Blame Angel, not me


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23 Responses to Blame Angel, not me

  1. Skipperdaddy says:

    And I thought I was fucked up.

  2. Gregbee says:

    …aaahummm…Angel you do have a dark sense of humor ( not a bad thing )

  3. Winston Smith says:

    OK, that’s funny as hell. Sick sick sick, but funny.

  4. al says:

    If the price is right I could work with that

  5. Unclezip says:

    That’s funny, I don’t care who you are. It’s good to see Angel is still on the fast track to hell, in the same Pullman as the rest of us.

  6. RTinWeimar says:

    Works part time at IHOP.

  7. JNorth says:

    Answers to “Eileen”.

    • Brad says:

      that’s funny shit…of course, I wouldn’t show it to my wife, although she doesn’t carry, but does have access to the knife drawer…

  8. One of the many Bills says:

    Geeze Angel….

  9. livermoron says:

    I know her! That’s Eileen!

  10. somedude says:

    she leans to do things her own way…..

  11. Andrew Benghazi says:

    Used mine detector for sale, some damage.

  12. mrgarabaldi says:

    Sick, sick, sick…but I like it..LOL

  13. Doonhamer says:

    Angel, welcome to you and your warped sense of humour.
    But how does that lady use her crutch?

  14. ZombieDawg says:

    You know there are entire websites devoted to ‘stumpies’ ;-)

  15. Bob M says:

    Looks a bit like she pissed her pants….

  16. Granny says:

    Hell, she still has both hands. What’s the problem?
    (Love you Angel)

  17. NewVegasBadger says:

    Yes that is warped, twisted, sick and demented. But damn funny and my kind of humor. Still I do have sympathy for that woman. Sorry for what happened to her. My guess is that she is one very tough woman.

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