“Give Texas What It Needs” and “Hold The Line”

Give Texas what it needs. It has endured a disaster without precedent. Washington must move quickly, generously. There should be no “The relief bill must be offset by cuts in federal spending.” There should be no larding it up or loading it down with extraneous measures. This is an emergency.

This is no time to threaten government shutdowns. It’s no time to be dilating on debt ceilings. This is the time to know as never before that everything that holds us together as a nation must be strengthened wherever possible, and whatever sinks us in rancor avoided and shunned.

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7 Responses to “Give Texas What It Needs” and “Hold The Line”

  1. Thaisleeze says:

    As a non American I would say this.

    The people of Texas have shown what it takes to be a community. Now it is up to the slime politicians in D.C. to show they have the same guts.

  2. paul says:

    Winter is coming. Where does your natural gas and heating oil come from? So Congress, do your job and stop being carpetbagging yankees.

    • warhorse says:

      if anything, this whole mess should bring attention to the idea of more localized refineries. we have a small one here in NH (it’s on the portsmouth shipyard base and not listed anywhere..shhhh….) they want to expand but haven’t been allowed to.

      as a country, many of our strategic assets are far too easily taken offline with no backup available. every state with a seacoast should have the capability of offloading oil tankers offshore and refining their own diesel and gasoline.

      at the very least it will help stabilize prices when there are problems with supply.

  3. bogsidebunny says:

    Let’s face the ugly facts. No matter how big the crisis the politicians will never let it getting in the way of their pork barrel projects.

  4. John Deaux says:

    The rescues and needs continue, volunteers from all over the country are stepping up to help care for the victims of Hurricane Harvey.
    Water and medical evacuations are on going 24/7 in all of southeast Tx.
    Donations are still needed and appreciated greatly

  5. riverrider says:

    yeah, no millions for fauxcahontas’ husbands rum distillery, metro art exhibits, pelosi’s husbands race track repaving and many other pork projects like they stuffed into hurricane sandy relief bill. disgusting.

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