Antifa’s civil war

Over the past few days I’ve gotten several emails concerning and have seen on a few sites news about an upcoming civil war that antifa is going to start on 4 November. Their supposed plan is to start shooting cops and other first responders and then move on to plain old regular citizens like you and me that don’t bow down to them – nazis in their vernacular.
I haven’t posted anything about it because it all refers to an “official antifa site” that I can’t seem to find. Admittedly, I haven’t looked very hard because that would entail wading through tons of garbage and to be honest with you, that’s not a way I prefer to spend my spare time.

It’s also not something I’m very concerned about. Why?
For several reasons that they don’t seem to get and the #1 reason is regardless of the press that they get, they are a very small minority in this country. They get the press and attention because they start trouble and that’s news. If you’re going by what the mainstream media has to say, about half the country are antifa members, but that’s just not the case. Ask yourself this: How many antifa members do you personally know? If you were to believe the MSM, that number should be about half your acquaintances.
True, we all know liberals and we all have liberals in our extended if not immediate families. But just because they are liberals does not mean they are antifa. Far from it, if you want to know the truth. Matter of fact, if you’ll go back a few weeks and check out various MSM articles, you’ll see that even the MSM is starting to realize that antifa are nothing but a bunch of spoiled little troublemakers. Now, when you consider that the MSM is the spokesperson for liberal politics, what’s that tell you?

Moving right along, these reports about the upcoming festivities all say that antifa are arming and training themselves. Big deal – the Right has been arming themselves since 2008 when Obama was elected. In fact, that’s been going on sporadically for at least 35 years that I know of – every time it looks like the Left is going to take control, gun and ammo sales have boomed. Remember the Great Ammo Shortages of 2008 and 2012? Those weren’t because gun and ammo manufacturers quit making their products, it was because that stuff was flying off the shelves faster than it could be restocked. It was selling out.
I don’t know the numbers, not even a ballpark figure, but I don’t think I’m exaggerating when I say that over the past 9 years alone, millions of AR-15s have been sold in the US. That’s completed rifles, not the firearms that enthusiasts like you and me have built using 80% lowers and parts kits. Out of those millions of rifles sold, I’ll take a Scientific Wild Ass Guess and say that 99.9% of them were sold to Right Wing gun owners.
Ammo: I don’t know a single AR owner that only has one box of ammo. Not one. Everybody I know that owns an AR is sitting on hundreds if not thousands of rounds of ammo. I don’t know a single AR owner that has only one magazine for his rifle. Again, not one. Everybody I know has at least a half dozen if not more. Hell, I’ve got 14 loaded magazines myself and another half dozen empty ones laying around.

They’re talking about starting their little war by shooting cops and first responders. Okaaay… let’s see how that works out for them. First off, other than the inner cities, cops are largely looked upon by the general public as their protectors. Those of you that have been reading my writings for any period of time know that I spent a few years of my life living on the wrong side of the law and you’ve heard me say that I generally prefer to handle my own problems without getting the cops involved. That being said, I’ve also stated that I feel a lot better knowing that there’s a cop eating a donut just a few blocks from where my elderly mother is sleeping alone at night. The simple fact of the matter is, there’s a lot of people that depend on their local PD or Sheriff’s Office for their safety and well being. The general public is not going to put up with people shooting at their protectors.
Other first responders? Who are they kidding? If they start shooting at firemen and paramedics, they’re going to open up a can of worms like they ain’t never seen before. Everybody supports their local fire department and paramedics. We all depend on them and most of us have used their services at one time or another in our lives and been damned glad they were there. Those people are the ones that showed up when Grandpa had his heart attack or when Johnny got into an accident on the freeway or when Junior was playing with matches and set the house on fire. If antifa starts shooting first responders, they’re going to be strung up en masse from power poles by people that had never harmed a fly in their lives before.

Shooting ordinary citizens? That should be interesting. That old man that retired from his accounting firm a few years ago and now spends his time tending his roses was awarded a Silver Star for heroism in Vietnam. He had no problem killing to defend his Brothers then and he’ll do it now to defend his family. The same thing goes for that guy in his late 20s that manages the local Burger King – he was a squad leader in Afghanistan. Or how about that middle aged housewife that will defend her children to the death? Not just them, but there’s a whole lot of law abiding people that have never taken any crap off of anybody. Some people you just can’t read.

Antifa has let their ‘victories’ go to their heads, but think about this for a second: Every one of their actions has taken place where they have had a solid base of support, i.e. college towns on the east and west coasts. These are areas where the evil Right Wingers have been tightly controlled while antifa was allowed by the school admin as well as local PDs to run wild. Not once have they tried to pull their garbage in Small Town, USA. I have yet to see a single antifa member in Lafayette TN. If they’re here, they’re smart enough to keep their heads and mouths down.
Whether antifa wants to admit it or not, they’re in the vast minority. The Right Wing carried the last Presidential election in a way this Nation has never seen before. Do they not see this? Do they really think the entire population of the US will just submit and convert over to their way of thinking?

Last but not least: antifa is neither Republican, Democratic or Libertarian. They are anarchists. Nobody is safe from them. Wait until they start targeting democratic leaders and politicians – and that’s just a matter of time in the unlikely event that the Right folds and lets them win.

The bottom line is this: They may get some support on the coasts and in the inner cities where they’re egged on by BLM and their kind, but it won’t get much further than that. They may not even survive there once police and first responders start refusing to answer calls because of safety concerns, trucking companies refuse to make deliveries to warehouses and stores there because of damages to tractors and trailers and utilities are cut off because utility workers refuse to make repairs due to safety concerns.

Antifa will be making a major mistake by starting something they can’t finish. It will be quick, violent and bloody and they’ll go down the same path of obscurity as the Occupy Wall Street movement a few years ago. The only reason the American people will remember their name will be because of the universities and newspaper offices that the Right burnt to the ground in the battles.

And yes, we’ll destroy any statues or monuments they might try to erect in their ‘martyrs’ memory. What goes around comes around.

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  1. Randy says:

    Amen, Halleuja, and pass the gravy!

  2. majmike says:

    Make my day. Molon lave!

  3. rightwingterrorist says:

    First I’ve heard of this.
    Unfortunately, I now work a 4week on 2week off schedule traveling by air (blech!) from my little place in NETX to close to Greeley CO. Greeley is a college town filled full of those type of dipshits.

  4. pewpew! luis says:

    Hell, I got extra ammo.

  5. SAM says:

    But..But…But it’s the right that are violent.

    I would how often the readers of this blog have heard the the right are violent?
    When was the last time you heard of a right wing riot? Some are called that but when you look into it.
    I always ask the same question when I hear about how bad the right is? “If the right are so violent why is Jane Fonda still alive?” They never get it.

  6. loaded4bear says:

    Standby for the MSM to liken the auntie fa ‘aggressions’ to the Boston Tea Party and the suffrage movement, rolled into one. But you are correct in that their actions are limited to the coastal bastions of liberalism. Once they foray out into real America, look for mass unmaskings and spankings. Their Call of Duty and Halo chops are no match for pissed off, well armed, professionally trained Americans who are just tired of their shit.

  7. OC says:

    Timing is everything.
    Here in MN Nov 4th is the opening of deer season.
    There will be approx. a HALF MILLION folks wandering around with high power rifles and shotguns loaded with slugs.
    Molon Labe? Not just yes -hell yes!!!

  8. Ragnar says:

    Uh. Be careful what you wish for. Was active duty for a little over 20 years. Been to the sand box twice. While I agree that the antifa and blm lefty ninnies have delusions of grandeur and will have their collective asses handed to them quickly if they really start something, it will still be one mell of a hess. Who’s who in the zoo will be a major problem since only the cops have uniforms (and the national guard when they get called out).

  9. crazyeighter says:

    When it goes down, the Good Guys will bet the ones with their faces uncovered.

  10. Mad Jack says:

    I haven’t heard anything about this either, and it’s probably nothing more than a vicious rumor. That said, I’m old enough to remember the Weather Underground (Weathermen), the Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), the Black Panther Party, the White Panther Party, Abbot Howard “Abbie” Hoffman and his Youth International Party (Yippies), and the 1968 Democratic National Convention (a little misunderstanding the current moonbats would like everyone to forget about). There were more, and most of these groups were over-rated by the F.B.I. and the rest of the alphabet soup in D.C., all of whom were terrified that a long haired degenerate would slip a marijuana cigarette into their martini, thus addicting them for life to the killer weed and forcing them down a road of sexual debauchery and moral turpitude.

    In the case of the Weathermen, they were mostly correct, and didn’t do enough about the problem. So in the case of this latest rumor about Antifa, I would urge a little caution. In all probability, most of these idiots are all mouth, but that leaves a minority who may act on their own.

    • warhorse says:

      “….and forcing them down a road of sexual debauchery and moral turpitude.”

      so that’s what happened to the kennedy clan? this explains everything!

  11. Chris Mallory says:

    2008? Man there are a lot of us who started preparing for this back in 1992-93. Ruby Ridge and Waco gave the militia movement it’s jump start.

    • Wirecutter says:

      You missed part of it – 2008 was the Great Ammo Shortage, not when people began stocking up.
      Hell, I’m still shooting ammo that I started saving up when John Kerry decided to try to run for president.

      • crazyeighter says:

        And it was 2000, when it looked like Al Gore was going to be President, that the sales of six-inch PVC pipe and fittings took off.

    • warhorse says:

      I’ve been ready since 1998 and the Sweeney Siege in hamilton,MA. we learned a lot from that, and who was really on board and who were just hobbyists.

  12. You just gave these clowns three times the thought and space I would have ever given them

    and you are correct ……any shit they start will be ended shortly with massive amounts of their blood shed ……..they will be very sorry they ever even considered starting it for the rest of their very short and very painful lives ……the NRA ESTIMATES that 310million combined long guns and handguns are in the hands of U.S. citizens …….and again i believe you’re correct that the vast majority of those are in the hands of conservatives or independents ……neither of which want any of the extreme lefts bullshit …….let alone fucking anarchists ……sleep well ….and stack the ammo high and deep
    MOLAN LABE motherfuckers

  13. Sambo says:

    Fucking liberal cocksuckers . They need to fuck off and die

  14. =TW= says:

    During the Rodney King L.A riots I lived within the curfew zone. Smoke from burning buildings was visible from my porch during the daytime, and at night shit got serious. Damn right I armed up!

    One night I heard some commotion out front and saw three fleeing “youths”. Two hid in the bushes in the yard across the street. The one with the gas can ducked behind my shed.
    I watched quietly from my darkened kitchen window, .45 in one hand and a spare mag in the other, to see what would develop.
    Two police cars skidded to a stop, cops jumped out and arrested the two in the bushes. Turned out their pockets, zip-tied them, and tossed them in a prison van which had parked in my driveway, along with a half-dozen or so other honor students they had previously collected.
    After the excitement died down a bit I called out the window to congratulate them, and mentioned the spare behind the shed. Well they grabbed him too, and reunited him with his homies.
    Cops thanked me for the heads-up.

    I still have that gas can…

    But what really stands out in my memory (other than this*), was the armed Koreans on the rooftops:

    This shit still makes my blood boil.

  15. AnonForOpsec says:

    Stay calm and carry.

  16. Kim says:

    Thank you for posting this

  17. Jay Dee says:

    Antifa? Call them for what they are; useful idiots.

  18. Fubar57 says:

    “Skin that smoke wagon and see what happens”.

  19. pigpen51 says:

    The anti-fa is for sure getting away with their shit in the coastal college towns. But should they venture further out into those same college towns to where the citizens of those college towns make their homes, I bet they would find a whole different attitude. Those same people who support the leftists to burn administration buildings and overturn cars and loot business might not be so supportive if the aggression were to start to turn onto their homes and suburbs. And just like you said, Wirecutter, about the time that they start to target cops and first responders enmasse, and not only would they loose their support, but you probably would find that first responders would have volunteers riding along with them as fire support teams. Just like we saw when the recruiting stations for the military were attacked and armed citizens mobilized to protect some of them. I am pretty much of a typical citizen, and I have been fished out of trouble a couple of times by an ambulance, and by the fire dept. twice as well. So I bet most people have the same experience, and if the anti-fa starts to fuck with them, guess what, they will lose.

  20. Dan says:

    Of course Antifa can’t win in the classic militaristic sense. What they CAN do is stir the pot, foment anger, to serve their intended purpose, the goal of those behind them. Without George Soros and other left in demonrat to guide them and find them Antifa wouldn’t even exist. The goal is the overthrow and destruction of the US. Antifa is just ONE of the methods employed by the left. And they could be the match that lights the fire….and that is why they exist.

    • Wirecutter says:

      One thing that everybody, including them, seems to forget is that no revolution can succeed without the support of the populace, so no, they won’t succeed, classic militaristic sense or otherwise.

      • JeremyR says:

        They are not looking for popular support, just a reason to call in the blue helmets and global take over. You have a good national picture, but look internationally, how many countries out there want to bring us down?
        Whether it happens in November or in ten years is immaterial, it is going to happen. The globalists have not packed their bags and gone back to their walled mansions. They are employing every trick they know. They are watching the potential of their incrementalism going backwards.
        AntiFA is just a tool, islam is another tool. Global warming? Debunked, but they won’t toss it under the bus will they? Same for the crap lil kimmy is doing, he is China’s favorite game piece.
        When the shit really starts, the world powers will jump on us like a cat on a wounded rat. The media hype is more important than the reality. Charleston was a bust for the leftists because only one person died.

        • PoppaGary says:

          Even were that to come true, many of those that might not be on our side with regards to antifa would see different should an outside force, hell esp the UN, try to come in to “restore order”.

          • Aesop says:

            This is why smart cops hate getting in the middle of a “domestic disturbance”.

            They end up becoming the focal point of anger from all sides.

        • rocketride says:

          Blue berets and helmets make excellent targets.

  21. Winston Smith says:

    Just the Right’s wetdream.

    I know plenty that would RUN as fast as they could if they thought they could shoot libtards without consequences..

  22. Doc B says:

    Only a college boy city dweller would start a war in the late fall with rural types. Christ Almighty, these folks truly have no idea what they are doing. I truly feel for them. This is the product of 12 years of government schools, participation trophies, and no understanding whatsoever of the nature of warfare. My feelings of pitty however will have no effect on my doing what needs to be done.

    The NRA and the bow-tied Republicans will have no real part in this, as it might make them look mean…and we all know how much they would rather be invited to the cocktail parties than put up any effective resistance. The Media may learn what it means to bleed too, as many of the folks they end up going up against will have no qualms whatsoever with treating them as the hostile actors they are.

    I continue to pray for peace, but not at the expense of freedom.

    • Wirecutter says:

      You’re right, they’re so focused on their own little worlds that they don’t realize what they might be letting themselves in for.
      They’d shit if they came around here. The pop-pop-pop of gunfire in the evening is so common I don’t even hear it any more except for the guy over the rise that burns a magazine or two on full auto about once a week.

      • Doc B says:

        Not just that brother…these walking scarecrows live a completely grid dependent life. They will literally starve to death in the cities they love when the power, water, and food they need are cutoff. I have seen this before in gardenspots like Sarajevo. This is what keeps me up at night, not Iraq.

        The only reason they succeed is because the society they hate prevents other, less civilized people. from killing the men and taking their women.

        In the real world outside the borders of the US, their little protests would be fired on indiscriminately by the powers that be.

  23. John Deaux says:

    I believe it’s all a matter of perception, if you’re some pampered leftist asshole then everything you do is justified. If you live in the real world majority you understand that there are consequences to misdeeds, you know the old actions and opposite reactions theory.
    Nobody with experience with being deep in shit wants it to break loose but if it comes, well you know what ……

  24. Jimmy the Saint says:

    “they are a very small minority in this country.”

    Fair point, but then again, the Provisional IRA never had that many active members – probably no more than 2-300, and it ran Britain ragged. Boyd and Malvo were only two people, and they disrupted a couple of states. 19 guys with boxcutters shut down US civilian air traffic for three days. If you have enough committed people, you don’t have to have that many people overall.

    • Wirecutter says:

      The main difference between your examples and the possible upcoming events is that the others were bound by law. If antifa starts the shit that people are saying they’re planning, the law ain’t going to make a bit of difference.
      Trust me, nobody is going to call the law and say “Please send a policeman, my house is surrounded by antifa”.

      • Cody says:

        The IRA had broad support on its home turf and was set up in cells. Makes it hard to estimate numbers when the whole drill was to be anonymous or wind up in a British prison / or dead.

      • JeremyR says:

        Please send a meat wagon, my house is surrounded by dead antiFA

      • Mad Jack says:

        911 Operator: nine-one-one, what is your emergency?

        Mad Jack: No emergency. Nothing real urgent. There’s a half-dozen or so Antifa terrorists out in front of my house –

        911 Operator: Are any of them armed?

        Mad Jack: Oh, yeah, all of ’em. But see, the thing is –

        911 Operator: Are shots fired?

        Mad Jack: Not right now. They were, but –

        911 Operator: Is there anyone who’s been shot?

        Mad Jack: Yep. Sure is.

        911 Operator: More than one?

        Mad Jack: Yes, there’s more than one. There’s about six or seven… I can’t quite see the one guy in the gutter.

        911 Operator: Can you tell me what they’re doing now?

        Mad Jack: Layin’ real still. I think they’ve all stopped leakin’. So if you folks have some kind of a service truck that could just stop by and pick ’em up, that’d be real good.

        911 Operator: We’ll send someone.

        Mad Jack: Why, thank you ma’am. Have a real good evening, now.

        • Aesop says:

          911 Operator: Are any of them armed?

          Mad Jack: Oh, yeah, all of ’em. But see, the thing is –
          Nope. I looked at all of ’em once the gunshots from who knows where died down, but I couldn’t find any guns on any of ’em. They all seem to have holsters and ammo pouches, but all the guns and ammo they had are gone!

          It’s weird…

        • SAM says:

          That sounds like the kind of thing “Mad” Jack Churchill would have done. Well maybe he would not have stopped at six or seven.

  25. M. Sage says:

    Are they seriously going to threaten me with a good time?

    Goddamn it, I’m not ready for this… Where am I gonna get a truckload of lye and a D9 on this short notice!?

  26. B says:

    Yeah, you get these city folk promising shit every few years. BLM, Panthers, etc.

    It’s all noise until they actually, you know, START something. Then it’ll end fairly quickly.

    Especially when they LEAVE the city.

    Then every person, farmer or otherwise, will go huntin’. And it won’t take long ’til it stops.

  27. Rich in NC says:

    I just this afternoon read this bit of research on a blog I just found.

    It is about exactly the same topic as this post is. 487 isn’t just a number…

    It was very enlightening.

    Rich in NC

  28. 46 comments on this post at 11pm. Someone struck a nerve.

    This is the tragedy of the Negros in this country refusing to police their own. Yes, there are some white punks but the shock troops are the young urban Negros. Cops, and Firemen and before it gets down to the postman, every young black face that shows itself will be a target.

    Then they will wish they had slapped that young asshole around until some sense seeped into his head.

  29. Donk says:

    My beloved son is a firefighter in the Charlotte metro. If the Antifags start sending rounds downrange at my son and his mates, I will be the first to ride along and provide rear security, for free, every night of the week.

  30. Steady Steve says:

    I think that is the Redneck Revolt twits. A sub group of which is the John Brown Gun Club. They put out an amusing video which demonstrated their ineptitude with firearms. Any unarmed bystanders that are around when they start shooting at the police or first responders will be the most endangered. I will be somewhere in the Atlantic headed back to the US if they start on schedule. Hope you all save a few for me. Looks like the wife will have a chance to give the rifle I had built specially for her a workout.

  31. Granny says:

    The Ivory Towers will crumble when the fit hits the shan.

  32. CC says:

    The upside of my FN 5.7 – I can comfortably concealed-carry 100 rounds in my gun & 3 mags – let’s play.

  33. SAM says:

    Sixty comments that has to be a record for this site.

    • Wirecutter says:

      Not even close. When I started slamming Sammy I had 160 on one of them.

      • SAM says:

        For some reason I can not post this in as one post so will have to split it.
        Sorry. Don’t know how I missed that I was reading this site then.
        Odd thing is I was looking up Slimy yesterday sorry Sammy yesterday (my dyslexia kicked in again).
        He’s claiming “6 years running! Your charming and patriotic host remains the ONLY Patriot listed BY NAME!” on the SPLC site.Odd on the link he has I can find 300+ names and not one is his.
        He’s still doing his “Forever Pets for Vets” odd that I can not find one vet who got one pet and the few pics he has up predate his site.

        • SAM says:

          He’s still selling his Jebadiah Fisher Garden Seed Non-GMO Heirloom Garden Seeds. You would think that he’s been doing it for over four years and he’s still using stock pics, that he would have some pics of all his gardening or some of his customers would send in pics.

          • SAM says:

            It looks like he now has something to do with Idaho Second Amendment Alliance as he has a link on his page I can not find his name on the site but every other link he has up are his.

          • Wirecutter says:

            That’s not his business. It was started by one of his guys who sold it to another one of his guys who sold it to somebody else because neither Sammy or his friends have a lick of business sense and couldn’t make it work.

  34. SAM says:

    More about Slimy sorry Sammy (my dyslexia kicked in yet again it’s a bad day).No room to put it in the reply on my chromebook.
    The new thing he is selling as well as the old garrote “with three hours free training” is something that the OSS use to use in WW2 to stop engines when added to a full tank (look it up it’s crushed walnut shells).
    Sorry to say he does not seem to like you (or Mason Dixon Tactical come to that). I do sincerely hope that this news does not upset you too much and that you soon get over it.

  35. Alex Lund says:

    Hello, I hate do be the voice of doom aka Cassandra, but I think mountainguerilla hit the nail on the head:×4-to-the-teeth/

    “Because only one side has consistently displayed a willingness to get violent, right now, right here, despite the blatherings of the Right about ‘Molon Labe!’ and ‘From My Cold Dead Fingers,” etc….Talk is cheap. It will be a number of blood baths, but 99% of the victims are NOT going to be the Leftist pseudo-Anarchists that are willing to fuck shit up, already, without quality weapons at their disposal.”

    It is the same in Germany.
    The antifa is allowed to run around in combat boots with barbed wire and razor blades (those blades are impaled upon the barbed wire) and nobody (Police, judges) bats an eyelash.

    But everyone who could be a nazi (from conservative to the “real” neonazis) have to pass at least one checkpoint where everything is taken from them that could be remotely used as a weapon. And uniform shoes/boots are forbidden, just like marching in step. And combat boots have to be covered up in blue garbage bags.

    So I ask you:
    The traitor Lady Jane Fonda: Did anybody move against her? You know something more than writing her a nasty letter / email?
    Lon Horiuchi aka sniper of Ruby Ridge?

    If you read antifa Internet pages you will find enough pages where antifa said that nazis meet at this or that restaurant. And then, when those nazis met, suddenly 20 or more antifa appeared, beat everybody up and were gone before anybody could react.

    And if antifa is arrested they keep their mouths shut.

    So tell me, how many times did antifa wreck a Restaurant and how many times did patriots wreck an antifa meeting spot?

  36. jeff says:

    I welcome their stupid asses to get started. Would hate it that people would get hurt or die, these thugs not encluded. Let them bring their stupid ideas my way, be glad to plant them.

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