Six dead at Florida nursing home

HOLLYWOOD, FLA. (WSVN) – Police have evacuated several people from a Hollywood nursing home, where at least eight people have died.

According to Hollywood Fire Rescue and Police, 115 people were evacuated Wednesday morning at The Rehabilitation Center at Hollywood Hills, located at 1200 N 35 Ave., due to intense heat and no power. Broward County Mayor Barbara Sharief confirmed five people have died, but it remains unknown whether the deaths are related to the heat.

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2 Responses to Six dead at Florida nursing home

  1. FriscoKid says:

    Reminds me of the book, “One Second After” – EMP strikes and within almost no time at all a whole lotta people start dying en masse. ‘Twas one of the books that really lit a prepping fire under my ass. If it weren’t for our modern essentials of electricity/medicine/tech, we’d probably have a fraction of the population we do now. Sobering.

  2. Tom W. says:

    One of the local news choppers showed a generator next to the AC unit.

    Still unclear if they had power but lost AC, as a cook at the facility said he was cooking in the kitchen

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