      ps just yanking your chain.

      • M. Sage says:

        Cheapest, easiest, quickest? According to the internet, a .22 rifle, a water bottle, and some tape.

  16. Brad says:

    I’m 100% with you relative to Glock’s. And I’ve actually owned two of them. I sold both of them without ever shooting either one of them. They just don’t feel anywhere close to being right.

    I would rather take my chances with a squirt gun, it has the exact same feel as every Glock I’ve ever picked up, but at least you can get a drink from it if need be.

  17. KM says:

    That video has some very valid perceptions about gun store employees.
    Hmmm, WC hates Glocks, WOULDN’T own one….sounds like the “Old Fart” in the video who loooves his 1911. (and I’m older than you!)
    Well I love my 1911s too to but I carry a Glock. I used to carry a S&W revo, then a 1911, then 2 different Sigs, then I tried a Glock. It’s just too damn easy to work on – like change every part in it in 5 minutes without even thinking about a gunsmith easy.

    The frame angle is different – BFD. You can change that. (Something you can’t do with a 1911 but fact is, you don’t need to either) The grip angle on my MkII Ruger is different but I manage to shoot it well. You either align the sights and hit, or you miss…same with any other handgun.
    The Glock carries 2x the BBs of my 1911s and I don’t have to worry about rain, snow or neglect rusting my EDC gun like I do my Colt. The 1911s have been and continue to be great guns that I shoot tiny groups with in competition.
    I still carry a Glock every day because they just fucking work.

    • Wirecutter says:

      Well, it works for you so it’s good for you.
      Grip angle is NOT about aligning the sights and hitting what you aim at – it’s about pointing the gun at something and finding that your sights are lined up and on target. I can do that with a 1911 and some revolvers but not with the very few Glocks I’ve handled.

      • pigpen51 says:

        That is what I discovered with my 1911, which I am starting to carry tomorrow. I can pick it up and point it, and it points just where I expect it to. My Taurus Millenium G2 is the same way. I have shot a Glock 19, and I just could not get the same feel. I would like to find a good .357 mag. revolver with a 4 inch barrel someday, that points like that. I will have to start a savings fund sometime, for that one. By the way, obviously a well received post. Good job.

        • Wirecutter says:

          Try a S&W Mdl 19, 65 or 66. I love my 65, I really do.

          • MauserMedic says:

            Picked up a Model 19 nearly twenty years ago on a whim because it had a flat black finish that reminded me of Parkerizing. Great shooter, qith many a home-cast 158 grain semi-wadcutter through it. It’s still on my nightstand today and one of my favorite handguns.

  18. Wraith says:

    I’m one of those practical dudes. AK over AR any day. Function over form. Folks can wax poetic about their 1911s until doomsday, and I don’t give a fart in a hurricane. I don’t care how you’ve chromed/engraved/tac’d it out. I don’t care about the rich and noble history. I care about three things: Can I afford it, does it run readily available ammo, and does it work reliably?

    I got a damn good deal on a Glock 21. I wasn’t real keen on adding another caliber to our .22/9mm/12ga/.308 household, but I couldn’t pass it up for the price. I’ve found that I’d rather shoot this thing than my Kel-Tec or my wife’s Ruger P89. It fits my hand, has less kick, and does the job without complaint. I used to dis’ .45s, but this gun made me a believer. Honestly, I’m kinda shocked.

    I’m with you, dude–don’t go with hype, go with what works. In my case, I’ve found that my particular Glock works for me. YMMV.

  19. One of the many Bills says:

    Don’t like Glocks. Don’t own a Glock. Will never own a Glock. Sig or Kimber for me.

  20. CorditeChris says:

    I think the Glocks are great. I also think 1911’s are great. I used to think Glocks sucked, until I shot a Glock 34, that is a very accurate handgun. I have H&K pistols, SIg pistols, many high end variants of the 1911. But I carry a Glock 26 or a Glock 42, that’s what I like.

  21. Okie says:

    The safety is between your ears !
    Fucking Grocks….. I put ‘m on target wit my Moses !

  22. Okie says:

    Colin is a purty smart dude tho….

  23. SheepDog says:

    1911. Period.

  24. mrgarabaldi says:

    Hey Kenny;

    Glocks are appliances of the gun world, kinda like Kenmore of the fridgerator world. They work and they work well, but they don’t stir the soul.

  25. David Smith says:

    1911-A1 is a 7 shooter the number of assailants in the average gang car rage home invasion aluakabar dust up?? Revolvers there is only one Jerry Mick. 1935 St John Browning design? Sig mushy sproing double action trigger… Well pilgrim there is only one handgun that’s for you. The one that feels like the handshake of an old friend. When will we just tell the average wage slave retail clerk in the gun shop “thank you I know what I want”

  26. Mike says:

    Nearly all the people behind the counter assume everybody on the other side is a newbie. Maybe thats good for safety reasons but it will run off a person that does have lots of experience. Real experience, not internet google-fu experience.
    Piss on Glocks. I started with 1911’s in the late 70’s and that grip angle makes it feel like a bad plastic toy in my hands. I do own some tuperware pistols but no Glocks.

  27. M.Silvius says:

    Don’t care for the Glock, but the book by Paul Barrett “Glock: The Rise of America’s Gun” is a great read on how it all came to be.

  28. Most Anything But Glock says:

    I never liked Glocks, for more than a few reasons. Kind of like cabbage patch dolls, pushed by great marketers that created a mania that will soon pass

  29. singlestack says:

    He pretty much nailed it. I’ve run into all those types in gun stores, and even some at gun shows.
    I’m a 1911 and revolver guy myself, though I don’t disparage the others. I even have a couple of pieces of combat tupperware. Because diversity.
    I’m with you on Glocks. Besides the grip angle being all wrong, they have terrible triggers. I’ve shot a bunch of them, including ones with “enhanced” triggers. You know, the parts that turn the shitty out-of-the-box trigger into a good trigger. Um, no. They turn a shitty trigger into a slightly less shitty trigger. I always wondered about that and then I saw an animation of how Glock triggers work. Now I understand why Glock triggers are always shit. It’s inherent in the design.
    Another reason I hate Glocks is that Gaston Glock was a piece of shit. He was an anti-gunner who believed that gun ownership should be forbidden to everyone but police and military. He also shit on his business partners and his family.

  30. Winston Smith says:

    Glocks are Wonderful! Glock is the only pistol youll ever need! Why cant everyone see that? All 1911 fanboys are about to die and the market collapse because they are all so old. Glocks dont need a safety as they already have 4; 3 from Gaston and the one inside your skull. Commonality of mags across several sized models of Glock. Why buy a pretty pistol; think your assaulter will be impressed? Straight out of the box i can shoot a Glock in the X all touching at 50 yards in ANY Glock caliber. You can too if youd just realize that Glock is the greatest pistol ever conceived. Go buy several Glocks NOW.

    sorry, couldn’t resist. seemed like the thing to do what with the spirit of your blog and all.

  31. Chris Mallory says:

    I had this conversation just yesterday. Was in the Rural King buying a Tac 14 (because when else am I gonna be able to buy a legal short barreled shotgun without a tax stamp and a year wait) and a kid was in there asking about Glocks. He was also looking at a Micro 9, my summer carry piece. We had a good conversation about the Kimber, then he asked me about Glocks. I was honest. I have owned striker fired pistols and ended up selling every one of them. I don’t like plastic pistols that don’t have a hammer. Single action is the only way to go. I can punch the center out of a target with my 1911’s. Using a striker fired, well the target looks like I hit it with a shot gun from long range.

    It was a friendly conversation. We both agreed we shoot what we are comfortable with. He walked out with a single stack Glock and I brought home my 26″ long “firearm”.

    God Bless John Moses Browning. Fuck the cops, antifa, and Obama where ever he is.

    • brazos says:

      I have a Kahr K-40 all stainless,striker fired pistol and out of all the handguns I own (many) it is my favorite.The ergonomics are perfect. If you can’r shoot a tight group fast with that little jewel, it is on you. Great pistol.

    • Larry says:

      Try a Walther PPQ. It’s a striker, but It’s a fully cocked SAO with a very crisp, precise trigger.

  32. Allen says:

    Sig 220. It’s a “modern” 1911.

    • slick says:

      Ditto. Before the under-rail, tho.

      • Heathen says:

        Got one P220 Carry,but railed. EDC a P320 (and no I ain’t gonna drop it!).

        Gen 2 Sig P250sc was latest buy because of price & similarity to the P320. Same frame barrels & mags difference is the DAO trigger pull that reminds me of the j-frame 640 I had that was stolen. (no ,really. it’s like a 12-15 round revolver depending on magazine.)

        A Springfield XDs9 for back -up carry. And a 1911 that hasn’t been shot since I got my Sigs.

        In my life I’ve held 3 Glocks & fired one. Nope just not my thing.

  33. Paul says:

    Been carrying a 1911 Commander since 1962.
    Too old to change now.
    I have several friends that carry glocks.
    I guess they are good guns but I am used to the handling and feel of my Comander.
    Paul in Texas

  34. NewVegasBadger says:

    We all have our weapons of choice. A good salesman will fit the weapon(s) to fit the needs of the customer. ANY firearm is better than none at all. ANY caliber is better than none at all. A POS thug will be just as dead if made so, by a Hi Point .45 or a High end Uber tactical thousand dollar band name custom .45 endorsed celebrity guy. I have yet to see some expert be willing to be shot by the caliber or weapon he/she/it has talked trash of. I don’t or would not recommend using a .22lr for self defense, but at the same time, I sure as I am writing this would NOT be willing to let some one shoot me with a .22lr round. Does it really matter if the bullet launcher has the name of sig. or S
    &W, Colt or Ruger on it? There are no solutions only trade offs. What matter to me is; will it go “bang!” when I squeeze the trigger, when I need it to do so? After that, it is how many times do I need to do so, to make the bad guy stop is a matter of the situation. In an ideal situation, just showing I have a weapon in my hand will be enough to end the matter. Ideally. YMMV.

  35. Winston Smith says:

    Seriously, carry the most powerful caliber/pistol you can shoot accurately under stress. If that’s a 22, then so be it.
    Confidence Matters, mental state is a factor when shit goes haywire.

  36. eclectickelvin says:

    Like anything else it is a matter of choice. I was told to buy a full sized 4×4 when we owned a cabin up Colo because of the heavy snow up in the high country, i bought a Toyota Tacoma because it walked over snowdrifts that full sized trucks high centered on. I was told not to move to Alabama because of the fat inbreeds who populated the state, but we did for tax purposes and the simpler way of life. and we love it with a passion. ( not inbreed by the way ) I bought my Glock 22 out in California when we lived there and have never had a second thought about dumping it. Own a Taurus PT111 for conceal carry because it works for me. I don’t believe myself gullible and i do a lot of research on everything i buy and do the best with what money i do have. I don’t buy anything on borrowed money and haven’t since my teens. Minus the house, but we payed that off.

  37. JeremyR says:

    Dang, talk about waving a red flag at a bull.
    The gun stores around here know me too well. I walk in and they have something interesting to show me. Usually something old and unique, or new and game changing.
    I’m with you Kenny, I like my 1911 way too much.

  38. Kid says:

    I like my Springfield Armory XDM. Safety is a slide on the back of the grip and a little lever on the trigger. You engage both safety’s just by holding it. As someone mentioned the only other safety you need is your head.

  39. singlestack says:


    Here’s a video you might enjoy by a friend of mine. He has some hilarious videos on YouTube under the name absuperman.

    • =TW= says:

      Thanks for the link, singlestack. Reminded me of MattBest.
      It’s funny because it’s true!
      Also watched his rant on 1911’s- it’s worth a look too.

      I’m not fond of the trigger safety. But for me, the deal-killer is the grip shape. BHP, CZ75 and XD’s, and even the now-classic S&W semiautos all have double stack mags, and each is more comfortable IMO.
      I once read a quote by Gaston Sr. regarding the grip of his pistol. He said people would just have to get used to it. An entire cottage industry has sprung up offering modifications.
      There have been several incremental redesigns of the grip since Glocks first hit the market. (Rumor mill says Gen 5 is coming soon.) The fundamental flaw remains…

      I was pulling for the Ruger over the Beretta during the military trials of the 80’s. The M92 is a hog.
      Not too sure about the SIG either.

  40. Kevin says:

    I have shot a few Glock’s, don’t care for them. 1911’s and CZ 75’s for me. I carry a Sig C3 or a CZ 75 compact.

  41. matt says:

    Same bullshit about S&W revolvers. Go to the gun store and some guy wants to tell me all about Jerry Fuckin Miculek. Im not him. Never gonna be. That guys a freak. He could drown you with a squirt gun.
    I owned a 19 and a 27. Like new with boxes. Had them for 30 years. Sold them both. Got a shit load of money. Own quite a few revolvers. Couple of Smiths, newer ones, most are Rugers. I’ll stick with Rugers. Built like fucking tanks. You can pound nails with them.

  42. Crustyrusty says:


    • pigpen51 says:

      My son has several handguns, but he has a CZ 2075 RAMI that is a pretty nice gun. I would have no problem switching to that as my carry gun, if I weren’t switching to a 1911.

    • Very nice pistol. I’ve wanted one for years, but down here in Arizona they are damn near unobtainium.

      I really want the “glossy blue with walnut checkered grips.”

  43. Joe says:

    These arguments are unending.
    Whatever weapon you settle upon, learn how to run it and how to use it effectively.
    Small caliber hits will always beat large caliber misses.

  44. Tom W says:

    I celebrate diversity. I have at least one of almost every major manufacturer out there. Semi-Auto’s, revolvers, antiques, family heirloom, etc.

    I enjoy my 1916 DWM Luger as much as my Ruger Blackhawk. Etc,… Too numerous to list all the things I enjoy about every one of them.

    Point being. Yup I own ONE Glock. Model 21, in .45 ACP. Why? Why not. It’s big, ugly, pistol whipping approved and dishwasher safe. Is it my favorite? No. They all are.

    Colin is a very practical and intelligent guy. Thanks Wirecutter.

  45. SAM says:

    Off topic I hope no one minds.
    From Matt Bracken via Twitter
    My first Dan Kilmer novel Castigo Cay will be on a Kindle “free run” on Sunday October 1st through Monday the…
    Link: http://a.co/5ChQt4O

  46. veeshir says:

    My favorite gun store, VA Arms in Manassas VA, used to have a Know It All who didn’t. He told me once you couldn’t get Winchester parts because they were out of business. He was adamant when I told him that wasn’t true.
    When I went in a few days later he denied he’d said that.
    I mostly avoid the idjits, I will walk away and look until he’s busy with someone else or just leave the store.

    Me? I don’t own a Glock, mostly because of the fanboyism, but I really like my SigPro 2340. That’s the sweetest shooting pistol I’ve ever fired. YMMV.

  47. Scott says:

    Bought one of the first Glock model 17″s in 1985. Less than 500 rounds
    later back it went to the factory for a full refund.
    Problem, cracked frame.
    First and last toy gun I ever owned.
    If it isn’t made out of steel, get rid of it.
    For 24 years I trusted my life to nothing less than 1911’s and M14’s.
    Nope, even refused to use the M16 (Aluminum wunder weapon).
    Rule of thumb, If they haven’t ever had to depend on a firearm
    on a daily basis for the safety and well being, then the don’t know shit.

    • Larry says:

      I could care less about pulling the trigger before field-stripping simply because I was taught to ALWAYS remove the magazine and cycle the action before disassembling any semi-auto just to be 100% certain there’s not a round chambered. So my Walther PPQ requires the striker to be released first — big deal. If you’re doing it correctly, you’ve made certain It’s safe. If you’re doing it wrong, you get what you deserve. Same with safeties — they really aren’t. Keeping your finger off the trigger until you’re actually making a shot is the only real safety.

      The Walther fits my hand like it was made for it, and points naturally. Glocks feel unnaturally blocky in my hand, point wrong, and they made the mistake of making the plastic sight-mount protectors kinda/sorta resemble actual sights, thus fooling the ignorant.

  48. Steve says:

    Don’t care for Glocks, they don’t fit my hand. My EDC is a S&W J frame or my Shield.

  49. Walter Zoomie says:

    Colon Noir wears eye shadow. I trust no man who wears eye make up. He talks too much (whilst saying nothing and mis-using words) also. I can’t take him seriously. Colon Noir is boring as fuck. Do anything….just don’t bore me. Fuck Colon Noir.

  50. Walter Zoomie says:

    I own glock, 1911, cz75, s&w revolvers. Love them all.

    So there.

  51. DTG says:

    I have a couple of those ugly fucking Glocks. I habe them because I don’t give a flying fuck if they get damaged. They’re expendable. My Kimber Pro Carry? That’s a beautiful weapon, and I care for it accordingly.

    I keep the Glocks clean and functional, but if something were to heighten to them? I won’t liar sleep over it.

    Grips are grips to me. Pick up the pistol, pout the front sight in the target and go to work….. but, that’s me. YMMV.

  52. Glenn B says:

    The video was okay but really not that great. He did make some good points though. Too bad he left out the good guys who work in guns stores, the ones who attend to their customers and who don’t shove advice down their throats or give it at all without being asked for it. A Field Guide To Whatever should show all of the whatevers. I have a local gun store owner near me who is one of the best I have ever encountered. Tell him what you want and he orders it for you if he can. Willing to do FFL transfers if you buy a gun online from another dealer. Gives advice when asked. Pleasant to talk to and seemingly quite knowledgeable. Excellent along those lines but certainly a rarity around here. Most I have encountered near me fit the douchebag category.

    As for the Glock thing, the 1911 thing, the revolver thing, the this pistol against that pistol thing – man a bunch of you guys are just too damned particular or too finicky about how you think a pistol fits your hand and how they point in part because of their grip angles and widths. Right now, I own around a dozen pistols. They include two 1911s, two Beretta 92FS pistols, one Beretta 92SB, Beretta 70S, an Ortgies in 32 Auto, a Ruger Redhawk, A S&W Model 17-8, A Glock 26 (short but wide double stack grip), a Taurus in 40S&W (never fired and maybe never will – long story) and a Ruger MKII Target. I have owned and carried others like snub nose revolvers with those teeny tiny friggin worthless grips to monsters like my Redhawk and fattened cow like grips like those on my Berettas 92series guns. I have no problem with any of them due to their grip angle or size. That is because I got used to them and proficient with them all except that fucking Taurus. (I will never buy a Taurus after they replaced my Taurus 45 due to a recall with that damned 40S&W and were absolutely arrogantly smug about it.) If I can get used to all those different grip angles and sizes and become proficient with all of those pistols & revolvers and point and shoot them darned well, so too can you.

    I carry the Glock now most of the time but just as easily could carry the Beretta 92FS pistols or the Ortgies or one of the 1911s and know I would be adequate with any of them. I mostly carry the Glock though because of size and because I had been carrying one for years at work up through retirement. I also do not change off, except for rare exception, carrying one pistol one day then another one another day. I think you need to be certain of what is on your hip and just go to auto-pilot when the SHTF and you certainly do not need to be confused by maybe forgetting to take the 1911 off safe when you had been wearing a Glock 19 for the past three weeks that did not require that move, or pushing a Beretta’s decocker in the wrong direction because you had been carrying a 1911 for months but suddenly decided to change which you were carrying. Switching like that could lead to problems along those lines when the pucker factor takes over during a self-defense situation.

    • John Deaux says:

      We are in agreement, I have several different types to choose from also but primarily carried a D/A revolver. Many years ago I switched to a semi auto and in an educated, trial and error way decided on the Glock, it was and still is the closest thing to be D/A revolver I could find. The draw, sight picture, fire sequence is the same, no needless extra safeties to fumble with,. Is the trigger perfect, no it’s not but I’ve handled plenty of revolvers and several 1911 types that left a lot to be desired if not downright shitty.
      In my opinion, the plastic gun, striker fired, lack of splashy stocks arguments are just bullshit, it is a proven, reliable , even severly tested design. One that not many out there can attest to, including the historical Colt 1911 Goverment model. There have been plenty of handguns manufacturerd thru history, some great others pieces of shit. The Glock is among the greatest and no amount of pissing and moaning with change that.
      With that said, shoot and carry what ever you want, nobody is responsible for you but yourself

  53. emdfl says:

    I’ll stick with my Smith M-39’s thank you very much. Single stack, DA/SA, grip angle based off the 1911 and they all just feel right in my hand. My problem with Glock’s was that I tried one the early gen-1 guns and I swear I could see the frame flexing as I shot it.
    But hell, I have a soft spot Astra’s and the Star’s so what do I know, heh, heh, heh.

    • =TW= says:

      I recently got a 3913, an evolution of the Smith 39. Alum. frame w/ stainless slide, 8 + 1 singlestack DA/SA. It’s solid, dependable and accurate. It operates the same as my Interarms PPK/s, and it’s not significantly larger. S&W factory sights are real 3-dot Novaks.
      I have a new-found appreciation for these 3rd Generation Smith semiautos.

  54. Steady Steve says:

    I have owned and carried a number of different sidearms over the years. Revolvers and semi-autos in single and double action, high end and affordable, and all worked well for me with regular practice. A few years back my wife swiped my H&K USP .40 for her carry gun. I liked that gun. At least she replaced it, giving me an H&K VP9 for Valentines day. She’s made good use of that gun. I’ve trained her to make head shots, at 30 feet, on demand. I carry my VP9 daily but if I had to go to war, I would take my Nighthawk Raptor 1911. You just can’t beat that .45 punch.

  55. JTwig says:

    A personality he missed, though it might be a sub category of the gun snob, is the ex military/LEO. Now this does not apply to all of them, but there are a lot of them out there. They tend to ignore or talk down to everyone else.

  56. I’m a revolver man. 25 year old Charter Arms .44 Special. Fits my hand. Through many, many boxes of cartridges it has never failed to go “bang”, not once. Own, and occasionally shoot, other hand guns, but the Bulldog is what I carry. My other handguns are Browning designs, mainly 1911 clones.

  57. Cabron says:

    I have a glock 17 and I have to admit it has the styling of a k car. I can hit with it so I keep it. I like my hk much better.

  58. Paraclete says:

    “If we were all giraffes…the world would be a boring place.”
    Personally, I don’t care for G-G-Glocks…never have,
    never will. For ergonomics the CZ 85-B is absolutely
    wonderful…cannot be beat !
    Sadly, too heavy for a concealed all day carry…
    As is the Citadel .45 3″ which I also dearly love…unless
    one uses a Galco shoulder holster, then a fore mentioned
    travel well.
    I prefer the 1911 style format w/ thumb safety…this keeps
    the muscle memory in tact regardless which handgun one
    chooses. The Springfield 2001 loaded edition is also a very
    nice choice. At the moment, for EDC, I’ve gone to the S&W
    9 mm Shield…with a Dragon Leather custom OTW paddle
    holster, very comfortable. Still waiting for the belt to arrive.

  59. K2 says:

    My best friend owns a gun shop, so needless to say, I get great deals on most everything. In August took advantage of Marlin’s(Remlin), $100 mail in rebate offer. I bought a Marlin model 1895 gov’t in 45-70, and it cost me $498 before the mail in rebate. Sorry back to the topic at hand. I always rag on Glocks, friends don’t let friends buy Glocks, if I wanted a cheap gun, I would buy a Hi-point, etc., etc., etc. Now most of this is joking with my friends even though I will never own a glock. The biggest issue I have with them is the fact that I am left handed. Now granted the gen5 are going to be ambidexterous, but its a little too late. I carry a full size HK VP40… being able to change out the backstraps and the sidestraps makes the VP fit like a glove in my hand. As said many times in these comments, use what you are comfortable with. A good hit with a .22lr or .380 is better than a miss with a .40 or .45.

  60. Odysseus says:

    Started with a glock 22 in 2008- first pistol I ever owned, on advice of a LEO friend.

    For the last nine years, it’s all I’ve shot. This last year, I got interested in long distance pistol. Last month, I managed a 100yd hit on a metal target.

    Does it have style, grace, or esthetic appeal? No.
    Is the .40 S&W a shitty caliber? Undoubtedly.
    Does the grip suck? Of course.

    Does it absolutely go bang when I need it to? Yes.

    • Wirecutter says:

      I’ve never owned a 40 S&W but to be honest I’ve never heard anything about it being a shitty caliber.
      Hey, my whole thing about Glocks is they are not the right pistol for me. If they work for you, then by all means shoot it and shoot the hell out of it.
      I just don’t like being pushed into something that I don’t like by a gun salesman. Here’s another example: Don’t try to sell me a Colt DA revolver. Why? I don’t like the way you have to pull back the cylinder release. I prefer to push it like you find on a S&W. That’s the only reason but it’s reason enough for me.

  61. M. Sage says:

    I’m a bit of a gun snob… but I’m an educated gun snob. I have no problem with the example gun he used – the SR9 is a good blaster. Hell, if you can only afford a Hi Point, go for it!
    The Old Farts annoy me. The M14 was (is) a heap of shit, the 1911 is all the firepower of a pocket pistol in a 3lb package (but pretty!), and on the .308 question, the caliber is way overpowered for anything smaller than bear. They usually think 5.56 is not near enough for deer, then tell stories about tracking the deer they shoot, where every single 5.56 I’ve used on deer has anchored it… because I don’t rely on caliber to stop the animal. Some of ’em are in love with the Mini 14, because it looks kind of like their Perfect Rifle, but it’s a bigger heap of shit. I’ve never seen anything less reliable than the Mini 14.

    • M. Sage says:

      Continued because “Post Comment” disappears:
      As far as the Glock, I have to agree about the grip angle. It’s not for me. I also really dislike having to pull the trigger to disassemble. My circle of friends has a name for self inflicted gunshot wounds to the hand – Glock Hand. 90% of the articles you read where some cop puts a round through his hand, he was taking the pistol apart to clean it. Yeah, yeah, you should always clear it first. Problem is, American cops have almost no training, despite being constantly told that they’re “experts” with handguns. Cops and drunks are the two scariest groups of people to share a range with, and at least I can usually reason with the drunks, ’cause they fucking know they’re drunk! No more dangerous person with a firearm than the one who drastically overestimates his skill level.

    • Wirecutter says:

      Huh, I’ve got a Mini-14 and am perfectly happy with it at ranges under 200 yards. I’ve never had the opportunity to fire it at anything more than 200 yards. Never had a failure to feed or eject or a misfire and it hits what I’m aiming at.

    • John Deaux says:

      I have a Hi Power, I use it for an in the boat gun. It is a big ugly cheap pistol but it does what I ask of it so no complaints from me.

      • Larry says:

        Hi Point or Hi Power? They’re as different as night and day.

        • John Deaux says:

          I srand corrected
          Hi Point in 40 caliber pistol for the boat as well as the carbine as my truck gun
          Ugly , heavy and cheap but mine has always went bang when I pulled the trigger

  62. Don’t like Glocks. Don’t own a Glock. Will never own a Glock. I’m with you on the Colt DA as well. I have a Blackhawk 45LC/45ACP; a Vaquero 44 mag/44-40 a S&W 19-4; P90;P89;amt 40 s&w Backup; MKI’s MKII’s Like them all. No 1911. Lots of comments on this post!! Is it a record number for you WC?

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