Fuck ‘im

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5 Responses to Fuck ‘im

  1. Elmo says:

    Thanks for not raising a snowflake, Mom.

  2. bogsidebunny says:

    She’s smiling because she dropping him off at grandma’s house for the day, daddy’s on a business trip 2,000 miles away and her neighbors19 year old is coming over to play naked twister with her.

  3. anonymous says:

    Same thing happened to me a long time ago when my kid had hit ‘Retail Burnout Defcon 5’. After a long day of shopping, he lay down on floor, wailing displeasure. The store manager, after verifying no one was hurt just stood there with me listening to the ‘This is the Song of My People’. I told the manager ‘Kind of sounds like a fire alarm’, and he began laughing, nodding his head.

    Saddle up kid – it gets worse than this, believe me …

  4. cato says:

    From 60 years ago, I can hear is My Dad saying, “I’ll give you something to cry about.”

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