At least the ambulance company got it right

The Salt Lake City cop who arrested a terrified nurse for doing her job has been booted from his part-time paramedic role.
Bodycam footage of Detective Jeff Payne shows him cuffing nurse Alex Wubbels for refusing to take blood from an unconscious man because she couldn’t get consent.
Later, after she’s been released without charge, Payne says that he will spite her by taking transient patients to her hospital and the ‘good patients’ elsewhere.
After seeing that, Gold Cross Ambulance president Mike Moffitt fired the cop, later saying: ‘That’s not the way we conduct our business. That’s not the way we treat people in our city.’

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18 Responses to At least the ambulance company got it right

  1. John Deaux says:

    Fucking douche bag all the way around

  2. Drew in Michigan says:

    Not wise to double down on stupid, when your in a hole the first rule is, stop digging!

  3. FriscoKid says:

    Good on you, Gold Cross.

    Let that bluetard and his bluebuddies swing in the breeze with their billy clubs up their asses.

  4. Flighterdoc says:

    First time he got caught, anyway….But relax: He still has his paid vacay from the PD

    • I read somewhere that they said he was going to get “additional training” … oooh how scary is that – a real deterrent to any other asshole cops out there who think they’re big and hard & can bully nurses. The cops should really ream this guy out, give him his P45 and freeze his pension for 25 years.

      If the nurse had gone against protocols and done what he wanted then she would have lost her job – the fact that he tried to force her to do it means he ought to lose his instead. Fair’s fair after all …

  5. POd American says:

    Now let’s see if the DA gets it right.

  6. Rurik says:

    Remarkable. in both the military and the Police, one of the first lessons is “Be respectful and considerate of the individual who just might be the one patching together your own broken ass a few days in the future.

  7. From what I have read of this story, the guy appears to be an absolute tool. Why on earth would anyone do that to the staff at a casualty dept, anyway?

    Who knows when you might end up in there yourself?

    Hasn’t he ever heard of the UAPP (unnecessary anal probe procedure)? He’s in line for one of them if he ever trips and falls on the pavement within a 10 mile radius of that hospital, man …

  8. I hope the nurse and her union sues this guy – personally – and uses this latest stuff as evidence of malicious intent on his part. Or just to demonstrate his general toolhood.

  9. CC says:

    I hope this is only the beginning of his long slide to eating a bullet.

  10. Inbred Redneck says:

    Finally heard a radio news story about this last night. Ain’t it amazin’ how it took so long to get this out? Guess I’ll cross Utah off the short list of states to which I might move when I retire and leave Kommifornia.

    • Bacon says:

      Utah is a beautiful place, and I’ve had some really good times there, but there’s a lot wrong with Utah lately. In past decades, I used to go out of my way to drive through it. These days, I go out of my way to drive around it when possible.

  11. Doc B says:

    The ambulance company and the Nurse need to make sure that they file a complaint with the Department of Health and go after his Paramedic license. Then…he can’t get another job with another group for less money after the spotlight goes away.

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