And I thought I was lazy…..


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  1. Pigg says:


  2. Glider Rider says:

    Annnnnnd that kid will be the first to get beamed in the face.

  3. Tom W. says:

    Give the hardest labor intensive task to a lazy man, and he will find the easiest way to do it.


    • crazyeighter says:

      That’s the first thing I learned from my First Class PO Shop Supervisor.

    • Bad Bob (not the origianl) says:

      If you want to learn the easiest way to do something watch the laziest person…

  4. nonncom says:

    Absolutely brilliant….Why didn’t I think of that….hell, I had 5 sons…

  5. sk6actual says:

    Sometime 1957-58ish (the year Roger Maris hit his record 60? home runs) I did yard work and cleanup for an elderly Swiss German, Mr. Heimer, engineer and inventor. Best know for his invention of Norelco rotary shaver blade system he and his 3 sons developed a standalone retrieval system not unlike the video above and used an extremely long rubber band and a modified tennis ball.

    • sk6actual says:

      I was sweeping his expansive driveway listening to my (hot dayum) transistor radio when I heard the ball game of Maris and #60 home run.

    • nonncom says:

      It was 1961, the year of expansion….pitchers were hard to come by that year, due to dilution from expansion….Mantle and Maris…neck and neck until Mick got hurt….Maris hit 61, but the order went down that he had to do it in 154 games to beat, or tie, Ruth….the night of number 154 against the Orioles. there was almost a hurricane blowing in from right field, and the oriole pitchers were up against a $5,000.00 fine if anybody gave Maris a fastball for a strike….needless to say, the powers that be were able to keep Ruth’s name in the record books for a while longer….Mantle liked to say, “I’ll bet I got more pussy then he did”…in the end, it took juiced up on steroids ball players to beat Ruth and Maris….I was 11 years old, and baseball was life… I thought the world would never change…

      • sk6actual says:

        Well, certainly a few years after my original thoughts – the “seems like yesterdays” somehow turn into “when the hell was that?” after near 60 years. Thanks for the clarification.

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