Rock on

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6 Responses to Rock on

  1. woodsterman says:

    Rock on is right!

  2. FriscoKid says:

    Well done, lad.

  3. Bob says:

    Very selfish I am. I live my life looking for opportunities to help someone have a better time in this school we call life. Is this selfish? Yes. I do it because it makes me feel good.

  4. John h. says:

    Unfortunately, there’s alot more of that happens every day that we never see!! A whole lot of it just happened in houston and what we did see was em being told they werent needed and to leave. No thank you, fuk you or nothin. We need a new news network/tv station conglomerate to compete w/ the big 3. I’d donate part of the crew to build the tower and hang the antenna.
    John h.

  5. California Southpaw says:

    My next door neighbor (retired Army) looks a lot like that older guy. He goes out for the mail or the paper every day no matter how long it takes, and it can take a while. He’s like “fuck the world, I’m marching, get out of my way”. He and his wife are pushing 90 and still taking life by the balls. Their jobless 45 year old son lives with them. The loss of this generation is breaking my heart.

  6. Bless that man holding the umbrella. May he advance much farther in life than a job at Wendy’s. So nice to see respect for our elders.

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