The Good Ol’ Days


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8 Responses to The Good Ol’ Days

  1. Elmo says:

    The way I’ve got it figured, that’s about a million board feet of lumber on those 12 (?) loads of logs.
    To put that in perspective, that would take one guy with one truck almost a whole summer to accomplish with today’s highway legal loads on a three trip haul.

  2. Geoff R says:

    The line of trucks in the first picture may be the good old days,but we still have to sit in those same long lines today to get unloaded.

  3. Don in Oregon says:

    I think the last time I saw a one-log load was 1985.

  4. somedude says:

    and yet we wonder why the forest burn up. no more old growth tree to shade down the forest. chock out smaller trees and grasses. i’m all for cutting trees, logging and manage forest but we have think why these trees grew so large and survived natural fires for hundreds of years. now we got FED’s who can’t manage shit, the environment ass hats who tie up every timber sale with litigation, and forest full of snags,tall grasses, pest killed trees, regen and non mature trees. i look at these pictures and say we fuck ourselves. but hey we only knew what we knew then. I’m of the opinion they want the forest to burn super hot now, every large incident fire is more ammo to their Climate Change taxation game. fuck the feds, more state owned lands.

  5. Gregbee says:

    How big a set of log tongs would you need to move those, size of a battleship anchor?

  6. Granny says:

    We are gonna need a bigger chainsaw.

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