Give ’em an inch and they’ll take a mile

It looks like we’re about to have another monument fight on our hands in New Orleans. This time the monuments slated for possible removal have nothing to do with the Civil War. Instead, the communist organization Take ‘Em Down NOLA is targeting a memorial that honors World War I veterans.

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14 Responses to Give ’em an inch and they’ll take a mile

  1. Unclezip says:

    I was cruising through the comedy channels and spotted ABC giving Mitch Landrieu a blow job. What a smug, commie POS. He should pair up with Chris Christie.

    • John Deaux says:

      I totally agree, his whole family is nothing but lying stealing corrupt politicians.
      That 3rd world banana republic of a city is an embarrisment to the rest of the state. Corrupt idiotic pandering representation from the mayor’s office to the city council on to the chief of police all the way down to the water/sewage board. Not a shred of honestly in the bunch

  2. Robert Farr says:

    “The monument has drawn criticism because the plaques on the monument segregate the names of black veterans from the names of white veterans.”

    In Jacksonville NC just outside of Camp Lejeune the most prominent monument from the road in their memorial area is the one to the Montfort Marines, when blacks were first allowed to become Marines. This is along with the Beirut memorial and the Vietnam memorial.
    When I traveled back to the area after many years I was amazed to see this monument.
    The Iwo Jima monuments is not just for white Marines but for all Marines, the Beirut Memorial does not distinguish between the black and white casualties nor does the Vietnam. They are for all Marines.
    If the WWI monument in NOLAis taken down then I want this USMC Montfort Marines taken down and replaced with a monument to ALL Marines who served during WW2 and shortly after. In fact we should look at any “special” memorials to just one racial group and evaluate if there presence reflects unity

    You cannot have it both ways and these special concessions should end now.

  3. Robert the Biker says:

    I thought damaging or interfering with war memorials was a Federal crime.

    • Hillbilly says:

      Only if you’re white and its a statue of Stalin. If you know any liberals, they can go to the top of the statue of liberty and piss all over everything and you get honorable mention on the 6 O’clock news.

  4. Padawan says:

    It’s time to start hunting these fucking morons like game animal.

  5. T.Rose says:

    The reason they segregated was because of the Democrat President, Woodrow Wilson.

  6. nonncom says:

    Fuck ’em all….these people are crazy….

    • Nemo says:

      Exactly nonncom. A person has to be crazy to live in a city that is ten feet below the surrounding water and continuing to sink an inch into the muck with each passing year.

      Don’t give me that BS about its “historical significance”. It should have been flushed into the gulf years ago along with its ignorant populace, instead of being a drain on taxpayers, who shouldn’t have to foot the bill for people too stupid to come in out of the rain.

  7. Jeffersonian says:

    The Prophet Kipling warned us of this exact thing:

  8. David Lawson says:

    Time to start opening up the old State Funny Farms for these folks!

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