Impeccable timing as always

The federal government auctioned off disaster-response trailers at fire-sale prices just before Harvey devastated southeast Texas, reducing an already diminished supply of mobile homes ahead of what could become the nation’s largest-ever housing mission.

More than 100 2017-model Federal Emergency Management Agency trailers were sold over the two days before the Category 4 hurricane landed in the Gulf Coast, an analysis of government data by The Associated Press found. Harvey was already projected to be a monster storm that would inflict unprecedented damage.

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6 Responses to Impeccable timing as always

  1. kennymac says:

    And some people think a government run monopoly will solve our healthcare problems. That thought is not based on any really world experience.

  2. rick says:

    Is anything better than nothing? Home got flooded, here’s a used roach infested, mold ridden trailer. Would you take it? I mean, it’s a place, right.

    Let’s look at it another way, something like 80,000 homes damaged by flood waters, rendering them uninhabitable. The article says, “…over 100…” trailers. A mountain out a molehill? Given the inflammatory nature of MSM (AP included) I say yes. IOW, over sensationalized tripe.

    Or perhaps it is the low return at auction. Yeah, I got a problem with that too. It strikes me as a waste of our tax monies. But gov has done the same with everything whether it be ships, aircraft, vehicles, buildings, you name it. Yeah, I got a big problem with that. And I do know the cost of inventory.

  3. Antibubba says:

    Huh. Must’ve been done by somebody in our government who sees FEMA as a bloated agency that needs to be brought down. Too bad we’ll never know who.

  4. Sanders says:

    2017 trailers? I could see if they were like 10 yrs old or so…

    • crazyeighter says:

      Not as big a fuckup as the trailers ordered for Katrina victims. For some reason they weren’t approved for (floodplain??) use and were left to rot at the Mena, AR airport.

  5. matt says:

    It’s all Bush’s fault.

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