And this is a surprise?

Hurricane Harvey took aim at one of the nation’s most industrial regions, releasing a stream of toxic pollutants from chemical plants, refineries and Superfund sites in Texas. But when its bigger sister Irma slammed into Florida, environmental alarms rang over a different kind of discharge: raw sewage.

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8 Responses to And this is a surprise?

  1. wildriver says:

    It’s a shitty deal man….

  2. ohwll! luis says:

    Like with Katrina when all the trash ended up at Houston and crime went up.

  3. bogsidebunny says:

    The earth will heal.

  4. Sanders says:

    I just tried to rent a bulldozer and water truck for a job next week. “We’re sorry, but all our heavy earth-moving equipment has been transferred to Houston and Florida”.

    Damn the after-effects.

  5. Sedition says:

    I coulda told you that. The Florida government has been full of shit for decades.

  6. Heathen says:

    And the no one notices the air smells the same.

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