Okay, when I came back from my time-out I said I was seriously considering taking Saturdays off to give myself a break and the more I think about it, the more I like that idea.
There may be some very light posting if I run across something interesting while reading the news but that’s about it. I’m for sure not going to go out of my way looking for something to post. I may moderate comments although not nearly as often as I normally do. Sunday’s posting will start sometime after I get up and around, after my coffee and news which will be maybe 8 or 9 my time. I generally roll out of bed around 6 or 7 because Lisa gets upset if I piss the bed, so we’re talking about missing out on maybe 4 picture posts here.

We’ll see how that shit goes. Posting is usually a little lighter in the cooler months anyways when I can get out and work without the heat and humidity so I may resume Saturdays then – if I can stay on top of things around here which shouldn’t be too difficult once I give the yard it’s final cutting, the leaves mulched and the trees pruned.

Thanks for your understanding, it’s most appreciated.

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24 Responses to Saturdays

  1. Mark R says:

    Good for you, take care of yourself first. So I can continue to enjoy your blog.

  2. Steve says:

    I hope you enjoy the mental break, and I thank you for keeping this blog interesting.

  3. One of the many Bills says:

    Excellent choice. We don’t want you all burned out.

  4. greatgeezer1 says:

    A man gotta do what a man gotta do. Rock on.

  5. Robert Skipworth says:

    Take a break, slow down, as I understand this you’re doing this for your own enjoyment. We enjoy it too but take it at your own speed. Go pet Charlie…..

  6. jack says:

    I’m good for what I can get. You will still be at the top of my list, more or less. Saturdays off sound like a great plan.


  7. Joe says:

    Please take Saturdays off. I am fairly new here, I came by way of The Burning Platform. I enjoy your postings and if a day off is needed, just do it.

    I even made a small donation to help you with your day off.

  8. Andrew says:

    Go make yourself some black powder bombs and blow some shit up. That always makes me feel better.

  9. tititititities!luis says:

    Tittie and pokies pics be fine for me on the weekends, no need to be all cerebral .
    Hell all week be okay.

  10. James.458 says:

    “Blow some shit up”,that is one of the best comments I have read(on all sites) in awhile.
    Take some time off,work part time on blog,do what you want,you have a life beyond the blog so go live it.Hang out with new neighbor,give him a hand and have him keep bringing you some back stop material,then,shoot,and well……blow some shit up!Hell,make a little tannerite and shoot and blow some shit up in one fell swoop.The posting becomes zero,well,you made up too big a batch!

  11. Richard says:

    Just do it !!! I’ve been retired for bout 8 years, and I still take days off from doing nothing. Enjoy your time, Wife. dogs, and do what makes you happy. We will be here when you come back.

  12. donnie says:

    Heh. Whatever You do with your extra time, just don’t hurt yourself……….. But, if You do, I expect some high quality video. Or, at least one of Your legendary stories. Alright?

  13. Deb says:

    Yup. Sounds good to me. Hell, take Sunday afternoons off, too and do stuff with LL and CGD: Dog Day Afternoon.

  14. Rob says:

    Have a good tomorrow.

  15. H says:

    Remember retirement, that thing you quit work to do?

    If you’re gonna spend all day pounding away on the damn compooter, you might as well find yourself a paying job and go back to work.

  16. NobodyCanuck says:

    Ken, your blog had become my first stop, surpassing some other blogs. May I suggest you look for a co-blogger or two to take abit of the loaf off? I see the hat tips are from a couple regulars. Maybe they might be interested? Just saying…

  17. Murph says:

    Ok, but you realize, there’ll be no more overtime…….

  18. Heathen says:

    We’ll still be here.

  19. Jason says:

    Hey Bro, you take care of you. I’m a light poster but I’ve enjoyed your blog for years now. Thanks for everything. If scaling back is what it takes to not burn out and drop the entire enterprise, we will all be well satisfied that you deign to continue to blog at us.

  20. MartyB says:

    It’s your show Kenny. You’re gonna do what you do, just don’t kill yourself doing it. And know it’s appreciated.

  21. Mike_SMO says:

    OMG! You will be ruining my entire weekend!

    No slackin’. Even emergency rooms have WiFi for patients as do local jails for their “guests”….

    Like kids and cats; 24/7. The slackers are back in the Blue. Lordy!

    I was going to say that you must do what you have to, to keep yourself sane, but that wouldn’t be near as much fun. And there’d be no common level for cmmunication.

  22. Weso Phuct says:

    The way I see it, we are just peeking over your shoulder when you say ” hey, lookie here!” If you say it less often, thats your business. I might actually go outside or something!

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