Meanwhile, in Florida…..

Officer Kenia Fallat, a spokesperson for the Miami Police Department, was driving an unmarked cop car yesterday when she hit 19-year-old Jimmy John’s sandwich-delivery bicyclist Mason Morales.

Yet somehow it was Morales who eventually ended up in jail on criminal mischief charges.

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5 Responses to Meanwhile, in Florida…..

  1. Tsquared says:

    She is the PD’s PR spokesperson. From what I have seen elsewhere on the net she made a right turn and mowed down the bike rider. Luckily she was not going very fast and stomped the brakes stopping before she rolled over the guy on the bike. She basically rear ended him. He got up and was PO’d (I would be too). He then picked up what was left of the bike and threw it at the car – that is what got him arrested.

    The consensus is that she caused the accident. I couldn’t find out if she was cited for failure to yield or following too close. They need to toss the charges, buy the guy a new bike, and pay for any medical treatment that he may need. They also need to take away Ms. Fallat’s driving privileges for police cars as she has a history of other issues in police cars. She is a PR spinner who’s job is to spin the news for the police department.

  2. Steve says:

    Another example of “respect muh authority”

    Every Cop Involved in the Arrest of This Utah Nurse for Refusing to (Illegally) Draw a Patient’s Blood Needs to Be Fired

    Shall we ease into our Labor Day weekend with an absolutely repulsive video of a police detective abusing his authority against a completely innocent person for no real justifiable reason? Oh, why not?

    Behold, Salt Lake City Police Det. Jeff Payne arresting Nurse Alex Wubbels in July for refusing to violate an unconscious—comatose, actually—man’s rights by drawing his blood for the police without any sort of warrant whatsoever:

    In fact, the claim that this blood draw was part of an “investigation” at all adds another layer of revulsion to Payne’s behavior. The unconscious man Payne wanted blood from was not suspected of any crime and had done nothing wrong. He was, in fact, a victim of a crime.

  3. Daryl says:

    Jimmy John’s makes a good sandwich and delivers fast. I hope they cut the police off.

  4. truthzzzz says:


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