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4 Responses to Californians….

  1. Sadness says:

    I want the details!
    Wiper fuid? Full!
    Oil fill? Full!
    Radiator overflow? Full!
    From Location of spout- I’d say Oil fill… I can’t decide if it would even turn over?
    All bad whatever:(

    As ‘humorous’ as this looks? Likely dementia short circuit at work. Sad sad…

  2. STW says:

    I’m guessing the weather forecast said it was going to drop into the 60’s and he’d heard that on the Russian front during WWII they lubricated weapons with a mix of gasoline and oil because straight oil would freeze in the cold temperatures.

  3. Trib says:

    Californians use to be normal. Then during the dust storms of the 30’s Okies migrated to Calif. and bred with illegals and inbred with cousin Jed who came later. Several generations passed, we now have this and Gov moonbeam.

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