And the scum rises to the top of the water

As Hurricane Irma lashed Florida with heavy winds and rain, TV stations captured groups of people breaking into stores.

Footage from WPLG Local 10 in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, shows multiple people breaking through the front window Simon’s Sportswear, entering the store and walking out with various items.


Who the fuck loots a shoe store during a hurri….. never mind.

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25 Responses to And the scum rises to the top of the water

  1. crazyeighter says:

    I thought the rules were “No looting until AFTER the storm.”

  2. Okie says:

    Dem Jordans Foo !

  3. Gordon says:

    Playas gots to have some fly kicks, yo.
    FEMA will feed them.

  4. Fred says:

    Shooting on sight seems appropriate.

  5. Mike says:

    The chicken shack was already looted.

  6. MrHappy says:

    I’ll bet no work boots were stolen.

  7. figures!luis says:

    Ha! how many here already did the “guess the race” thing, raise your hand.

  8. California Southpaw says:

    Haha, they said “people”.

  9. Gator says:

    What a bunch of fucktards. While its certainly funny to laugh at these morons, just remember, there ae millions of them. And if this is what they do the instant they think they can get away with it, just imagine what will happen when the super market shelves have been empty for a few days, or the powers been out, and little Shitavious and Felonia are at home hungry.

  10. J says:

    Guess what color they were, right?

  11. H says:

    The recon ‘n ripoff platoon of the Reparations Division of the Free Shit Army in action.

  12. Larry says:

    Niggaz gon’ nig!

  13. C.R. says:

    Holidays are in a few months. Just getting an early start.

  14. bob says:

    once again, negroes do what they do best. It would it nice if the “news” media just once reported a factual report about looters.

    • Mike_C says:

      Don’t worry, bob.If it turns out that the proportion of people shot for looting, who happen to be black, exceeds the proportion of people in the general population who are black, there will be a media shitstorm about “Blacks targeted for murder by racist redneck deplorable Texans.”

      Never mind that some of the law-abiding protecting their families and property by kinetic means will also happen to be black.

      Facts WILL be reported, IF they happen to support the correct narrative. I mean, Dylann Roof got plenty of coverage for being a stupid, murderous, racist piece of shit. But we almost never hear about racially-motivated crimes against whites that were committed by POCs — and if by some miracle there is a report, the story dies quicker than a package of Oreos in Michael Moore’s grubby little mitts.

  15. NewVegasBadger says:

    bob: you are forgetting that reporting the news, implies telling the truth, and being accurate with the facts and events. Those outdated concepts are now deemed to be politically incorrect and as such are now “racist”.

  16. Another Steve says:

    ‘Bout the only time I use the N word is when I see shit like this. It’s like Christmas for the bastards.

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