Rules for Guns 2 Ammo giveaway

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Rules for the Guns 2 Ammo Sweepstakes– To Be Held September 30, 2017—

We’ll be doing the drawing on Facebook Live (assuming the snowflakes will grant us the privilege); pay attention to the announcements we make on various sites and emails. Pay attention!

  1. Winner must be of legal age to own a gun in resident state; if you’re not old enough to win it, don’t enter!
  2. Winner must reside in a state that allows us to ship your handgun; if you don’t know about your state, check out If you live in one of those states that doesn’t respect your 2A rights—move. But don’t enter the raffle until you do.
  3. Winner must be able to legally own a gun. If you can’t, and you know who you are—don’t enter.
  4. Winner must agree to allow Guns 2 Ammo to use your likeness in future promotions. If you’re butt ugly, don’t worry; we won’t use you. If you’re only kind of ugly, we might. We’ll see.
  5. We expect to do these drawings on a regular basis, so if you’re one of those lucky people that wins a lot of stuff, don’t enter another drawing for six months. Give someone else a chance, huh?
  6. If you ignore the above legal rules and happen to win anyway, we’ll send you one of the non-gun prizes, since it’s only the gun ownership that we have to be careful with.
  7. By entering your email into the drawing, you agree to receive from Guns 2 Ammo or one of our affiliates about… about whatever we want to send you, that’s what. But you can always unsubscribe, but that would be kind of shortsighted because you never know what we’ll be doing next.
  8. Any taxes or fees due for winning stuff is your problem, not ours. Hey, we’re going to give you some nice items; don’t be an ingrate.
  9. If you haven’t put in an entry yet: what’s wrong with you? Go HERE and take care of it.
  10. Pay attention to our next drawing and keep Guns 2 Ammo in business. Buy something!
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2 Responses to Rules for Guns 2 Ammo giveaway

  1. MadMarlin says:

    Well crap… #4 is gonna be problem for me, so I’ll just send them a pic of Ken, if I win.

  2. Towser says:

    I don’t care to participate if FB is any part of it. Have at it guys.

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