Supreme Court Grants Cert In Employee Freedom Case

It didn’t make the biggest headlines, but the most important thing that happened today was the U.S. Supreme Court’s granting of certiorari in Janus v. American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, Council 31. I wrote about the Janus case here:

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4 Responses to Supreme Court Grants Cert In Employee Freedom Case

  1. OhioGuy says:

    Unions are parasites.

    Had to join the UAW to work at a FoMoCo assembly. They took in vast amounts of $$. In my hometown they refused to transition from the line (57.5 jobs an hour] to the ‘team concept’ that utilized subassemblies being worked on by various groups simultaneously. QC issue mandated it. Anyone who ever owned a Torino KWITA

    Union said no no no. Ford said we’ll close the plant, but we gotta transition from the line, OK ? Union said no. Ford closed the plant, FU to the union, after putting in millions for a new paint process the year before … and like that thousands of good paying jobs evaporated.

    UAW office stayed open for several years afterwards on the other side of Baumhart Road, doing precisely spit. Their stewards used to go to bat for fuckup who shoulda been fired. Same story at US Steel, same town, union covering for guys fucking up around molten steel, et al. And USX is now toes up, courtesy of their unserviceable pension plans.

  2. John Matus says:

    My experience with union work has been so very different, that when people complain about unions I have to do a little adjustment in my head, “Oh, they don’t mean real unions). I was a union carpenter, as was my Grandfather and Father. So when I hear union, I think trade union. Very, very different. Why do teachers or government workers need a union anyway? Do school districts and the government maltreat their workers?

    • David Lawson says:

      As a Retired Teacher, I can say that we have some real jerks in my district leadership team. And they can make your life hell on earth and they will too.

      But the Union did nothing at all for me & others. Since I was not one of the fair hair kids.

      So it’s great in theory. But all I got out of the deal was $150 per month taken out of my paycheck. Most of which went to the Democratic Party. All because of the fact that we had a closed shop.

  3. kennymac says:

    In my lifetime, I worked for four companies. The three that were unionized all went bankrupt. Public employee unions are doing the same thing to state and municipal finances. Rich, high tax Hartford Connecticut is bankrupt, and Illinois has gone into the financial equivalent of the diving reflex by suspending payments to most everyone to try and save bankrupt Chicago. Its a fool’s errand.

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