An alarming discovery of an enormous cache of military-grade explosives late Thursday prompted the evacuation of a Los Angeles neighborhood.

Deputies investigating reports of a suspicious vehicle in Lawndale, southeast of Los Angeles International Airport, at 11 p.m. Thursday entered a nearby vacant home, where they found a cache of explosives in the backyard, reports the Los Angeles Times. Authorities ordered an estimated 100 neighbors to evacuate as the bomb squad responded.


The pictures I’m seeing are showing a bunch of empty bullet and cannon shell cases with no projectile and a practice pineapple grenade. There does appear to be some cannon shells with projectiles but I’d be willing to bet there’s no propellant in them.

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  1. Exile1981 says:

    LA times says the ordanance was inert except some bullets. http://www.latimes.com/local/lanow/la-me-ln-lawndale-explosives-20170929-story.html

  2. crazyeighter says:

    Gotta have the public hysteria to justify the next round of firearms/explosives restrictions.

  3. Bud says:

    wonder if the po po did some un-warrented searches in the evac’ed houses? nah! why would that cross my mind?

  4. Bill says:

    Over reaction, it’s how they roll. Justify their existence..

    • crazyeighter says:

      And, as I said, if it comes to writing new legislation, us proles will remember the event but not the details.

  5. snuffy says:

    They probably call .22 short, “high powered assault bullets”.

  6. markinfolsom says:

    The most dangerous thing I saw in the photos was that yellow Gremlin.

    • EDC says:

      I would like to take it off his hands. It would be a great one to give to the kid as her first car. She would be working real hard to buy something else.

  7. livin to ride says:

    most everything i seen in those pictures is for sale at a flea market up the road a ways.. all inert dummy rounds . hell they even have the wooden ones like in those pictures

  8. Aesop says:

    This is just “Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.” in action.

    You, Officer Dingdong, find a dummy artillery shell. Or more.
    If you treat it as live (because the average beat cop/deputy knows less about explosives than they do about the Constitution, or guns) and move people out “just in case”, you get whiny hysteria.
    If you don’t, it is live, and then goes off, the idiot survivors carp at the cops for not acting like it was live, and treat the lawsuit afterwards as a lotto payout.

    Fuck the idiots yapping about them over-reacting.

    Back in the day, some dumbass two companies over picked up an expended LAAW rocket at 29 Palms which was “a dud”, and brought it back to Swamp Lejeune in his sea bag.

    Then one day, showing it off, he dropped it in the squadbay, it went off, because live UXO, and sent half a dozen guys to the base hospital, some crippled for life.

    If you can tell the difference between an inert grenade, and a live one, you’re smarter than 90% of police, who’ve never served in any military organization, and never seen either kind. If you think you can tell the difference from 20 feet away, without unscrewing the fuze, you’re full of $#!^. I have an inert grenade myself, permanently filled with acrylic epoxy instead of Comp B, that’s a dead ringer for a live one sitting in your hand-close (because there’s reference pics on the internet, and paint is cheap at the hardware store), and until it’s disassembled, it fools EOD guys. Ask me how I know.
    You don’t even want to know about half a dozen empty crates painted up to look like actual dynamite. And if I bought any number of surplus ammo cans and crates, and set them on pallets, tell me how Deputy Dawg is going to react when he finds them sitting on the backyard patio (Hint: he’s going to fall back, clear the neighborhood, and make a landline call for EOD. Like he should, absent any other info.)

    (If you didn’t know that Hungarian civilians painted dinner plates OD green and laid them in the streets in the 1956 Uprising to make the Russians think they’d mined side streets with AT mines, and keep tanks out of the neighborhood, you’re not tall enough for this ride.)

    Every year in some part of L.A., there’s a story about how some Julio Estupido dumbass with a garage full of illegal fireworks smuggled in from Mehico accidentally blows his house up and sets fire to the neighborhood.
    Every year.

    People in general are idiots; any story that has them being treated as too stupid to suck oxygen by TPTB using common sense and prudence is probably right down the middle of the fairway.
    Just saying.


    • Wirecutter says:

      My commentary was directed more towards the MSM than the police.
      And the grenade in the picture has a great big hole in the bottom…..

      • Aesop says:

        I figured.
        Between the two, I always expect the MSM to be box-of-rocks stupid, and they never disappoint. Hmm, I think there’s a post in that somewhere…
        Not a lot of reality classes in J-school, and those are the kids not bright enough to make it into engineering or medicine programs.

        When I painted up my Mk II pineapple, filling the bottom vent hole with epoxy was step one.
        And the best part is it’s still absolutely CA legal (because filled with permanent acrylic resin).
        The bummer is everybody out of state is so scared of the silly-ass laws here, they won’t ship them here any more.
        Otherwise I’d have a full case of convincing fakes sitting on the desk, just to give the occasional drop-in guest the shakes.

    • M. Sage says:

      “Fuck the idiots yapping about them over-reacting.”

      I have to disagree, sort of. The people yelling about overreaction should make this a police training issue.
      Cops only get about 150 hours of training before putting on a badge. Academy is only about 8 months. A friend from Denmark asked me about that when we were talking about the latest police fuckup (the nurse thing), and when I told him, his reaction was “no shit you guys have problems with them!” They get 5 years of training over there!
      It needs to be much, much harder to become a cop. There needs to be a fuckton more training. Until that happens, we’re going to continue getting lazy, stupid donut sniffers who give us bountiful reasons to scream about how shitty they are at their job.

  9. jack says:

    I saw what looked like a few primers with no noticeable dents that would cause me to keep from rummaging through the bunch for a nice looking round to decorate my garage/reloading room. I wouldn’t go screaming from the neighborhood but neither would I call my kids to come over and have a look. Clear the area and call EOD and let them take the heat. The MSM will do everything to help the idiot politicians to pass more useless laws and/or make the police look bad in any event while ignoring the non law abiding who make it hard for the law abiding the ability to defend themselves. I cannot imagine living in someplace like L.A.


  10. M. Sage says:

    The Bazooka rockets are inert practice rockets. I have one just like that. You can unscrew what would be a warhead, and there’s a fat metal rod at the front of the rocket body to give it the right weight and balance, and to keep Joe from accidentally (or “accidentally”) screwing a shaped charge warhead onto something bound for the practice range.

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