Now go after the warehouses

A Pennsylvania tree-trimming company was ordered to pay $95 million in the largest fine against a company for hiring immigrants who didn’t have permission to work in the U.S., according to federal officials.

Asplundh Tree Expert of Willow Grove, Pa., pleaded guilty in federal court in Philadelphia on Thursday to illegally hiring the immigrants. Some of the immigrants were in the U.S. illegally, none had authorization to work in the country, according to court documents.


Having spent 25 years working in a warehouse, I can personally attest to the fact that they hire huge numbers of illegals, at least the ones in Central California. I was told once by a union official that the warehouse I worked at was about 30% illegal.

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  1. Sword of the Lictor says:

    Freaking hilarious. I did a trial period with Asplundh in 1982. Reason I didn’t get hired? I didn’t speak Spanish. All union, they have all the power line trimming contracts. 95 mil is probably about right.

    • snuffy says:

      Yep, they are the contractor for PPL. Not sure about any other electric companies.

      • singlestack says:

        They have contracts all over the country. I know several people here in Mississippi that have worked for them. This fine couldn’t have been inflicted on a more deserving bunch of assholes.

        • Heathen says:

          They were the tree butchers who cut the south quarter off the Blue Spruce at my home several years ago.

          (Visualize a triangle with a 90 degree cut from the top 1/4 of the tree. )

          Two years later it was leaning toward the garage & I hired a local trimmer to cut it down.

  2. Travis says:

    Should I be surprised that the union allowed that? I’d have a lot more respect for the unions if they fought this sort of crap.

  3. Exile1981 says:

    If companies start getting hit with huge federal fines for hiring illegals they will stop.

  4. bogsidebunny says:

    Illegals do have a place in America. Directly through a wood chipper and into the tomato fields. Not to harvest, but to fertilize.

  5. C.R. says:

    I used to work maintenance at a bakery(village hearth bread) i was changing into my uniform and one of the mixer operators wandered in , took a dump , and strolled back out to his mixing area without washing his filthy paws. I mentioned this to the shift supervisor,and he said”Thats ok,it’s going through the oven” I asked him if we could turn the oven up enough to cook the shit outta the bread . I never ate anything we made there ever again,still wont but village hearth products ICK!!

    • C.R. says:

      he was one of many border jumpers

    • Miss A says:

      I currently have a similar problem with one of my employees. However, I’m not in the food industry.
      I have a 60ish Latino man who employees are telling me when they walk in the bathroom, he is standing/squatting on the toilet seat, leaving shit on the rim. Then also walks out without washing his hands.

      Yet, he’s concerned (I guess) about getting his ass cheeks dirty. Lol

      • Wirecutter says:

        We had a Vietnamese guy that did the same thing and instead of wiping, he would clean himself by pouring water down his back, soaking the seat and floor with bacteria laden water.

  6. Bill says:

    Sort of ironic that Aggie types are always big flag wavers yet their industry is a major contributor to making illegal immigration what it is today

    • Elmo says:

      Asplundh isn’t ag, it’s corporate. Not to say little outfits don’t do it too.
      I knew of a medium sized logger that would hire illegals. Then at the end of the year he’d beat them out of what he owed them and tell them “What are you going to do about it?” The owners were unethical crooks.

      They were the exception to the rule. The big outfit I worked for only hired green card holders, and didn’t tolerate culls. There were a lot of good Amigos in the company, and they were treated just like everyone else.

  7. Half the tree trimmers in the state are up here in Tuolumne. I can testify that some are illegals.
    I actually hope that ICE is monitoring this post.

  8. B says:

    THe Dairies around here are 75%illegals.

    THe unions keep ’em out of the steel mills.

  9. warhorse says:

    LOL Willow Grove,PA…I was stationed there HSL-94 what a crap squadron. the “retention officer” actually had to put out a warning that laughing at him when he tried to sign you up to a longer tour was “disrespecting a senior officer”..whatever that means.

  10. Skip says:

    Shit, construction is all wetbacks. I used to pay $400 to frame a house and a van full of wetbacks would show up and do it for $300. Times a hundred…I made a coupla bucks.
    I didn’t like it, but what the fuck are you gonna, turn down money?
    It would have taken me a month to put together an American crew and lose schedule.
    I had thirty up by then…fuck me runnin’.

    • singlestack says:

      I hear ya man. I’m a commercial plumber and they’ve taken over every trade except plumbing, electrical and, around here, concrete finishing. The blacks have that.

  11. C.R. says:

    The big dairies around here have tons of then too,One day (wish I’d have had a camera) I saw their big John Deere and manure spreader going down the road,and flying from the tractor was a big(probably 3×5) mexican flag. I thought we were being invaded bu mexican special forces !

  12. Miss A says:

    I do a lot of hiring in a warehouse setting. I can tell you this much, they’re pretty slick. I follow federal protocol when hiring.
    I had one employee who had all proper paperwork for hire. Been with the company for 10 years. All the sudden IRS starts garnishing the majority of his check.
    He sees this and tells us he won’t be back, he’d stolen someone else’s ID and was leaving for South America the next day.

    Another hire..guy trying to get labor position. Had all paperwork except his SS card. Time drags on, he keeps calling wanting to work while I wait for him to order a card. Barely any English too.
    I get irritated and finally say, if I don’t have that card in my hand tomorrow morning, the offer is off the table.
    Low and behold, he shows up next morning with a brand new, ink still wet, card. I knew there was no way to get it that fast and was probably a fake. But hey, I’m not a document expert.
    They have their connections to get the documents they need.

    • Wirecutter says:

      When our warehouse changed hands a few years ago all the employees had to prove their residency or citizenship to be rehired. During the interview/rehiring process, my buddy Woody overheard one of the interviewers tell a guy that his paperwork was not up to snuff and bring back something better the next day. He did and was rehired.
      The guy was arrested a few months later and deported for being illegal. Imagine that.

      • Miss A says:

        Obummer made it so,
        with or without papers, the illegals are now protected.

        I was watching judge Judy yesterday. Two couples, both admitted to being illegal, trying to hide settlement money from the government. The illegal couples were both getting government assistance, not working.
        Dude, gets in a wreck, gets 10 grand. Being on assistance they had to hide the money.

        This shit is on TV? Wtf is wrong with this picture? Their asses should’ve been hauled off on camera, in cuffs with a “return to sender” stamp right on their forehead.


  13. Spin Drift says:

    I know who Asplundh is. Swedish family that was in the pulp and paper industry. The grandfather chemical engineer invented the Asplundh Raspinator. Looks like the family business stayed with trees.

  14. Randy says:

    there isn’t a road, house or building on central and south Texas that didn’t have illegals working at one time or another. Any where concrete was poured, there they were. It was just the way it was and still is

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