Hurricanes in the South while the West burns

Amid the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey and the impending destruction of Hurricane Irma, many Americans may not be aware that the western region of the country is suffering the opposite wrath of mother nature. From southern California to Washington, wildfires are engulfing thousands of acres of land and prompting thousands of evacuations. Many of the states battling the wildfires have been doing so all summer.

On Saturday, Washington Governor Jay Inslee declared a state of emergency across the state due to the risk of wildfires, and the National Weather Service warned that 26 of the state’s 39 counties were at very high or extreme risk. According to the Washington Department of Ecology, “[a]lmost all of WA [was] awash in wildfire smoke” on Sunday. The department noted air quality in many areas had suffered as a result. According to NASA satellite imagery, smoke is also being pushed eastward across the U.S.

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16 Responses to Hurricanes in the South while the West burns

  1. Unclezip says:

    My visibility in the valley is down to about a mile, and we’re miles from the fires. It’s snowing ash, and all we can do is seal up the house and wait it out.

  2. gamegetterII says:

    A huge part of the reason forest fires/ wildfires are more numerous and harder to put out is the policies enacted by the USFS and state forest services due to environmental groups dictating policy.
    Used to be underbrush and deadfall was cleared out every year. After a few decades of enviro whacko lawsuits using the sue and settle method- forest use policy is dictated by the enviro whackos.
    People used to be able to cut downed trees for firewood. Logging has been cut to near zero levels.
    The result is years and years of uncleared deadfall, combined with hundreds of millions of dead pine trees due to pine bark beetle infestation across the Rocky mountain west.
    All the extra fuel makes it damn near impossible to contain fires now.
    This is a direct result of environmental extremists dictating USFS policy- time to overturn all the sue and settle bullshit that is causing these fires to burn hotter, bigger and longer.
    It’s either that- or every acre of western forest is going to burn over the next decade or so.

    • Andrew says:

      We had our firestorms here in Florida in the late 1990’s for the exact same reason. Dumbassed environmentalists and yuppie home-owners shut down the controlled burns. And then we had a few years of drought (yes, it happens in Florida, like every 10 years, almost cyclically, but don’t tell the enviro-wackos.) And the state burned. So, for the next few years we had controlled burns again, but then the yuppie home-owners and the environmentalists did it again and shut most of the burns down.

      It’s like the feral hog problem. Everyone knows they are a huge problem, but no-one wants the pigs killed. They want them relocated.

      Dumb-ass assholes.

    • lineman says:

      Yep maybe with Zinke though as Interior Secretary he will be able to do something about that… Probably wishful thinking though…

      • gamegetterII says:

        Yeah- it is wishful thinking. These enviro whacko douchenozzles have been settling their lawsuits by getting their policies enacted since at least the 1990’s. That’s a hell of a lot of intertwined USFS, USFWS,NPS, BLM, and EPA regs to undo.

  3. Okie says:

    Some very impressive sunsets here in Oklahoma from all the smoky haze in the atmosphere. A full moon had an unusual glow as well…
    Clearing all the dead and fallen fuel is a large part of my responsibilities around here. A few years ago wildfires and arson burned dozens of homes and thousands of acres here. This year, August was in the top five wettest ever recorded.
    Mother Nature’s a bitch !!!!

  4. 1980XLS says:

    If You’all had just given all your money to Al Gore. this could have been avoided


  5. Will Henry says:

    Only the USFS could control millions of acres of land covered in valuable timber, oil leases, grazing leases, minerals, etc… and lose money while mismanaging said resources. Return management of our public resources to a common sense, science based approach and tell the hippies to fuck off.

  6. Coyote Hubbard says:

    Im exactly15 miles due west from downtown Seattle as the crow flies. Yesterday and today have been horrible for the smoke. We actually had tiny ash particulates yesterday. I go into work in early the AM on Weds, and the full moon was a spectacular reddish orange this morning from all the smoke.

    Not doing to bad today, if you look at this map.

    Im less than mile from the only air monitor on the Kitsap peninsula but looking east, it gets worse.

    • Ed says:

      On the Peninsula as well, pretty bad around here! I live in the Central Valley area but grew up in E. Brem then Tracyton.

  7. Oldfart says:

    I’ve lived in Oregon almost all of my 83 years, so I’ve also seen a lot of fires but the smoke yesterday was the worst I can remember. We’re supposed to get some rain tomorrow. Pray for a good storm. We could use it!

  8. warhorse says:

    the sights on HAARP are a bit off, give ’em a little bit to get it tuned in….

  9. Don in Oregon says:

    Friend of mine’s home in the Columbia River Gorge is under a Stage 2 evac notice (be ready to leave at any time) and so is his summer home in the mountains, due to two different fires. At his summer home he set up a gas-powered pump in the creek feeding fire hoses and sprinklers but now I imagine he’s headed home to try to save that.

    And a 90-year-old resort where I have worked in the past is just a few miles away from two separate fires, and has been completely evacuated except for a skeleton crew to run the water system in the hopes of saving the place.

    Worst fire season I can remember.

    • Wirecutter says:

      It sure seems a hell of a lot worse than I’ve seen.
      There were some big fires when I was back there, but this year is a few big fires with a lot of smaller ones that are connecting.

  10. Grandpa says:

    As a young man in the 60s, I worked with LA County fire, clearing brush near homes, and etc. It was dirty, dusty work; and usually as hot as the devil’s dick in the summer. After a couple years on my. gov sponsored tour of SE Asia, I came back to work with a Hot Shot crew for a couple summers . We were kept busy, because TPTB decided that the brush didn’t have to be cleared anymore.

  11. somedude says:

    just wait, you gonna see some real shit show on things happening with these fire. the people are pissed at the fed’s. firefighters have died over poor decision of the higher ups. management teams fucking up about containment, let the fires get bigger for their own personal career interest. all this chatter is on the ground level. as for the environmental wackos and the states will sell public land ass-hats. how is your federal forest looking right now, how are your public waterways gonna look when all this soil and ash ends up in the streams and rivers, hows your hunting season going with a huge portion of grounds closed and massive amount of wildlife dead, injured or displaced. btw that’s smoke is from billions of harvest able timber burning up. enjoy it you commie rats. makes us rural mountain folks hate you even more. stupid motherfuckers. exactly why they get people like Stalin/Mao/Chavez in power.

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