I’m tired

I am. I’m just plumb wore out, burned out, whatever you want to call it.
I spend a good 8-10 hours a day either posting or looking for shit to post on this master called a blog and I need a fucking break. It’s not that there’s other things that are being neglected, it’s just that this is becoming a burden sometimes.

Don’t trip, I’m not quitting.

I started blogging 9 years ago out of boredom and it became a habit, a way to a amuse myself – I was recently divorced and without a demanding wife I suddenly had a lot of time to kill. Then I found I actually had people that were interested in what I posted and had to say and it became an obsession and then it became an obligation, especially when I put a donation link in my sidebar. While that may have been a mistake it was a necessary evil – it does help pay the bills.

But now blogging is a job – a seven day a week, 12 hour a day job that doesn’t pay shit when you consider the time invested. Seriously, I spend a solid 8-12 hours a day on my computer either posting or looking for shit to post and then moderating comments on those posts. Even my memories and stories takes me several hours to write and edit before posting because I just ain’t that bright. One of my old army stories – that’s started 3-4 days before you ever see it because I have to be in a certain mood to write – that shit just don’t flow naturally, ya know. Hell, sometimes I’ll write something and edit it 3-4 times after I post it. Let me put it this way – I’ve been writing and editing this post for almost an hour so far and I’m what? three paragraphs into it.

I started blogging 9 years ago on August 17, 2008. It’s been good to me, too. Many of my readers have supported me financially through their donations and kind words but man, the best benefits are the friends I’ve made – Angel, Doc, Wisco, Dennis, Elmo, Granny, JC, Terry, Rob, Deb – way too many to list them all by name – but these are friends that will remain friends for the rest of my life.

I read somewhere that the average blog lasts 3 years, and I’m way past that. Not only that but I have no plans on quitting. I do need a fucking break though and I hope you’ll understand.

Okay, I have picture posts scheduled every couple hours until 5:30 tonight. Comments may or may not be moderated today. Tuesday’s posts probably ain’t gonna happen and the same may go for Wednesdays and maybe even Thursdays depending on my mood.
I’ll see y’all for Fanny Friday at the latest and I thank each and every one of you for your understanding. God bless you – stay safe and take care.

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102 Responses to I’m tired

  1. Judy says:

    You and Miss Lisa have a good break.

  2. Skip says:

    Kick back and take a break homie.
    We’ll be here.

  3. Tim in AK says:

    I check out the site every single morning while eating breakfast, and again in the evening.
    I doubt anyone will begrudge you a short timeout, even if we get some short term withdrawals while waiting for you to get back to posting.
    Have fun chasing your dog and chickens around the yard while you’re regrouping and taking a breather….

  4. Phssthpok says:

    Everyone needs a vacation from time to time, if only to break the monotony.

    Relax a bit. Enjoy your time.

    We’ll be here when you return.

  5. Murph says:

    Ees ok man, we’ll be here when you get back. Take a break…..breathe……

  6. Phil says:

    Ya Piker!
    In all seriousness, I totally get what you are saying Kenny.
    I started blogging in 2006 and have gone through 4 different blogs and or hosting sites with a recent change from Blogger to WordPress.

    Take a fuckin’ break dude.
    Go fishin’ or something.
    Get drunk while you are at it.
    I can tell you with 100% certainty that you won’t lose one single reader by taking a few days off.

  7. Gater, OKC says:


    Take a few days. We all need a break now and again.

    I worked for 55 years before I finally retired (I’m 73 now), and work harder now than when I was ’employed’. So I, and all your friends on Knuckledraggin, support your choice.

    Love ya, Buddy. Take care of yourself. Our best to you and Ms. Lisa.


  8. Timbotoo says:

    I feel your pain, Kenny. I’m too tired to even start blogging. One request; while on your break think about compiling your memories into a book. It’ll sell.

  9. pdwalker says:

    Dude! You’re a machine!

    You post more than any ten other bloggers I read. Slow the fuck down, take some time for yourself. Get out and get some sunshine and fresh air and post as and when you feel like it.

    (That might give me enough time to catch up on your posts)

  10. CapnRon says:

    Good. Now quit procrastinatin and deal with that hickory! :))

  11. Boba O'Really says:

    Enjoy the break. Cheers

  12. Bacon says:

    Don’t sweat it Kenny. Been following you since ogdaa and you’ve done great. No one ever expected you to put in that many hours. No need and it sure ain’t healthy. When you’ve got something to post, post it. When you don’t, don’t. Take care of yourself first.

  13. Angel says:

    Hey! Go shoot something, fish, rub CGD’s no-nads, hug Miss Lisa for me, eat something you shouldn’t, laugh at something ridiculous, nap, and know that I love your cantankerous non-ass, yeah?

    • Granny says:

      What Angel said, and thank you for the honor of being included in a very select group indeed.
      Please get some sun on those freezer burnt chicken legs of yours. Hug your woman and tease your dogs. (Do not get this bass akwards.)

  14. anonymous says:

    I completely understand what you are saying. Writing and looking for content takes some effort, sometimes when you just don’t ‘wanna but gotta’. If you need to take some time to relax or get something done you’ve been putting off – go for it. We’ll be here when you get back rested. Have a great time !

  15. Steve in KY says:

    Enjoy your rest man. The photos are neat, but we come for the stories. You are a cool guy, with great stories.Thank you.

  16. Towser says:

    Ken, I SO understand where you are coming from. One reason I don’t comment more often is it takes me too long to compose. From my experience, I don’t think the time it takes to write a post is a mark on your ability or intelligence – some of us need to take our time with the craft. As for the pay… welcome to the club. Everywhere I hear – you can’t find good writers. Bullshit. Everybody who can read can write so they think it is no big deal to whip up a decent piece so nobody wants to pay for it. They don’t want to write it, but they don’t want to pay for it. Take a break, recharge. We’ll check back.

  17. whynot says:

    Thank you for the time and thoughts in your postings. I come here several times a day to read. Enjoy the time off!!

  18. irontomflint says:

    Here is what I do when I get that way- I go and load up as much brass as I can and then go shooting targets until I get sloppy. Go back and clean the shooty irons and then the next weekend I do the same thing again. It puts things into perspective when I switch up from 9mm to 44mag to the real serious long guns at real serious distances. When you can put all 5 shots in the black at 100, 200 300 and 500 yards, man that is satisfaction. But that’s just me…

  19. Enjoy your time off, you need it. We will wait patiently for your posts. Thanks Wire cutter.

  20. One of the many Bills says:

    You deserve a break. You’ve earned it, over and over again. We all deserve a break once in awhile. Life gets tiring after doing the same thing over and over. We’ll all miss what we expect but understand how shit goes. Relax and enjoy.

  21. Jerry says:

    Right on, Dude. You should go fishin’
    “Thank You” for all you’ve done.

  22. Paraclete says:

    I completely understand where you’re at…
    I too invest a lot of time producing a weekly internet radio show.
    Which takes many hours to prepare for.
    Not to mention the selection of songs in order to manufacture a
    play list which is sent to the engineer so he can play the songs
    when qued.
    When overloaded with work, I request the re-broadcast of the
    previous week in order to keep the series current…

  23. Robert Skipworth says:

    Take a break. I’ve wondered just due to the sheer volume how you get anything else done. Go play with the dogs, drink a little sweet tea, nap, we’ll still be here when you get back……

  24. Rick says:

    WC-12 hours a day is way too much! You need a vacation, and a new schedule. Most of the sites I visit every day are one new item a day. Hell, one of them is updated on Monday only. I visit your site three times a day and there is always new stuff! That’s a schedule only a fanatic or an invalid would follow. Cut it back to just when you feel like it. You got a life, right?

  25. Bryn says:

    Relax and enjoy your break Kenny, you’ve more than earned that right over the years.
    Best wishes to you both,

  26. Andy says:

    No sweat Kenny. Everyone needs a break at some point. I think I speak for everyone when I say we are all here for you.

  27. al says:

    Well I’m new here just found you about a week ago and really enjoy your site very well done. I had no idea how much effort is involved in a blog. My finances are in a terrible shit but when I can will send you something for your effort. Please keep up the hard work and I’ll sing your praises to others. Thanks again.

  28. NewVegasBadger says:

    I do get it. There are times when one does a break from things. If you are putting in as many hours as you have, then this blog IS a full time “job”. Yup you need a vacation, so take one. You need the recharge of your mental batteries. BTY, as one of your daily faithful followers, you have an outstanding blog.

  29. California Southpaw says:

    Go for a walkabout, mate.
    Catch ya around the campfire when you get back.

  30. cato says:

    Enjoy the break…….if you enjoy your break half as much as I do reading knuckledraggin’, you’ll not be concerned with anything but your enjoyment for the next few days.

  31. odgreen says:

    Ironic, but maybe a sign. The Greens have no computer or Internet, never have, except for this cursed “stupid” phone that I assumed I needed to keep things rolling smoothly amongst the clan. Been thinking about putting it out to pasture for a while, maybe it is time for more meatspace. At ease, Ken, I’ve always enjoyed your writing, I’ll check in from time to time, but I’ve got a 3 sided loafing shed that has been in the “planning” stage for 6 months, time to get outside!

    I’ll be outten back,

  32. BiblicalViolence says:

    With one name or another, I’ve been reading and sporadically commenting on your blog for…around 5 years or so now and the content (i.e. your personality) never falters. This blogspot is a keystone of sorts in a working man’s rolladex of news/blog sites and I content that it’s one of the most important because of the humor. I’ll be honest, after ZeroHedge and a couple others, I’ll be bummed the fuck out but after several minutes here, walking on sunshine again. Guess this is just a long winded way of saying “thanks”, especially for the sheer amount of effort put into knuckledraggin.

    On a side note, recruit some in that close circle (time permitting) to help edit written content for the glorious honor of having been mentioned on your illustrious site!
    Have a day with a single posting featuring the writing of a knuckledraggin reader. That way, content comes to YOU and can set limits/rules like “don’t make it too fuck’n long” or “pretend to write on a level of a highschool graduate ” etc. If it interests you, it’ll interest us.

  33. Trib says:

    Retirement does this to you. Have a good one and take a road trip. Thanks for the past.

  34. nonncom says:

    Enjoy, my friend….sometimes we all need time to just fuck off….

  35. OC says:

    Like I’ve said before, I don’t know how you get anything done around your place while keeping this thing running on all eight.
    So, yeah, I’ll miss it, but y’all deserve a rest.
    See ya when ya get back – we’ll leave the light on for ya.

  36. H says:

    Well that’s understandable. I would suppose that anyone not liking the new arrangement is free to open his or her own dang blog if they lack sufficient entertainment.

    You might want to consider that Ole Remus at The Woodpile Report went from a daily report to complete termination of operations, and then came back (thank God!) with a once weekly edition, fresh every Tuesday, or near enough, as he says.

    We’ll still be here waiting on you.

  37. Bill says:

    Take a break man,with no explanation needed,but appreciated. Hell,I’m a 68 year ol’retired Nailbanger an I totally get that the brain an body needs a recoup on occasion. So crack a brew an chill,see ya on the other side….I do enjoy yer BS tho!

  38. Exile1981 says:

    Well at your age you need to be taking frequent naps to keep your strenght up so you can yell at kids on your lawn.

  39. Winston Smith says:

    Dude, cut back. Don’t burn yourself out. Do this because you ENJOY doing it or don’t do it at all.

    I enjoy your stuff, especially your army stories and its VERY obvious that it takes a lot of time and effort to do those. Your style is engaging and hugely entertaining. And the events themselves are good too, but interesting writing is mainly how someone tells a story. You have that gift.

    Enjoy life- its way too short not to.

    • Sunny says:

      Winston Smith’s third sentence is exactly what I was gonna say.

      If it ain’t fun for you any more, stop doing it. Come back to it and see if you’re enjoying it again. We seriously don’t want you burnt out. We enjoy coming here every day to see what your critters, you and Miss Lisa are all up to. Not to mention all the cool things you find online.

      We love you man. Go have some fun.


  40. Ragnar says:

    I get that. No really, I get that . It’s like coming back to port after a deployment. Spend time for yourself, with Miss Lisa. All the shit you want to do with no strings attached. Everyone needs time off. All us bitter clingers will wait for your return.

  41. STxRynn says:

    I’m with you. I’m halfway thru a 2 week vacation. I’m cleaning up stuff slowly and just relaxing my way back to work in a week or so. Life has a way of getting up to your eyeballs at times.

    Recoil therapy, especially black powder, is my favorite relaxation…. Take it easy, man.

    See you after R&R….

  42. Inbred Redneck says:

    I’ve been enjoyin’ the free ice cream all these years, I can stand to go on a diet for a little while.

  43. FriscoKid says:

    It’s all good, man. Thank you.

  44. RHT447 says:

    When you do your favorite thing day after day after day because you HAVE to, after awhile it isn’t your favorite thing anymore. Thanks for all the free ice cream. You offer a commodity that is rare these days. Truth.

    So, take a break. Load some ammo, shoot some guns. Post up when you are moved to. As they say on another blog somewhere “Meat space, baby!”. Works for me. I’m always a sucker for good prime rib.

  45. Jeff says:

    Nothing wrong with a break, we are pretty easy to please. Pre-load a few pictures of scantily clad women doing something with a fire arm. That will keep most of us entertained all day.

  46. Jack Daniels says:

    It’s all good… rest….. I’ll just re-read the previous posts again…..and again.

  47. Drew in Michigan says:

    Take care, see you when you get back.

  48. Steve says:

    I hear ya Kenny; I’m so sick and tired of the countries idiots, I’m thinking of deleting facebook and telling the “cousins” to kiss my a**!
    It’s fall in the mountains in your neck of the woods. I would like to suggest that you do some winter preps. Cutting wood, canning veggies, putting a little sweat equity into the homestead. You deserve the mental break and you need to do some physical work. Get out and enjoy the weather and some fresh air.
    Thanks for the amusing ‘coon pics, the memories and the snarky take on life. See ya on the flip side!

  49. kent smith says:

    Thank you.

  50. Wind River Ranger says:

    The average blog does not log almost 70,000,000 hits. Nice job.

  51. Okie says:

    Right on….
    Everyone needs a break at times.
    Hope to see ya back when the time is right.


  52. BadFrog says:

    Kenny, take your time, relax and kick back. We’ll be here when you’re ready

  53. Michael in Nelson says:

    It’s your blog and your life so it’s your decision. Stay safe and sane.

  54. Sam Keith says:

    Keep on rockin’. I’m British and enjoy my visit every day. Thanks.

  55. Geoff R says:

    You ain’t Robinson Crusoe Ken.You start doing something you like and it grows into a challenge,a pleasant challenge,but still a challenge.Any new job,hobby or sport,even marriage usually gets to a point where you have to work at it.At times it just takes a break,other times it takes more.Usually you have had enough when what you used to do for fun becomes work.Slow down,smell the coffee and do whatever makes you feel good (not R rated in public,please).Enjoy what you’ve got before the socialist ban it.

  56. David Martin says:

    Most people take a couple days a week off, you should too.

  57. RonM says:

    By all means, Kenny, take some time off! I’ve often wondered how you do it. I couldn’t do one-tenth as much.

  58. RKflorida says:

    Take whatever time you need. You are the captain of this ship!!

  59. Harry says:

    Hey Man – I hear you. I would be super happy to add content and moderate for a week to help. Just let me know if you ever want to take me up on it. I bet there are a few other bloggers here who would do the same in a heartbeat.

  60. susan says:



  61. C.R. says:

    I look foward to reading your blog. We understand .

  62. Timbo says:

    Jesus Christ!
    What, every 4 years you need a break?
    Suck it up Suzie, millions rely on you!
    Jk, enjoy!
    Maybe youre done your work here…

  63. Gregbee says:

    Recharge your batteries man! I sure as hell can’t do what you do here daily and will keep stopping by to check in. The break from those damn tranny pictures will be appreciated by all of us!! Enjoy time with the Mrs and CGD. :-)

  64. Anderson says:

    I challenge a hundred people to take 5 bucks out of their wallet and mail it to Kenny. He deserves it. Mine will go out today.

  65. Sedition says:

    Some days the news is slow and you hear about the same old shit day after day. Some days shit happens so fast that no one coud keep up with it. Take a break, but take advantage of the slow news days especially. Don’t stress yourself eithier trying to find something to post or trying to fit it all in. Hell, if it’s a slow news day…that’s what pornhub was made for.

  66. Tim says:

    Take all the time you need, we all understand.

    Your wit and wisdom will be missed, nut you need to do what makes you happy.

  67. Aesop says:

    Recharge your batteries.

    But like a lot of folks running a business, you’ve discovered the meanest sonofabitch boss you’ll ever have is yourself.

    Give yourself some vacation days.
    We’ve got this Internet thing handled while you’re gone, and everybody will be right where you left ’em when you get back.

    And thanks for all the free ice cream, man.

  68. I'll cry in silence! luis says:

    Take some time off, we are addicted to your blog but rather have some Ken than no Ken at all.

  69. Klaus says:

    You deserve some downtime. You could post half the content you do and still have our undivided attention.

  70. jack says:

    Take a break and remember…Do something fun while you are at it!


  71. Bryce says:

    Take all the time you need. But please come back soon with a story. Love your stories.

  72. Sanders says:

    Just take some time to go out and fish, hunt, reload, shoot, cut up that log, and chase your chickens. Then come back with some new stories. You are retired, after all.

  73. Marlin 444 says:

    I enjoy your blog and have visited nearly every day for the past year! Looking forward to when you return!

  74. =TW= says:

    Be safe but have fun.

  75. Marty says:

    First thing I read in the morning, one of the last things I read at night. I get a chuckle at the “h/t Kenny” tags I come across. Take a break, dude. You’ve earned it.

  76. Deb says:

    12 hours a day? Well, the quality certainly reflects that but hell, you are RETIRED! Enjoy life, enjoy just kicking back on that porch with Miss Lisa, CGD and LL – THAT’s living. Blogging should be fun, not a chore.

    I am honored you think of me as a friend because Jesus, Mary, Joseph and the damned donkey, I would hate to be your enemy!

    The day you offered to take NutJob the FU’d dog for me was the day I knew you were a good man and a better friend. I can never thank you enough for that.

    Now shut off the computer and go enjoy life.

  77. Anonymous says:

    Take a break. We will all be here when you decide to post stuff again.

    Thank you for your efforts!

  78. Rich in NC says:

    He says “I’m tired” then posts another 10 posts for the 25th (according to my count). GO. Shoot a fish, hook a deer, make a dent in the hickory tree with yet another chainsaw, take a drive through VA to watch/see the fall colors changing as you drive north.
    Most importantly, don’t apologize for getting up from the PC. You’re the boss of that desk, not it of you.
    Stay away as long as you want, as you DON’T owe us anything. Heck Marooned in MA posts only every 6 months, and I still follow him. Enjoy the time not blogging. Write again when you miss it.
    Till you come back, Sir.

    Enjoy Life.
    Rich in NC

  79. Bagley says:

    Get some rest…..

    ….maybe a long rest from the blog and write the book…..maybe…..

  80. Rob says:

    Blogging is supposed to be fun, unless it’s a job :-)
    We’ll be here, see ya later.

  81. mrgarabaldi says:

    Hey Kenny;

    Enjoy your break, I blog all the time and you are a machine, I post every day, every other day and you have multiple content everyday. , take a break, spend time with the Hickory tree trunk in your yard and annoying the spousal unit.

  82. Mike_C says:

    Thanks for all the free ice cream, and the place to hang out. My hat is off to you for all that you do. (I was wondering how much time you were spending on this. Not surprised, but still, WOW.)

    Enjoy your very well deserved time “off”.

  83. Paul Finney says:

    Honestly, go ahead and monetize this thing, get advertisers and sponsors, you get millions of hits! This blog is the best, It’s not selling out, its smart. We don’t care, we love this blog and want you to make money!

  84. Barnguy says:

    Its your life to enjoy, thats why you got out of Kalifornia. Best of luck to you in anything you want to do. I knew when we lost the MILFs you were getting tired. You have given your readers plenty and we are very gtateful. We do wish that you will check in again time to time.
    Until that time enjoy your days

  85. bobdog says:

    Writing is hard. Writing well is double hard.

    Take a break if you need one, kenny.

  86. David Lawson says:

    HEY Ken O Mighty of Scribes,
    I suggest a couple nights of sleep, a dozen or so Blow Jobs. a few dozen beers and some time at the range. NOT IN THAT ORDER BY THE WAY! And you will be a okay!


    ,This sublime column will be on vacation until about October 15 from sheer exhaustion. The wells of libel and sedition are not without limits and, having run dry, must replenish themselves from the slow flow of bile’s aquifers. At the end of this respite, FOE will take Weighty Decisions, but for the moment there are books I have not red and red wine I have not drunk, the accumulation of which could shift the gravitational balance of the cosmos. I must attend to these matters. Ken, out.

    I apologize for the gibberish that afflicted this week’s effort. A software failure.

  87. Breakerman says:

    You better not ever leave. This is one of the only sites i visit on a daily basis.

  88. C.R. says:

    Thank you for all the work you put in here !

  89. Maggat says:

    I just gotta visit your each day for a bit of laid back sanity. Thanks I enjoy.

  90. Don says:

    You are my go to blog every day! Enjoy some time off. I’ve been enjoying the books I bought from you before you moved. Send me a reply if I can take you both out for dinner soon.

  91. Take a break man don’t kill yourself over this !! Hey we all enjoy reading your postings but12 hours a day is way too much time to spend on this thing!! Go somewhere do something beside sit on the computer. Just watch out for the possums!!

  92. Concerned Mama says:

    I completely understand the feeling. Over the last year I’ve been working to establish a business (between the homeschooling, canning, yard landscaping, and minor house renovation work,) and it’s the getting things online that kills me the most. I’d finally got everything on Etsy, then realized how awful my photography was, so I invested in some photography courses. Then I figured out how much Etsy is killing my business potential, so now I’m building a website/online storefront and moving everything over. Seriously, the online portion kills me the most. I agonize over trying to get the wording and phraseology correct, proofreading caught, and not messing up links. My deadline is this Saturday morning since I have a craft show and need to have things backing my products up. (And that’s not counting all the rebranding work I’m doing to completely switch over and get things more professional.)

    Hang in there. Take all the time you need, we’ll all still be here. I’d suggest walking barefoot in the grass, but CGD may make that a bad idea with his presents. Enjoy some time off with Miss Lisa, and recharge.

  93. Mike_SMO says:

    Your efforts are greatly appreciated; usually twice. Once when I see them and then a second time when I hear the screams of those I forward them to. A lot of my friends are “that” kind.

    Hang in.

  94. Westcoaster says:

    Hey Wirecutter, I run an Internet biz too, getting people’s website on the search engines, so I am my PC all day and if I see something appropriate where can I send it? Back in the old days we used to call this being a “stringer”. Sounds like you need a network of them!
    You have my email, so just end me your email link.

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