This Is What Miami Could Look Like On Sunday Morning

An analysis by Climate Central shows that the Florida storm surge from hurricane Irma could endanger millions, and result in billions in property damage.

According to Climate Central, it has created the following resources to help anyone remaining in the area visually understand how dangerous the flooding will be in their neighborhood and take safety measures accordingly.

These simulations are based on the Coastal Emergency Risks Assessment (CERA) storm surge and wave model using data from the National Hurricane Center forecast track from Friday morning (Advisory 37). CERA partners include multiple leading universities and federal agencies.

And then there’s more on the storm track from Steve:

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12 Responses to This Is What Miami Could Look Like On Sunday Morning

  1. Then throw in 15 foot surf on top of that and you have a bad case of the uglies.

  2. Terry says:

    I am 100 miles north of Miami on the east coast. Shutters up, 25 gallons of gas for the generator, beer and water stocked, garage space for all the cars arranged for. I think I am ready. Wonder how your other Florida readers are doing. The latest track has it hitting the west coast near Naples. I am not evacuating.

    • Wirecutter says:

      No but you WILL report back to us when it’s over because you know how Lisa worries about friends, right? RIGHT???

    • DW says:

      We are on the west coast of Fl. Manatee county. Will finish boarding up the windows tomorrow. We didn’t need to get much in the way of preps. Always have a good supply in house. Did get more beer. Gotta have priorities. We staying and will ride this bitch out. We’re not in a flood zone so I’m not real worried about that, just the winds and tornadoes. Be safe everyone. I will send updates as I can.

  3. bogsidebunny says:

    Al Gore’s gonna ride this climate shit like a horny cowboy rode Belle Starr after 6 months on the lone prairie.

  4. John Deaux says:

    He did a great job explaining to those who don’t really understand how weather patterns works

  5. john says:

    Shoot that shit in the eye when it gets to you WC, we don’t need it in KY

  6. Rick Roe says:

    I’m in the same shape as Terry except a bit south in Ft. Lauderdale. Riding it out even if it’s full strength. I’ll keep posting until I lose power and/or internet.

  7. Bud says:

    thank goodness we have Al Gore’s internet to keep tabs on Al Gore’s global war…, i mean climate change.

  8. Sedition says:

    I’m still scratching my nuts waiting to see if it’s gonna keep that west motion longer before it makes the north turn and actual affects us in the panhandle. I’m gettin’ kinda bored over here.

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