Got preps?

WPTV in West Palm Beach reports that Shelves of water at several stores were nearly empty Sunday, even as Irma’s path remains uncertain. Hardware stores are also running out of tanks of gas and other supplies.

One distressed shopper told WPTV that one Walmart had run out of bottled water.
“There was nothing at Walmart,” said Bianca Rodriguez of Palm Beach Gardens. “Not even like one thing of water.”

According to WPTV, emergency officials recommend people have one gallon of water per person, per day for at least five days in the event of a hurricane. Florida Gov. Rick Scott warned that “disaster preparedness” should be a priority for every family in the potential path of the storm.

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26 Responses to Got preps?

  1. Unclezip says:

    We’re well stocked on popcorn.

    And fire extinguishers.

  2. B says:

    You’d think that folks in Florida and anywhere on the Gulf Coast would have AT LEAST water put aside at the start of the hurricane season.

    Yeah, if you are a family of four it is hard in an apartment to find a place to put 20-25 gallons of water, but really, is it THAT hard?

    I mean, that ids 5 milk crates worth of water. Stack em in a corner. Under the bed. Bottom of a closet.

    But Jheasus, are people that stupid that they can’t prepare even one tiny bit?

    • Wirecutter says:

      That’s 5 five gallon cans which will line up nicely in a closet.

    • DW says:

      Yes people are that stupid even in Fl. I live in Fl and we are always prepared. I also have family that are blind and ignorant. They don’t worry about it because they still think the .gov will ride in on a white horse and save them.

  3. Joe Blow says:

    There’s like, ummm, nothing, like, not even a ‘thing’ of water.

    This is the US Educational system folks. Vocabulary of a 9-year old!
    And they get the right to vote!

  4. Chris Mallory says:

    The Wal Mart I stopped at this morning in West Kentucky had signs up “Due to Texas flooding, we are out of gas.” No other local station is out, yet.

  5. Steve says:

    I’d like to see that Irma take a hard right and slam into Gotham City……idjits….let them whine when the Cajun Navy doesn’t come up there to save their a**!


  6. Tom W. says:

    Yup. Here in the cloudy swamp of So Flo, The water hoarding started yesterday. My local Walgreens just had 1 liter Smart Waters and high end Fiji bottles left.

    I always have cases of water, but its completely overblown.
    The tap in my kitchen will still work until the boil advisory. I just fill jugs and stick in deep freezer.
    And extra jugs of tap water in fridge. Sheesh the media hypes this water crap to the extreme.

    You know what’s most important? Cigs, food, fuel for generator, booze, charcoal and propane, candles/oil lamps, and baby wipes.

    Oh and some loaded guns. Knowing my neighbors, looting will not be an issue on this street.

    Will know more by Wednesday

  7. Exile1981 says:

    Why are these people surprisd everytime this happens?

  8. Roger says:

    I live in South Florida. During hurricane season, the genny is always fueled up, with 30 gallons of spare fuel on hand, plenty of food and water in the house, good hurricane shutters, rechargeable batteries and assorted battery powered lights. The car fuel tank is always full when a storm is anywhere near. Florida being the gunshine state, the ammunition storage shelves are also well stocked. Not so much concerned about my ability to get through a storm, What is of concern is the fools that don’t prepare, are not ready but surely have their hands out expecting anyone from the president on down to support them. Sounds selfish, but I’ve seen too much of it.

    • SAM says:

      How does this sound selfish? How would you not having anything help anyone?

    • Tom W. says:

      Your right. Certain sections of town always have a good portion of folks that know they flood during a good thunderstorm. But there they stay. With minimal or no supplies. They flood, and they freak out. They don’t pack up and goto the shelters set up before the storm exactly for this reason. I expect it to be an interesting weekend. Been through some bad one’s when I lived in coastal Carolina.

      All the best to you and your family. If my 4g holds up, I’ll post and email updates to Wirecutter.

      I wish it would hit DC too, as previously posted. The swamp may not get drained but a good douching would work.

      Take care.

    • Roger says:

      I vividly remember a few days after Wilma came through here, a (former) friend whining on and on about how George Bush had failed to make sure that her medications were properly refrigerated and that the entire federal government was responsible for the power being out and no ice in the stores. She hadn’t filled up a cooler with ice or made extra ice in her refrigerator or any other preparation for a storm well publicized ahead of time, nothing, but it was Georges fault that she had a problem. After I reminded her of her own responsibilities, she ceased talking to me – – forever, as punishment. (HAH!)

  9. Steve says:

    On the Gulf Coast beginning in June is the time to prep. I’m hitting the rum store tomorrow, the rest of the hurricane locker Is well stocked.

  10. John h. says:

    Toilet paper and more tp and then some extra tp for good measure. Then thro in some/many gals of chlorine bleach!!!
    John h.

  11. meh! luis says:

    I’m here at Ozona, Texas, 200 miles from San Antonio and the Sunoco only had premium and a line of @ 5-6 cars.

  12. fjord says:

    what did we ever do before bottled water was a thing?

  13. Matt says:

    Those of you in Florida – can you explain to us how your house is built to withstand 185 mph winds ? I honestly don’t understand how that is possible nor how anyone could think staying is an option.

  14. Doonhamer says:

    When do your taps/faucets stop giving out potable water?
    Until then fill every clean container you have. Even the upstairs bathtub. Some for drinking and some for other purposes.
    Buy water filters and steriliser.
    And batteries for your comms.
    Put all your sink plugs in and try and block the ground floor toilet. (cos you know what is going to come up there)
    You know, common sense stuff.

  15. EDC says:

    Fortunately here in the Peoples Republic of Californication we don’t have the hurricane problem. When it snows though, vodka and T.P. fly off the shelves.

  16. JB says:

    A day or so prior to Harvey making landfall I stopped by an HEB in San Antonio after work to top off some preps. Stood in line about 30 minutes to check out. Everyone was calm. No attitudes that I saw. But all the water was gone. I managed to grab a dozen or so bottles of Powerade Zero. I had plenty of water stocked up already and the Powerade Zero is sugar free and packed with electrolytes.

    Harvey was a non-event for San Antonio unlike what the weather guessers had predicted. I don’t live in a flood zone but my house would have been flooded had we gotten the 10-25 inches of rain they thought was coming.

    This past Saturday I did an out and back to Houston with friends to help someone who’s house had, at one time, four feet of water inside. A day of ripping out drywall and hauling it away made me rethink my preps. I hauled a lot of my tools and equipment but really only used three tools: 2 lb sledge, flat pry bar and a wheel barrow.

    If you even THINK you might get flooding, beyond the usual preps I recommend the above as well as the following for the aftermath:
    – masks with respirator valves or better yet, get respirator masks used in paint booths
    – sturdy leather gloves
    – ventilated goggles with a good face seal
    – lightweight long sleeve shirt and lightweight pants — carhartt makes some lightweight clothing now and it held up true to their name
    – garbage bags are an option but we didn’t use them — just hauled it to the curb to be picked up later

    Get them while you can because they can be used for other purposes too.

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